Ancestry Obituaries

This page is being posted for you to submit obituaries of your ancestors to coincide with the Queries Page and the Surname Page. If you would like to add your ancestors to this list, please e-mail your information to me at the bottom of this page. Please submit only Mecosta County obituaries.

BELL, Edna Josephine (Groom) February 12, 1939 Highlandview Cemetery Laura Groom
BELL, William Axford May 27, 1936 Highlandview Cemetery Laura Groom
BELCHER, Azel Feb. 10, 1928 Decker Cemetery James Freker
BELCHER, John May 5, 1924 Decker Cemetery James Freker
BENSCOTER, Ada Betsey January 1920 American Ridge Cemetery Robin Ellis
BENSCOTER, John W December 1904 American Ridge Cemetery Robin Ellis
GROOM, Ada (Sedore) September 2, 1938 Higbee Cemetery Laura Groom
GROOM, George November 24, 1935 Higbee Cemetery Laura Groom
Johncox, William Oct. 12, 1923 Morton Twp. Al & Mary
Johncox, Mary Jan. 7, 1923 Morton Twp. Al & Mary
KRAY, Rebecca November 29, 1921 Highland View Cemetery,
Big Rapids
Larry Culver
MAXHAM, MARY LOUISA HOFFMAN January 26, 1931 Ladner Cemetery Jacquelyn
RIVENBURG, Norman February 1936 Altona Cemetery Mary Russell
PICKING, LYDIA ANNE July 13, 1913 Decker Cemetery Email
PORTER, Lizzie 19 February 1876 .. Carolyn Bulgey
RANSHAW, George August 1914 Highland View Bev Graber
RANSHAW, William .. Fork Township Bev Graber
STEVENS, Alice 21 Jan 1936 Saranac Cemetery, Ionia Co. Denise Cross-VanDyke
STEVENS, David E. 1 Feb 1935 Saranac Cemetery, Ionia Co. Denise Cross-VanDyke
WINNIE, Amos July 7, 1937 Shepherd Cemetery June
Youngquist, Charles -- Morton Twp. Al & Mary
Youngquist, Clara
(dau. of Wm. and Mary Johncox)
-- Morton Twp. Al & Mary

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