Olin Cemetery


The following interments come to you through the generosity of Melissa Johansen.

I spent the morning out at the Olin Cemetery on Buchanan Rd. I took the time to transcribe what stones that are left out there and here is what I have found. I made the mistake of not bringing any equipment to do rubbings. There are also several stones that seem to be missing. You can tell where flowers have been planted around where a stone used to be. I talked to Duane Moore. His father used to be the caretaker out there over 10 years ago and he had found a woman taking stones from the cemetery. Anyway, here is what we could find out there.

Olin Cemetery Readings

Name Birth/Death Dates Additional Information Researcher
.. Aged 29y6m27d Propped up against a tree, the top part was missing ..
.. .. Small Stone with the letter D T H ..
Otis Olin Died July 22 1877 Age 1y10m ..
Florence Olin Died June 12 1875 Age 1y2m - Both Otis and Florence were on the same stone ..
Charles H. Olin Died Aug 2 (6) 1877 Son of J.C. & H.A. - Behind this stone were two small stones with the initials C.H.O. and H.A.O. - On the other side of the stone ..
Hulday A. Olin Died March 2, 1877 Aged 35y3m15d - wife of John C. ..
Alberta Potter Aug 3, 1879 - Oct 13, 1879 Aged 2m10d - Daughter of J.G. & S.B. Potter ..
S (TT)__A .. Died 1y8m9d - There is a small stone behind this with the initials S.E.P. - ** (Comments from Jan) I believe this to be Stella Potter - Aug 30, 1871 - May 10, 1872 ..
Susan B. Potter .. **I believe the dates on this are 1854-1918 ..
John G. Potter 1849-1918 There were three samll stones behind this one with the initials J.O.,R.J.O., and _J.O. ..
John Olin Apr 15 1872 Aged 3y2m0d ..
Henry Olin 1842-1921 This is a large stone with a stone to each side, one said OUR MOTHER and the other OUR FATHER ..
Lydia Olin Died May 27, 1861 Aged 54 years - wife of Henry W. ..
Henry W. Olin Died Sep 21, 1877 Aged 71y8m26d ..
Sally M. Taylor Died May 27, 1893 Aged 60y8m27d - Wife of Andrew ..
John Taylor Died Feb 12, 1884 Aged 25y9m11d - Son of A. and S.M. ..
.. .. Along the back fence - two stones about fifteen feet apart. ..
Clarence Pettit May 16, 1901 .. ..
A.P. .. .. ..
David T. Haywood Dec 25, 1881 .. ..
Joseph Lundy Died Aug 14, 1868 Infant Son of S. & M.A. ..
Johney Lundy Died June 20, 1864 Children of S. & M.A. Lundy ..
Oliver Llewellyn Reed Died Nov 11, 1872 Aged 1y3m20d - Son of G.W. & E.A. Reed ..

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