New Supervisors
Published April 13, 1871

NEW SUPERVISORS - Below will be found the names of the Supervisors elected in the several townships of this county, and in the wards of this city at the late elections, several of whom were members of the old Board, among who we notice the names of T. Cahill, of Aetna, Solomon Rorick, of Austin; L. Cobb, BIg Rapids Township; S. S. Chipman of Deerfield; Wm Creevy, of Fork; John Marvin, of Millbrook; John A, Markle, of Wheatland; and S. W. Foster of the 3d ward of this city; thus showing that the people are satisfied with their previous acts as such officers. The new Board will be fully equal if not superior to any of its predecessors in point of efficiency and mature judgment on the part of its members, both old and new, and we believe the people of the county will have no cause to regret the selections they have made of men to fill this important office. The Supervisors propose to meet and organize their Board on the 19th inst.

The following is a complete list of those who will constitute the new Board, viz:

Aetna - Thomas Cahill

Austin - Sol. Rorick

Big Rapids - L. Cobb

City - 1st Ward - G. W. Crawford

City - 2nd Ward - S. Bronson

City - 3d Ward - S. W. Foster

City - 4th Ward - J. T. Escott

Colfax - F. P. Wood

Chippewa - John V. Armstrong

Deerfield - S. S. Chipman

Fork - William Creevy

Green - John Dalziel

Grant - James S. Canaan

Hinton - Geo. Grimes

Mecosta - H. Hyde

Millbrook - Jno Marvin

Sheridan - Jno. A. Markle

Wheatland - Geo. Minkel