Negro Settlers Michigan Historic Site

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(Text of the Michigan Historical Monument, School Section Lake Park, Morton Township, Mecosta County, Michigan)

In the 1860's Negroes from southern Michigan, Ohio and southwest Ontario settled this region as farmers and woodsmen. Some of them moved to new Villages in Mecosta and Isabella Counties. Schools and churches founded in the area were integrated. Among these was the Wheatland Church of Christ, established in nearby Remus in 1869. Their pioneering spirit provided unity that has led to the Old Settler's reunions that occur annually at this spot, the homestead of one of the early families. The picnics date back to the 1890's.

Gabriel Lett and James Porter's Arrival in Mecosta County

Monument Names

Jacob Anderson, Jr.
James Abner Bannister
Florence Green Bannister
Margaret Harper Belcher
Isaac Berry I
Lucy E. Millard Berry
Isaac Berry II
Isaac Berry III
John Henry Berry Sr.
Mabel Porter Berry
John Henry Berry Jr.
Benjamin Nelson Berry
Louis Harve Berry
William Albert Berry
Mildred Scott Bolden
John Bracy
Sarah Robinson Bracy
Edward Bracy
Bernice Mumford Bracy
Howard Benjamin Brown
Stella Mumford Brown
Sophia Todd Gross Burns
Judith A. Caldwell
Allen G. Caliman
John H. Caliman
Grace Guy Caliman
Oscar M. Caliman, Jr.
Melinda Berry Carrothers
Mary E. Porter Clark
Burnell Austin Clark
Albert Clark
Bethany Jean Clark
Darnell Austin Clark
Laniece Maxcine Clark
Blair Ely Clark
Steven Wesley Clark
Denise Marie Clark
Calda Labrois Clingman
Jay Cook
Irma Norman Cook
Garth C. Cook
Josephine Berry Cook
Jay Allen Cook
Caroline S. Norman Cook
Thomas W. Cross
Catherine Harper Cross
Amos Cross
Mary Mumford Cross
Homer W. Cross, Sr.
Roscoe Joseph Cross
Ida Mae Mathews Cross
Charles Herschel Cross
Cynthia Johnson Cross
Thomas Ulysses Cross
Mary Myers Cross Harris
William Bartlett Cross
Joseph Barton Cross
Dorothea Doane Cross
Ollie Burton Cross
Lee E. Cross
Florence E. Brown Cross
John Thomas Cross
Marie Berry Cross
Will Cummings
Harriett Flowers Cummings
Clarence T. Cummings
Clarence Arthur Cummings, Sr.
Dorothy Johnson Cummings
Lynn John Wesley Cummings
Maggie Johnson Cummings
Leslie Daniel
Ada Sutherlon Daniel
Lewis H. Dawley, Sr.
Stella Norman Dawley
Dorothy Green Evans
Eldridge Flowers
Lucinda Lett Flowers
Andrew T. Flowers, Sr.
Louisa Powell Flowers
Andrew Turner Flowers
Earnest Flowers
Blanche Sleet Flowers
Ivan "Buck" Flowers
Nathaniel Flowers
Harvey H. Green
Elidah Cummings Green
Arthur "Jack" Green
Florence Todd Green
Lester Green Sr.
Alice Ruth Cross Green
Roscoe "Dewey" Green
Belle Brown Green
Debra & Marjorie Green
Phillip B. Green
Mattie Norman Green
Charles Green
Bessie Cook Green
Edith Scott Greenway
Aldine Guy
John W. Guy
Alice Myers Guy
Lydia Ann Harris Guy
Smyth R. Guy
Irma Tate Guy
Otis Ray Guy
Maxine Norman Berry Hargo
Marguerite Berry Jackson
Alexander Harper Sr.
Susan Cummings Harper
John William Harper Sr.
Mary Yeager Harper
Estel Harper
Gladys Guy Harper
John Gibson Harper
"Molly" Norman Lett Harper
Ezekial Harris
Elizabeth Reed Haris
Walter Harris, Sr.
Jesse Arnetta Harper Harris
Roy Harris
Walter R. Harris
Paula V. Norman Harris
Thomas Harris
Elizabeth Harper Harris
Cyrus Harris
William Sherman Harris
Sadie Jane Johnson Harris
Thelma Cross Hayes
James William Haywood
Agnes Dolly Cummings Haywood
Victoria Todd Henderson
Absolam Johnson
Cynthia Wilson Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Bertha Cross Johnson
Alonzo William Johnson
Martha harris Johnson
Albert Gerald Johnson
Winifred Green Johnson
Friley Thomas Johnson
Etta Porter Johnson
"Little" George E. Johnson
David Lett
mary Jane Harper Lett
Arnold David Lett
Blenda Sleet Lett
Fred "Joker" Lett
Mary Guy Lett
Russell Guy Lett
Helen Dawley Lett
Alice Flowers Lett
Levi F. Lett
Audra Guy Lett
Victor L. Lett
Henry H. Lett
Mary Jane Dawley Lett
Ira "Doc" Lett
Bertha Reed Lett
William D. Lett
Gertrude Bracy Lett
Janett K. Cook Liggons
Waylon Von Lynn
Naomi Monica Cross Lynn
James Welcome Manning
Leo Edger Mathews
Alta L. Mumford Mayberry
Virgia O. Cross Mayberry
Lucy Jane Berry Minisee
Hudson B. Morgan
Helen Johnson Guy Morgan
Joseph D. Mumford
Lula M. Lett Mumford
Basil David Mumford
Lillian L. Flowers Mumford
Nathan Myers
Lena Harper Newman
Joseph Dow Norman
Joseph Henry Norman
Chauncey "Pete" Norman
George Edward Norman
Goldie Norman
Oscar Norman
Velma Tate Norman
George H. Norman
Cornelia Jane Male Norman
George Londley Norman
Irene Todd Norman
Alvin Lindley Norman, Sr.
Ada Green Peak
Charles S. Pointer, Sr.
Mary C. Berry Pointer
Ray W. Pointer
Alma Cross Pointer
Charles S. Pointer, Jr.
Sarah Bracy Pointer
Emmett E. Porter
Frederick Charles Porter
Ida Ann (Lett) Porter
Theodore Roosevelt Reed, Sr.
Gertrude L. Harris Reed
Earnestine Harris Sanders
Stanley Sawyer
Wealthy Guy Sawyer
Theodosia Johnson Sawyer
Catherine Jane Cross Scott
Thomas Winter Sleet
Alice Harper Sleet
Sterling Sleet
Bertha Lett Sleet
Clarence G. Smith
Lamoine Green Smith
Gertrude Guy Smith
Thomas Squires
Ellen Harris Squires
Charles Tate
Myrtle Lett Cross Tate
Merze Tate
Owen Lovejoy Tate
Rebecca Squires Tate
John C. Tate, Sr.
Stephen Todd
Caroline Kaeler Todd
Louis Todd
William Todd
Emma Norman Todd
Durwood Todd
Marshall Todd
Ione Sawyer Todd
John Todd
Lucinda Norman Todd
Fred Stephen Todd
Verda L. Harris Todd
Michael Charles Todd
Chandra Tamela Todd
Carrie Minisee Weber
Ola V. Guy Caliman West
Madeline Berry Nelson White
Alta J. Sutherlon Wingfield
Norman Wood
Flossie Ann Sleet Wood
Bransen Family
Byrd Family
Fleming Family
Hill Family
Moore Family
Mortimer Family
Rice Family
Morgan Family
Steele Family
Washington Family
Weaver Family

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