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Pioneer Magnet 1881 - Newspaper

Sleigh Ride to Big Prairie - January 27, 1881 - News

Last Friday afternoon quite a party of people living in this city and vicinity went down to "Hank" Barton's, on Big Prairie - eighteen miles distant - on a sleigh ride. The party comprised the following named:

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Escott, Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Webster, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McLellan, Mrs. A.S. Mason, Mrs. James Dalziel, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Dalziel, Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ladner, C.D. Carpenter and Miss Nettie Wiltse, Vernor Woolley and Miss Regina Halpin, David Aitken and Miss Etta Roberts - a total of twenty two persons.

The weather was not cold, and the trip down was enjoyable, in spite of the snow storm which prevailed that afternoon and evening. Most of the party arrived after 7 o'clock, and hsortly afterward all bands surrounded a table bountifully spread with the good things of earth which appear to abound in Mr. and Mrs. Barton's larder. Supper was followed by a season of social chat, games, etc. A fiddler - one of the genuine old-fashioned sort - finally put in an appearance, and ere long everybody was young again. We'll not attempt to tell just how much fun and enjoyment that crowd did have. Suffice it to say, it surpassed anything of the kind we ever took part in. At 3 o'clock a.m., another substantial meal braced everybody up; and as the storm continued, it was decided to to remain all night. Dancing was kept up until nearly 6 o'clock, shortly after which the party started for home. The storm had rendered the road exceedingly heavy, and the return drive was not the pleasantest of a lifetime; but it was all accomplished in due season, without accident, or the occurrence of anything to mar the pleasure of the occasion; and we'll venture the prediction that none of those participating will ever forget going to "Hank" Barton's.

LIST OF LETTERS - January 27, 1881 - News

REMAINING UNCLAIMED in the Post Office at BIg Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan, January 27th, 1881.

Ladies List

Clliee, Hattie
Mitchell, Nettie
Norcutt, Miss Vine
Pearsall, Mrs. Fannie
Thornton, Mrs. Asher

Gentlemen's List

Burns, Thos.
Bali, J.A.
Byrne, Frank
Burh, Edward
Corlain, Geo.
Douglass, Gus H.
Haney, Forest L.
Hosburgh, David
Hasty, Pettenwilhelm
Jimany, Joseph
Jenkins, Frank
Montgomery, Frank 2
Mothersill, Isaac
Morse, Jerome
Onlette, Louis 2
Premo, Klec
Smith, Clinton C.
Swift, F.B.
Trowbridge, Oliver
Verderfor, John
Whipple, Smith 2
Wernitz, Elhanen
Westerburg, E.
White, Edward
Wright, C.E.
Winchester, Mr.

Millbrook Items - January 27, 1881 - News

Millbrook, Jan. 25th, 1881

Ned Carnes has returned from the south part of the State, where he has been visiting for the last three weeks.

John B. Upton, of Big Rapids, was in town last Saturday, attending a law suit.

Henry Ellsworth of Grand Ledge, has been visiting his old friends here for the past few days.

Mrs. Carrie Enzine, of Maple Rapids, is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Daniel Hotron.

Miss Ida Toan, of Big Rapids, is in town on a visit to her old friends and school mates.

Frank Dumon, of Big Rapids, was in town last MOnday on professional business.

Mrs. Marcus Norman lost a two year old child last Friday, with inflammation of the lungs.

Quite a number of our citizens went to Mt. Pleasant last Thursday, to the opening of the new Opera House, on which occasion "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was presented by Hough's Company of Detroit.

Mr. R.L. Corbett delivered a lecture at this place last Friday evening on "Culture," under the auspices of the Literary Society. It was pronounced by those who hear it, to be one of the best discourses they ever hear.

E.H. Kendrick has purchased a lot of Dr. Hawkins on Main Street where he intends to erect a dwelling in the spring. He has already built an ice house, and is filling it with ice.

