Went out in 1913

March 15, 1913

I have a diary of my Great Grandfather, Lewis Druley, who lived close by in Newago County, and mentioned the dam breakage in his diary. I thought you might be interested in seeing the diary entry. It reads: "I and Chub Luce went to Big Rapids. 4:30 this morning north dam broke and railroad track wash out on Per Mequette road."

Interestingly enough, March was full of bad weather that year. In his entry from 17th-30th he reports: "...during this time a trememous storm. All over barns and buildings unroofed and torn to pieces and awfful site of wind..." But true to legend, March went in like a lion and out like a lamb. Saturday March 1 he reports "...awful bad storm. Snow and west wind. Snow drift." But by the 31st (right after the wind storm), the entry reads: "Got up wood. Appearing for nice wether."

Contributed by: Cheryl Picco

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