1st Michigan Light Artillery Battery "A"

1st Michigan Light Artillery


ColonelLoomis, Cyrus O. Ionia County32
Lt. Colonel Hale, Luther F. L.Detroitn/a
Lt. Colonel Ross, William H. L.Detroitn/a
MajorChurch, Josiah W. Grand Havenn/a
Major Ely, John J. Ionian/a
Major Arndt, Albert E. R.Otiscon/a
Major Schuetz, John C.Lowelln/a

Colonel Loomis was the first Colonel of the regiment promoted from the original Battery formed, known as Loomis' Battery, later to become Battery A as the regiment expanded to 12 Batteries.



CaptainLoomis, Cyrus O. Coldwater23
1st. Lieutenant Gillam, Otis H. Coldwater38
1st LieutenantEdmunds, Charles A. Quincy40
2nd LieutenantRoot, Roland Coldwater40
2nd LieutenantChandler, Robert G. Coldwater40


Averill, Horace Grand Rapids 18
Averill, Thomas Grand Rapids 26
Bachman, August H. Wayne County 19
Bailey, Elisha Centerville 23
Bailey, William E. -or- L. Detroit 20
Baird, Thomas Coldwater 34
Barber, Orrin A. Quincey 21
Barnes, Charles Quincy 28
Barnes, James Branch County n/a
Beach, George I. Oakland County 22
Beadle, James F. Wayne County 19
Bearss, Levi Union City 22
Bieke, Frank Wayne County 19
Billingsley, Joseph Branch County 18
Blaich, John A. Wayne County 22
Botchnar, John Branch County 29
Bradley, Robert J. Branch County 29
Brethean, John Wayne County 20
Brooks, Eli Oakland County 23
Brown, Edward M. -or- Branch County 20
Brown, Edwin
Brown, Joseph Philadelphia, PA 21
Buchanan, Stephen A. Wayne County 26
Budawa, Peter Branch County 38
Buell, Martin P. Union City 19
Burch, Admiral B. Branch County 18
Burchard, Hezekiah E. Ovid 22
Burgduff, Edgar A. Coldwater 24
Burleson, Lafayette M. Branch County 23
Burroughs, Aaron A. Quincy 28
Burtless, James B. Coldwater 41
Bush, William H. Branch County 33
Butterfield, George Watertown 18
Calder, Duncan Wayne County 19
Cantrell, James -or- Oakland County 23
Cantrell, John M.
Card, William R. Batavia 35
Carr, Jacob Waverly 34
Carrs, George H. n/a n/a
Corson, Lester -or- Branch County n/a
Carson, Lester
Chaille, Preston W. Detroit 23
Chambers, James St. Clair County 20
Chatfield, Chester M. Oakland County n/a
Clark, Edward P. Union City n/a
Claus, Cornelius Branch County 22
Clute, Albert Grand Rapids 42
Clute, Darwin B. Grand Rapids 36
Cochrane, James Detroit 36
Conklin, Watson B. Hillsdale County n/a
Connelly, Edward Wayne County 20
Corey, Ransom Branch County n/a
Cornell, Asa B. Branch County n/a
Crawford, Contarinia F. Coldwater 19
Crawford, Harvey Coldwater 44
Crawford, Wilbur R. Coldwater 23
Crippen, Bradley F. Coldwater 23
Cruise, William G. Wayne County 23
Cudner, Augustus A. Coldwater 28
Cudner, Jeremiah V. K. Coldwater n/a
Culp, William J. Branch County n/a
Culver, Jesse Quincy 21
Culver, Simon L. Coldwater 37
Culver, Thomas -or- Robinson 30
Culver, Freeman
Cushman, Don P. Branch County n/a
Cutting, Frank D. Oakland County 22
Dailey, Daniel V. -or- B. Wayne County 24
Davis, Edward F. Coldwater 18
Day, Selah R. Branch County 20
Demaree, Daniel Wayne County 20
De Peel, Alexander Troy 45
Dillon, John Henry Branch County 21
Doyle, Thomas Lodi 42
Dubendorf, William Branch County 27
Dunn, John M. Wayne County 28
Dwight, Sylvester F. Hillsdale County 23
Eaton, Charles W. Pokagon 27
Edwards, James M. Detroit 18
Eldred, William H. Bethel 22
Elliott, Martin V. Coldwater 22
Ellis, Edward E. Wayne County 19
Ellsworth, John Mayfield 19
Ervin, George Burlington 26
Farnham, Bradly C. Coldwater 25
Fenton, Samuel Schoolcraft 18