At the residence of the bride, last Saturday evening, Clark West of Blanchard and Miss Addie Staly, of this place, were married. Rev. John Bowers officiating.

DIED - January 27, 1881 - News

In the town of Morton, Mecosta County, Mich., of diptheria, Dec. 26th, 1880, ANNIE, aged 8 years, 6 months and 8 days; and on the 30th of the same month, and year, of the same disease, GERTIE, aged 6 years, 6 months and 9 days, both children of ALFRED and MARY E. PIERCE, the latter being their youngest daughter.

Thus in less than one short week, two flowers are taken from one family, and are transferred to and transplanted in a brighter garden. Little Annie said, when she saw the tearful faces about her bedside, "Do not weep; I'm going to be with Jesus, lover of my soul;" and when they came to the line, "Oh receive my soul at last," she clasped her little hands and sweetly sank into that sleep which on earth knows no waking. Thus, without a thought of fear, those little ones went out into the "great unknown," because they knew that Jesus loved them. Can any, except those that have suffered a like bereavement, picture that lonely group as they gather around the family fireside, with two of their number gone? Who can tell the anguish of that Mother's heart, as she misses the bright faces and merry voices of her loved ones - the willing hands that were so willing to help mama? But she knows that her treasures are in safe keeping, that the Heavenly Father will guard them with tender care until He shall say to the sorrowing parents, "It is enough; come up higher," and they join their loved ones in that beautiful land, to go no more out forever. Who can doubt that they have accomplished their mission here, in drawing our hearts from earth to heaven?

Brevities - February 3, 1881 - News

W.D. Moody, who was sick abed a week or two ago, is on his feet and attending to business again.

Master Harry Clark is at home during the Legislative recess which lasts till the evening of the 15th inst.

Next Sunday evening, at the Presbyterian Church, Elder Lamont will preach on the new translation of the New Testament.

Elder Butterfield, pastor of the Baptist Church in this city will address the Union temperence meeting at Armory Hall next Sunday evening.

Miss Jessie Osburn is home from Grand Rapids to stay.

James N. Decker, of Hinton, made us a call day before yesterday.

Nelson Higby, of Deerfield, and John T. Cook, of Morley, made us a call yesterday.

Last Sunday Elder Miller exchanged pulpits with the Congregational minister at Fremont Center.

John Wiseman is no longer an undertaker, but a "Funeral Director." See his advertisement in today's paper.

Don't forget the entertainments in elocution and music to be given by Misses Lee and Armstrong, at Opera Hall tomorrow and Saturday evenings.

E.G. Haney has our thanks for a late copy of the Hot Springs Sentinel. The paper says that Mr. Haney is comfortably quartered at the Sumpter House.

Mrs. Ben Palmer desires us to say that on Saturday afternoons, her dancing class will meet at half past 2, instead of 4 o'clock, as erroneously announced heretofore.

A.R. Morehouse talks of building a large dwelling out on his farm - the old Bennett farm, southeast of the city - next season. Crocker & Hudnutt are drafting plans for it.

A card left upon our table last week informs us that Dr. F.N. Latimer, of Ludington and Miss Mary A. Hunt, of this city were married on Wednesday, 26th ult. The PIONEER-MAGNET wishes them long life, with abundant happiness and prosperity.

Kiamesia Comstock recently filed a petition in the Mecosta Circuit Court, asking for a divorce from her husband, Peter Comstock.

A.S. Merritt, portrait painter, late of Ionia, has recently located in this city. He has several specimen's on exhibition at Wiseman's store, which appear to be the work of a master hand.

The contributions in money, clothing, provisions and other articles for the benefit of the families of John P. Betts and John H. Fewless, who were recently burned out in the town of Mecosta, aggregated about $175. Mr. Betts and Mr. Fewlass desire us to say that they fully appreciate the kindness of the contributors, and earnestly thank them for the aid rendered them in their destitution.

