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MI-Genealogy Mail List

List Administrator:  Jan Cortez
List Admistrator:  Pat Hamp

The MI-Genealogy Mail List is a e-mail based list to post queries and questions about genealogy and historical research in Michigan records. The following guidelines have been set up to allow for a comfortable place to exchange data, help and announcements by "all members" of the list.

Rules and Guidelines  - Read before Subscribing

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Rules and Guidelines
read before subbing

General Rules for list members:

1. The usual net etiquette ("netiquette") rules for mailing lists and news groups apply.
2. Messages must be "on topic", that is, they must relate to genealogy or local history in Michigan.
3. Messages must not contain offensive language and must not be abusive, in content or tone. Criticisms, negative opinions of an acceptable thread or person will be not be tolerated on this list. It is the list administrator's responsibility and you can contact them.
4. Do not post virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, items for sale, personal messages, etc.
5. Do not post any source data relating to living people.
6. Attached files are not allowed and will be bounced by the mail server for the list.
8. Do not impose any other rules or conditions, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here. Do not try to regulate this list. If you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, or the content of their subject titles, take it up with the list administrators and NOT in the list.
10. Do not send messages entirely in upper case (capital letters). It should be used sparingly to emphasize a word. It is also considered shouting in general society.
11. When responding to a message do not quote the whole of the original message if long in nature. Edit your quote to include the minimum needed to put your response in context.
12. Remember that by hitting REPLY your e-mail goes to the list, and if your message is more personal in nature and meant for one person you should change the e-mail address to that person's. This rule is one of the most broken rules on mail lists and calling a halt to it is at the discretion of the Mail Admin. One mail coming through is generally ignored on a thread and patience with this is asked of all the list. Delete buttons in this case save a lot of hurt feelings and keep this list going in a friendly manner.

Other web master rules of list membership:

The posting of updates on a organizational or personal website that has to do with new available online records that are not fee based for Michigan in any area of, it is acceptable and encouraged by the list administrators. Please let researchers know about the data you have online and promote your web sites in this way.

1. Links to society pages that may be holding a genealogical or history seminar or gathering.
2. New non-fee based data online announcements or data.

Not acceptable at any time:
1. Criticisms, negative opinions, or innuendo of such, of any organization, person, web site etc. on this list. This list is for queries and discussion of how to do research only, in Michigan sources and records. There are appropriate websites and lists for this sort of thing to post to. Please use those.
2. No items for sale by an organization or group or person is allowed that is an advertisement. Again, use the appropriate lists for this.
3. No pleas for funds or money donations for an organization or person is allowed.
4. Links to sites that are only selling items online.

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Topic: A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Michigan. Interested individuals may want to check out the Michigan State USGenWeb page.

There is a web page for the MI-GENEALOGY mailing list at

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at



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