Disorderlies & Wife Whipping
Magnet - August 13, 1874

Disorderlies - A few days ago, John and Amy Conley indulged in a row which resulted in their going to the lock-up. Amy didn't want to go, but kicking, biting and scratching were of no use - she had to yield to the mild persuasions of the officers of the law, and get behind the bars. On being arraigned, JOhn owned the corn, and was given his choice between paying $10.21 fine and costs, or ten days in jail. Being penniless, he wisely chose the latter. But Amy pleaded not guilty, and demanded that the question be settled by a jury. Her request was granted and a jury had. After an absence of one minute, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty, whereupon the amiable defendant was requested to pay a fine of $10 and costs - $28.64 in all - or go down to Detroit and weave chair bottoms for the state fr the next sixty days. She paid.

Wife Whipping - A few days ago, Mrs. Hepsey Rose appeared before Justice Nottingham, and made oath that her husband - William Rose - had indulged in striking and kicking her, pulling her hair, and numerous other pranks of that character, which allegations, if true, proved her William to be a very naughty "posey". Upon this showing, the court very properly issued a warrant for the purpose of inquiring of William why he did "thusly". The latter had concluded to make the best of the berry season, and wandered off into Montcalm county after "better picking", but Shriff Escott found him in a brier patch near Pierson, brought him to Big Rapids and locked him up. On being arraigned for trial, he pleaded not guilty, and further asserted that if he did "wallop" Hepsey, she deserved it, for her conduct had not been above suspicion as he proposed to show, if the opportunity should be afforded him. He was admitted to bail and the trial set down for today to commence at 8 o'clock A.M.

P. S. - The subjects of this notice are no relation of the MAGNET.