Petit Jury
Published September 14, 1871

PETIT JURY - The following is a list of Jurors drawn for the Circuit Court, to be held in this county, on the 23d of October next:

Daniel P. Hansen - Aetna

A. G. Snider - Aetna

William Cross - Austin

Charles Arnold - City of Big Rapids

Hiram Warner - City of Big Rapids

J. Platt Underwood - City of Big Rapids

Jasper W. Garlick - City of Big Rapids

Rufus Lincoln - City of Big Rapids

Roscoe G. Wakefield - City of Big Rapids

Morris McGarvey - Chippewa

John W. Sparks - Chippewa

Truman Crittenden - Deerfield

L. D. Croshaw - Fork

Harry M. Wilder - Grant

George F. Lewis - Green

William H. Stone - Hinton

Sidney A. Butts - Mecosta

John Davis - Mecosta

William Ladner - Mecosta

Nelson Ganong - Mecosta

Daniel H. Allen - Millbrook

Frank Williams - Wheatland

Harvey O. Williams - Wheatland

Peter B. Gingrich - Wheatland

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