Circuit Court - February 3, 1881 - News

The following business was transacted in the Mecosta Circuit Court subsequent to our last week's edition:

People vs. Albert Fairchild. Tried for arson, the information charging him with setting fire in the night time to a building used as a dwelling. Jury sent out after supper Thursday evening, and returned between 10 and 11 o'clock same night, with a verdict of guilty. Respondent sentenced next morning to State Prison for life, that being the only punishment prescribed by law for persons convicted of the offense he was charged with. Respondent given till first day of next term to settle a bill of exceptions, but in the mean time he goes to prison.

N.Theison vs. J.J. Tallman. Replevin suit over a heifer. Trial by jury: judgement for defendant for $15 damages and costs.

Chas. Shafer vs. John Wiseman. Assumpsit. Trial by jury; verdict for defendant, will all proceedings stayed till first day of next term, to settle bill of exceptions.

Joseph Montague vs. Andrew McFarlane. Assumpsit. Trial by jury; judgt. for plaintill for $9.

Peter Heslin vs. Samuel Bailey et. al. Assumpsit. Judgt for plaintiff by consent for $500; all proceedings stayed till first day of next term.

Frank Waters vs. Eugene Dustin. Replevin. Judgt. for defendant by default for $50.

Geo. F. Stearns vs. Nelson Phelps. Assumpsit. Judgement for Plaintiff by default for $251.80.

L.S. Baker vs. Chas. French et. al. In Chancery. Decree modified, with permission to sell at any time after April 4th, 1881.

John LaDouceur vs. S.W. Foster. In Chancery. Continued.

Millbrook Items - February 10 1881 - News

Millbrook, Feb. 8th, 1881

Sylvester Clement, of Colon, a brother of John and Aaron Clement of this place, is making his friends and relatives a visit.

Wm. Kidd, and wife, of Mecosta, but formerly of this place, were in town last Monday on a short visit.

Mrs. J.W. Cawthorne is reported sick with diptheria.

The mother of Wm. Broomfield died at his residence last Wednesday. She retired the night before, apparantly in good health, but was found dead in the morning. Deceased was 76 years old.

Mrs. Wm. Tiffany died last Sunday, of consumption. She was a great sufferer, and leaves a large circle of friends. Her remains were taken to Fremont for interment.

Cyrus Capen is confined to his bed with a severe attack of sciatic rheumatism.

M. Taylor has rented the Lay building where he intends opening a restaurant and eating saloon.

The dramatic entertainment last Saturday evening was a success in every respect. It was pronounced by those who witnessed it to be one of the best plays they ever saw, and was rendered in a very effective manner, which speaks well for a new company on its first appearance. We understand they are already making preparation to present, "Ten Nights in a Bar Room," at no distant day.

Wm. Wood, the young man who was injured at Wolcott's camp some time ago, has so far recovered as to be out by the aid of a cain.

February 10, 1881 News

James Vandersluis, editor and proprietor of the Grand Rapids Banner of Liberty, made us a call last Friday. He was visiting his brother, F.O. Vandersluis, of this city.

Dr. Latimer and bride, of Ludington, spent last Sunday with friends in this city. They had been visiting friends in Muskegon and Grand Rapids, and were on thier way home.

Jacob Golladay, of Green, came near losing his house last Saturday forenoon. The roof caught fire from a stove pipe, and was burning quite briskly, when it was discovered by Benjamin Stroup, who was passing by, and who stopped and assisted in putting out the fire.

On another page of today's paper, we publisha comprehensive report of the examination of Mrs. Barnard, who is charged with having murdered Mrs. Curtis, at Lapeer, on the 16th of last month, by burning her to death. The examination is not yet concluded, and our next will contain a further report of it.

Admitted. - Oscar E. Mann, who has been studying law of late in the office of Frank Dumon, was examined in open court last Thursday evening, and admitted to practice in all courts in this State. Judge Brown, J.B. Upton and F. Dumon constituted the examing committee.

