Big Rapids Current Newspaper

March 30, 1881
Mrs. Judith Conkling died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. C.H. Lewis of this city, last Thursday night, at the age of 72 years. The funeral took place Saturday, Rev. E.W. Miller conducting the ceremony.

April 2, 1882
John T. Cook, one of the county superintendents of the poor and an old and prominent citizen of this county, died at his home in Morley last Wednesday at the age of 70 years.

April 19, 1882
Mrs. S.E. Chapman died last Sunday morning after a prolonged illness, and was buried yesterday at 10 o'clock a.m. Her sister is also quite sick, with the same disease, which the doctors have not discovered a name for.

July 25, 1882
Mrs. Lucinda Cook, mother of Mrs. E.A. Strawub of the town of Colfax, died of consumotion at the latter's home last Sunday morning at the age of 66 years. Mr. and Mrs. Straub and other friends went with the remains to Kent county on Monday, to bury them in the cemetery near her former home in the township of Walker.

November 5, 1882
Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Clark buried their littke daughter, aged 4 years yesterday. She died of diptheria.

February 15, 1883
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Clifton died while in the arms of his littke sister, last week, without the knowledge of any one in attendance.

April 4, 1883
One of William Cummings twin aged 6 years died last Sunday night of fever.

April 23, 1882
Mrs. H. S. Climens died at her residence in the third ward last Monday of dropsey. The funeral will take place at the house this afternoonat two o'clock.

July 11, 1883
Another chilkd of William Cummings died last Monday morning of diptheria. It is the third chid he has lost within a short time.

July 18, 1883
Mrs. Thomas Cressy of Blanchard hung herself last Sunday afternoon during a brief absence of her mother from the house. Her husband recently disappeared quite suddenly and an unsavory "Dr. Smith had harrassed her life since, so that it is thought a fit of desperation seized her when she committed the rash act.

September 17, 1884
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cross, who live in Wheatland township, four and a half miles east of Mecosta, died last Friday and was buried in the Gingrich cemetery last Sunday.

November 19, 1884
John Collins died at his home in the fifth ward last Saturday afternoon. The funeral took place at the Catholic church yesterday morning.

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