Ferguson, James St. Clair 20
Finney, Samuel W. Quincy 19
Forbes, John Wayne County 19
Freemyer, George L. Union City 18
French, Porter Oakland County 23
Gage, Lucien R. Detroit 22
Gage, Marcus A. Branch County 19
Garrison, Daniel S. Hartford 36
Gatz, John Wayne County 22
Gennerick, Frederick Troy 21
Gibbs, Luman B. Coldwater n/a
Golden, John Branch County 35
Gould, Warren P. Branch County n/a
Graimm, Daniel G. Wayne County 23
Griffin, Edmund G. St. Clair County 18
Groesbeck, Isaac H. Branch County 29
Grosse, Andrew Coldwater n/a
Grove, Adariah R. Grand Rapids 30
Grove, Archibald R. Batavia 20
Guckler, John -or- Quincy 32
Gackler, John
Haggerty, James B. Union City 28
Hall, Francis E. Coldwater 22
Hall, George -or- Kalamazoo 22
Hull, George
Hanna, Andrew J. Coldwater 18
Hanning, Samuel Dowagiac 22
Harling, Frank Coldwater 20
Harris, Clark M. Oakland County 22
Harris, Joseph R. Union City n/a
Harris, Thomas J. Hillsdale County 22
Hartwell, Henry C. Lapeer County 22
Hastings, Charles C. Branch County n/a
Havens, Shelden Branch County n/a
Hawley, Bruce G. Branch County n/a
Hayden, Alonzo C. Coldwater n/a
Haynes, James Quincy 22
Haynes, William H. Coldwater 20
Hecox, William H. Kalamazoo 20
Heller, John Branch County 32
Hemingway, George S. Hadley 18
Hemingway, Joseph F. Lapeer County 21
Hickey, William H. Oakland County 19
Hickman, Alfred n/a n/a
Hicks, John -or- Detroit 37
Hicks, Joseph
Hill, Martin Detroit 24
Hill, Micajah Porter 40
Housler, Henry P. -or- Grand Rapids 30
Housler, Harvey
Howland, Nicholas Detroit 40
Hoyt, John M. Wayne County 26
Hull, Alfred Lapeer 25
Hull, Henry Dorchester, Canada 23
Hunter, David St. Clair County 21
Hurlburt, Allen Detroit 19
Hutchinson, Clinton A. Branch County 21
Hyde, Franklin W. Hartford 24
Jack, George T. Wayne County 19
Jeffers, George T. Coldwater 25
Johnson, James Oakland County 24
Jones, Silas Cassopolis 30
Judd, Charles E. Coldwater 21
Keen, Freeman St. Clair County n/a
Kellogg, Henry H. Branch County 24
Kelly, Charles Jackson 29
Kelly, Martin Wayne County 22
Kennedy, John W. Coldwater 29
King, Stephen Grand Rapids 30
Kleigel, Charles Detroit 27
Lake, James H. Jackson 17
Lamb, George Sunfield 18
Langdon, Edward Ontwa 21
Lawrence, Isaac H. Oakland County 19
Lawrence, Perry L. Prairieville 22
Lawrence, Stillman E. Girard 24
Lee, Charles A. Coldwater 18
Leidstrom, Charles A. Wayne County 26
Leise, Richard -or- Lockport 18
Lease, Richard
Lemon, John Hamilton 21
Lemon, William Hamilton 23
Lewis, Francis J. Union City n/a
Lewis, George Pontiac 24
Lock, Albert Lapeer County 19
Luce, Franklin Wayne County 24
Lynd, William Coldwater 49
Lynn, Robert Wayne County 24
Lyons, Hiram Wayne County 20
McCall, Alexander A. Milford 23
McCall, Samuel W. Milford 22
McCarty, James P. Branch County 22
McCrea, Leander Branch County 25
McIlroy, John St. Clair County 24
McKinney, Albert Oakland 20
McLain, Thomas J. Grand Rapids 32
Mann, Solomon P. Detroit 23
Marsh, Henry W. Davidson 18
Martin, John J. Coldwater 30
Martin, Lewis Litchfield 40
Mather, Jerome Branch County 21
Mench, John M. Cambria 23
Merrill, Norman L. Saginaw County n/a
Miller, Clark Union City 23
Mills, Daniel H. Litchfield 27
Mitchell, Alexander Wayne County 20
Mitchell, John St. Clair County 20
Montavon, Peter Quincy 43
Morton, Orville E. Grand Rapids 18
Mosher, John Branch County 24
Mosher, William B. Pontiac 20
Mott, Elijah St. Clair County 23
Munger, Ira A. Paw Paw 44
Munyon, John H. Branch County n/a
Nash, George J. Pokagon 30