ALLEGED ROBBERY - Thomas Maguire was arrested last MOnday on a complaint made by M.B. Pierce, charging Maguire with stealing $30 in money from him. The matter was investigated by Justice Fuller yesterday afternoon, and resulted in Maguire being held for trial in the Circuit Court. His bail was fixed at $500, and being unable to give it, he was remanded to jail.

BIG HAULING - The team of H. Derby, of Green, employed at A.B. Knapp;s lumber camp a few miles northeast of this city, hauled 45,248 feet of logs, board measure, during the week ending last Saturday night, the largest load of five logs scaling 3856 feet. The fourteen teams employed by Mr. Knapp hauled 621,930 feet during the same week. Pretty good for three mile hauls.

NEW LIVERY STOCK - Mr. Moody brought from Grand Rapids last Saturday five fine horses and a like number of top carriages, also some open buggies, all of which have been added to his livery stock. He says he intends to start out the coming spring with a larger and better livery outfit than was ever before seen in this city. He also has a new twelve passenger 'bus coming, which will make, four buses in his line.

Battle of Stone River - February 10, 1881 News

On another page of todays paper, we piblish the narrative of Benjamin Stroup, who was a Corporal in Co. I, 44th Regt. Ind. Vols., now residing in the town of Green, this county, detailing his experiences in the battle of Stone River, and as a prisoner of war, he having been captured in that fight. The battle of Stone River, fought at or near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was one of the severest of the war.

February 17, 1881 News

The Old Settlers

The third annual Old Settlers' party at Armory Hall last Friday evening was a grand success in every respect. The attendance was large, 79 tickets being issued, and the assemblage was in its happiest mood. The following is a list of the ticket holders, nearly all the married gentlemen accompanied by their wives, and many of them by other members of their families.

Dr. John Tatman, Fremont Center; William Ladner, Hannibal Hyde, Joseph J. Everhart, Richard D. Ladner, George W. Reed, Fred Pfistner, and J.H. Rogers, Mecosta; C.M. Darrah, Austin; Dunc. Currie, James Dalziel, Joe Dalziel, Joseph West, B.S. Davenport, and Ben Dalziel, Green; W.S. Utley, James M. Gibbs, Fred Gibbs, and Henry Barton, Big Prairie; D.E. Stearns, Grand Rapids; W.C. Philleo, JOhn Carr, and Oliver Seaman, Big Rapids Township; Elias O. Rose, Simon G. Webster, Fr. Daniel F. Woolley, Charlie Gay, LaFlora S. Baker, Henry W. Corneil, John McNaughton, Alfred P. Stearns, Joseph T. Escott, James F. Clar, John H. Palmer, Eseck P. Clark, Edgar W. Ford, John F. Brown, Nick C. Drew, George F. Stearns, Charlie Stearns, George J. White, Edward W. Hudnutt, Dunc. McLellan, Roscoe G. Wakefield, Sam Bailey, B. Elial Hutchinson, Harry G. Lazell, Charlie Hutchinson, D.W. McNaughton, JOhn Watson, Fred Gay, Stephen W. Foster, John H. Foster, Andrew Green, Hartley M. JOhnson, Edson A. Darling, M.H. Col****, John LeDuke, Levi J. Osburn, A. Frank Markham, Chrales D. Crandell, JOhn Shaw, Dr. C.P. Bigelow, Eli Frederick, Wesley F. Louckes, Charles Shafer, Fred G. Miller, Dr. W.A. Whitney, Mont Clark, David Aitken, Calvin W. Nottingham, George French, L.R. Tucker, Hon. M. Brown, Isaac Tompkins, Charles D. Stimson, and Frank Lovejoy, from the city of Big Rapids.

