A supplement of the Sesquicentennial Celebration from the Big Rapids Pioneer Newspaper. Used with permission.



Tractor Company was a staple
First Farm
Clearing the Land
Building the Barns
Mecosta County Fair
Hard Work Helpers
Early Farm Homesteads
Blacksmiths and Boarding
Tending to the Animals
Bean Buyers
Pickle Packers
4-H has a long history in County
Farm Tools Plus
Pulling Power
Cream of the Crop
Doorstep Dairy Delivery
Crop Crews
Darrah Mills - The Maker of White Lily Flour
Labor of the Land - Stanwood Amish link the past with the present


Clock, fountain help anchor downtown
Pioneer County's Oldest Business
Past Chamber Presidents
Busy, Busy Downtown
Streetscape Brings new Vitality to Downtown
Malls attract shoppers to the outer edges, beyond
De-annexation affirms growth in township
Eastside Business District growing too
Fill'er up and clean the windows please
A Cut and a Shave
Eateries for all tastes
Former Eateries include Burch's Cafe
Growing list of Grocers who have come and Gone
Changing stores for changing times
Simple Signs
Amish survival in global economy
Urban Renewal - Changing the face of time
Big Rapids banking has a storied past
Old Northern National Bank still utilized as bank building


Big Rapids and County know how to celebrate
Celebrating Special Days in special ways
Dance invite provides tales for Earlier times
From the picnic basket
Fern Grange historic landmark of Colfax Township
Play for all
Big Rapids Rotary organized in 1923 with Past Presidents
Circus Coming to town
Historical Groups preserve county's history
Bringing the Arts to the people
Lumberjack songs celebrated daily life - or exaggerated it
The Band plays on
Life today would have amazed, bewildered those of yesteryears
Big Rapids High School Orchestra
Big Rapids Masonic Lodge founded in 1866, still active today
Ferris students add to culture
Everybody loves a parade
Strike up the bands
Promos from the Post
Variety the spice of life


Ferris State University
What's in the names at Ferris State
It all began with four - Chippewa Hills School District consolidated in 1967
Morley Stanwood consolidated in 1958
First frame school built in 1859
Lydia Wilder first teacher in Grant Township
Titus School memories span seven-plus decades
The Little River story lives on
Still sits the school house by the side of the road
Education important to the Amish community
Teaching comes full circle at Pursley one-room school
Life in a one-room school
Library system evolves from beginnings in 1876
St. Mary, St. Peter Schools both established for more than a century
Public Schools have long tradition in Big Rapids
Superintendents of Big Rapids Public Schools
Elementary Schools in Big Rapids today
Other Schools
The oldest and the new

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