Nichols, Jared E. Branch County 22
Nichols, Myron Kalamazoo 18
Norrington, Henry H. Wayne County 16
O'Riordon, Callahan H. Detroit 28
O'Rourke, Bernard Union City n/a
Parker, David W. Genesee County 21
Patno, Henry Oakland County 23
Patrick, Francis J. Marcellus n/a
Patten, Cornelius J. Branch County n/a
Patten, James O. Pontiac 27
Patten, Silas Branch County 21
Patten, William H. Pontiac 34
Pattison, William J. Detroit 21
Peet, William R. Branch County 23
Pendergrass, James Winchester 22
Perkins, Harrison Battle Creek 18
Philbrook, F. n/a n/a
Pierson, William N. Grand Rapids 25
Post, William A. Coldwater 18
Predmore, Miles C. Pontiac 27
Press, Thomas J. Detroit 29
Prettyman, Burton Kalamazoo 38
Reinhart, Robert Wayne County 19
Richarson, Lewis C. Oakland County 25
Riordan, William H. Wayne County 26
Robbins, James F. Oakland County 26
Roberts, Hugh G. Taylor 29
Robertson, Alexander Woodhull 23
Robinson, Thomas A. Coldwater 18
Rokohl, August -or- Westphalia 42
Rockafel, Augustus
Roulston, Robert Detroit 30
Rupright, Hanry W. Coldwater 20
St. John, William G. Highland 30
Scott, John Wayne County n/a
Scudder, Frank Southfield 18
Searles, William F. Moscow 27
Sehl, Martin J. Wayne County 26
Shatto, Isaac T. Detroit 21
Simmons, John -or- Detroit 21
Timmons, John
Simons, John Atlas 34
Simons, Simeon Corunna 44
Smith, Charles F. Coldwater 40
Smith, George W. Coldwater n/a
Smith, Myron H. Branch County n/a
Smith, Samuel A. Coldwater 32
Smocke, George W. Pontiac 34
Spencer, John A. Atlas 19
Spencer, Thomas K. J. Wayne County 18
Spencer, Watson Branch County n/a
Sprague, Edgar A. Coldwater 22
Starr, Vocius D. Coldwater 28
Stevens, Edwin Detroit 18
Stevens, Charles R. Quincy 29
Stevens, Lenus H. Branch County 22
Stoddard, George S. Grand Rapids 17
Streeter, John W. Union City n/a
Sturgis, Gideon Detroit 21
Swift, Oliver S. Dowagiac 18
Talbot, George Wayne County 22
Taylor, James B. Allegan 26
Taylor, Oral B. Cambria 37
Taylor, Sylvester Coldwater 36
Teachout, Washington Richfield 20
Thields, William Grand Rapids 38
Thomas, James L. Wayne County 24
Tilton, John M. Coldwater n/a
Titus, Sylvanus Branch County 24
Towsley, Lucius M. Coldwater 18
Tucker, Stephen T. Grand Rapids 25
Upton, Frederick Wayne County 24
Van Blarcom, Asa G. Branch County n/a
Vanderhoof, Edward M. Branch County 25
Van Houton, William Grand Rapids 23
Van Marter, Elias B. Lapeer County 23
Vanmeter, John Allen 20
Van Pelt, George W. Detroit 25
Van Vorhees, Abram Lapeer County 19
Vliet, Nathan Oakland County 21
Vliet, Andrew R. Oakland County 28
Voorhees, James C. Oakland County 26
Vosburgh, Henry Coldwater 30
Wallace, Charles A. Blissfield 18
Ward, Charles E. Jackson 24
Warren, Daniel C. Dallas 21
Weaver, Albert M. Buchanan 20
Webb, George W. Coldwater n/a
Webb, William H. Coldwater 19
Wells, Henry J. Branch County 25
Wesson, William B. Wayne County 27
West, James A. Quincy 18
Westgate, Alden H. Grand Rapids 44
Wheeler, Henry J. Quincy 31
Wickham, William Wayne County 20
Wilbur, Almerick W. Union City n/a
Wilbur, Noah W. Quincy 19
Wilder, Alva H. Union City 18
Wilkinson, Almon C. Grand Rapids 18
Wilkinson, Thomas J. Corunna 23
Williams, Levi P. Elkhart, Indiana 35
Winegard, Lorenzo Branch County n/a
Witter, John Kalamazoo 27
Wolfe, George Pontiac 23
Wood, Herman S. Lapeer County 20
Wood, William H. Wayne County 26
Wylie, Henry Kent City 21
Ziesse, Nicholas Wayne County 36

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