Dancing commenced at half past 7 o'clock, and was kept up with no intermission except for supper, till 3 o'clock a.m. Many did not particpate in the dancing festivities, but they put in good time in social chat, and talking over old times. Taken all in all, it surpassed all former gatherings of the Olkd Settlers of this region. The gross receipts were $162.50; total expenses, $124.10; suplus, $38.40, which was placed in the treasury of the Old Settlers Association of the Muskegon Valley.

Announcements, For Sale, Wants - February 17, 1881

WANTED - A competent girl to do housework is wanted at good wages by Mrs. J.H. Palmer.

NOTICE - The time for paying taxes to City Treasurer expires next Saturday, February 19th. Individuals paying on or before that day will save money. R.J. GOULDSBOROUGH, City Treas.

LOST - A small black dog; answers to the name of "Scamp". A suitable reward will be given for his return, or for information as to where he may be found. Mrs. Wm. Cunningham.

February 24, 1881 - News


February 9th, 1881, at the M.E. Parsonage in Reed City, by Rev. W.H. Thompson, Robert Lonsdale and Miss Marion Symonds, both of Paris, Mecosta Co., Mich.

On the following Friday evening, the bride and groom gave an elegant reception and supper at the beautiful residence of the groom's parents. A large company of neighbors friends were invited, also a few chosen friends from Big Rapids, among whom were Mrs. Will Green and her father, Mr. Shaw, whose genial face and ready wit made fun for all. Fine locan and instrumental music enlivened the occasion, which lasted until late in the evening. All went home well pleased, and feeling it to be one of the most delightful receptions they ever attended. We wish them success through life. May they live long and prosper.


In the town of Fork, of diptheria, Tuesday, Feb. 8th, 1881, NETTIE, aged 7 years, and Friday, February 11th, LEWIS, aged 5 years, eldest children of L.C. and Mary E. McKean.

Millbrook, Feb. 22d, 1881

J.B. Upton, of Big Rapids, was in town last wekk on business.

Miss Lou Bachelder has gone to Brighton on a two weeks visit to her parents.

A Miss Simms, of Edmore, made E.H. Kendrick's folks a visit last Sunday.

C.M. Clements has returned from Grand Rapids, where he has been attending the Grand Lodge I.O.O.F., for the last week.

E.H. Kendrick returned home last Friday night from the southern part of the state, where he has been on a visit to his parents. He also started for Detroit this morning on business.

E.T. Horton, Superintendent of the Poor, last Friday took an old man by the name of Harris to the Poor House at Big Rapids, from which he escaped a short time ago.

Mrs. C.M. Clement who has been sick for some time past and who is being treated by Dr. Whitney of Big Rapids, is reported on the gain.

C.H. Clement has gone to Detroit on business.

C.D. Richards evidently intends to do a big business, for he is receiving the largest stock of agricultural implements that ever come to this place.

W.S. Howd intends to keep cool, for he is building a large and spacious ice house, which he will fill as soon as completed.

The donation at the Church last Friday, for the benefit of Rev. J.W. Steffe, was well attended, and was a very enjoyable occasion. The proceeds amounted to over $40.

"Ten nights in a Bar Room," at the Church, March 12th.


REMAINING UNCLAIMED in the Post Office at Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan, February 24th, 1881.

Ladies List

Chatman, Miss Millie
Dittie, Miss Katie
Megor, Miss Sallie

Gentlemen's List

Briggs, W.C.
Coghlin, James
Colby, Perly
Cummings, William
Dumet, William
Elliot, C.
Fitzsimons, Fred
Hood, William
Hartwell, Martz
King, Thos Jos
Longman, John
Louis, Henry L.
McDuffie, John
O'Connor, T.
Robins, Andrew
Reed, B.
Sharpe, Alexander
Touslet, Alfred
Ward, Gilbert
Zimmormerin, August G.

On Monday, 14th inst., Geo. Ford and Edward Roach, employed at Cook & Jones' lumber camp, near Morley, cut 210 saw logs in ten hours. Who can beat that!