Michigan Lancers

In 1862 Colonel Arthur Rankin of Windsor, Ontario organized 8 companies of Lancers. Before fully equipped they were ordered disbanded. Most of the men then enlisted in other established regiments.



Babbitt, Charles N. Willow Creek 30
Babcock, Ralph Port Austin 18
Batson, David J. Port Austin 40
Beers, Samuel Whitmore Lake 20
Bell, William Detroit 19
Bencke, Herrmann Detroit 33
Billett, George A. Willow Creek 28
Blankerts, Anthony Detroit 21
Bond, Henry Detroit 20
Borgham, Charles Detroit 19
Borgman, Martin V. Detroit 23
Boutelle, Alexander Detroit 23
Brake, George Detroit 27
Brigham, Charles Plymouth 19
Burk, James Willow Creek 21
Burnside, Charles H. Detroit 25
Burrihill, John Detroit 31
Burt, Jeriah S. Detroit 30
Button, Charles Plymouth 19
Cantlon, Samuel T. Port Austin 24
Card, Hiram A. Port Huron 21
Clark, Benjamin Port Austin 21
Clark, James A. Detroit 23
Clark, Robert Detroit 19
Cobb, John B. Detroit 24
Coleman, Charles Lexington 24
Crane, Michael L. Detroit 43
Cullen, Francis Rochester 25
Deske, Michael T. Port Austin 26
Dixon, William G. Port Austin 20
Dupong, Taylor Detroit 33
Dwynell, Llewylin E. Marshall 23
Elsworth, Paul Ann Arbor 18
Farewell, Crawford Plymouth n/a
Francisco, Charles Ann Arbor 26
French, George W. Detroit 30
Furnett, Michael Port Huron 24
Gable, Henry Willow Creek 41
Gillman, Jerome Ann Arbor 17
Gillman, Orange Ann Arbor 19
Green, Charles port Huron 25
Hart, George D. Detroit 19
Hathaway, Cyrus Detroit 25
Helgrin, Edward C. Detroit 25
Hibbard, Charles Green Oak 24
Hibbard, Hiram Green Oak 23
Hildreth, W. Essex 28
Holland, William Dexter 41
Holmes, Allen port Huron 39
Hunt, G. Wellington Detroit 29
Hutchinson, James F. Detroit 28
Irish, Cyrenus F. Ypsilanti 20
Jemmison, George J.A. Detroit 20
Keay, Orastus H. Ann Arbor 23
Kelly, Levi Detroit 25
Kibbee, Edward P. Detroit 21
Kimble, Alonzo Ypsilanti 25
King, William Detroit 20
Lewis, Samuel T. Detroit 32
Lucas, Thomas H. Detroit 21
Lyward, Robert M. Detroit 40
McDonnell, James Detroit 22
Margison, James W. St. Clair 19
Massey, Richard Port Austin 20
Meddough, Robert Port Austin 18
Murphy, Thomas A. Port Austin 20
Nolan, William Willow Creek 35
O'Connor, Patrick H. Plymouth 21
Parmley, Byron Detroit 20
Patterson, Frederick Detroit 22
Perrin, James H. Detroit 18
Persons, Henry Dexter 43
Pogue, James Detroit 24
Ramsey, Daniel Willow Creek 23
Robinson, Steven L. Detroit 16
Smith, David O. Whitmore Lake 18
Smith, Nelson H. Detroit 22
Sowerly, John Port Hope 24
Springsteen, Edward A. Ypsilanti 23
Steele, John F. Detroit 25
Stewart, Benjamin F. Detroit 30
Stewart, James Detroit 30
Stonehouse, John W. Detroit 21
Terrell, Austin Dexter 25
Toncry, Austin Whitmore Lake 23
Treat, Hiram D. Detroit 22
Uhan, Augustus -or- Port Austin 23
Volan, Augustus
Updike, Abraham Dexter 43
Updike, James Dexter 36
Walker, Francis J. Detroit 22
Walter, Joseph Detroit 30
Welborn, Fisher Detroit 18
Wheeler, John B. Battle Creek 30
Williams, Joseph Willow Creek 24
Wilson, Henry Detroit 23
Wixon, Joseph S. Detroit 26
Wood, Samuel L. Detroit 41
Wright, Charles Port Austin 22

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