16th Michigan Infantry, 2nd Company of Sharpshooters

16th Michigan Infantry

2nd Company of Sharpshooters

This company of Sharpshooters was also known as "Jardine's Sharpshooters" and they operated in direct connection with the 16th Michigan Infantry from their inception in 1864 until the end of the war.

Allan, Robert Taymouth 29
Allen, Thomas Taymouth 32
Andrews, Peter Birch Run 18
Bachaunan, Murdock n/a 25
Baker, John Saginaw 32
Bashford, Solomon A. Spaulding 27
Belisle, Charles Albee 45
Besner, Joseph -or- Birch Run 21
Besner, John
Bolton, Edward B. Saginaw 27
Bradshaw, Joseph Kochville 24
Brennan, Peter Frankenmuth 22
Burey, John -or- Bloomfield 19
Burns, John
Busha, Camel -or- Saginaw 18
Busha, Carmon
Bythel, John Spaulding 31
Cameron, Angus Ingersoll 35
Cameron, Hugh Detroit 20
Carrew, John Saginaw 26
Cavanaugh, John Bridgeport 16
Chosaro, Joseph -or- Spaulding 46
Chesaro, Joseph
Cole, Ezam -or- Spaulding 20
Cole, Egan
Crampton, Charles Saginaw 18
Cresswell, William Kochville 46
Crossey, Allan Bloomfield 18
Curry, Samuel Spaulding 20
Cyr, Joseph Spaulding 19
Doller, Andrew Saginaw 19
Doran, William Tittabawassee 24
Drouger, Moses Saginaw 44
Duben, Gregoire Spaulding 25
Ducharme, Joseph Kochville 28
Duncan, William Thomastown 26
Dunn, Jeremiah Frankenmuth 44
Emery, William Frankenmuth 31
Evans, Oscar E. Saginaw 19
Evans, Selby Spaulding 20
Faviel, John -or- Spaulding 22
Farul, John
Fawcett, John Taymouth 25
Fisette, George Frankenmuth 27
Fitzgerald, Patrick Saginaw 26
Flannery, John Bloomfield 45
Gillean, Hillaird Saginaw 21
Gornis, Joseph -or- Bridgeport 19
Grimus, Joseph
Greenberry, Jones Bridgeport 24
Grines, Gottlieb -or- Saginaw 18
Grimus, Gottlieb
Hamilton, James Spaulding 26
Hinds, John Vernon 19
Horton, James Frankenmuth 18
Hunt, Charles Spaulding 26
Irving, James Saginaw 30
Jacobs, William East Saginaw 28
Jellman, William Bridgeport 19
Jellener, William
Jenkins, William A. Saginaw 20
Jevaux, Alexander Saginaw 25
Laclare, Peter Spaulding 19
Lamott, John Saginaw 19
Lannon, Connrad -or- Spaulding 18
Luman, Conrad
Laplant, Michael -or- Ingersoll 25
Laplant, Mitchell
Leonard, John T. Frankenmuth 28
Leonard, Martin Birch Run 32
Livingston, Charles J. Spaulding 23
Livingston, John Bridgeport 22
Lockwood, William J. Spaulding 37
Low, James Saginaw 28
Macomber, Alonzo Bridgeport 18
Manley, William Saginaw 25
Martin, John Bloomfield 28
McAllum, Malcolm -or- Thomastown 21
McCallum, Malcolm
McArthur, James Thomastown 40
McBaine, John Nashville 19
McDougall, Alexander Saginaw 25
McGinnis, Peter -or- Bridgeport 44
McInnis, Peter
McIntosh, Hugh Saginaw 24
McKeever, Peter Richland 31
McNaughton, Duncan Bay City 31
Minor, George Saginaw 18
Moutny, Levi Bridgeport 20
O'Keif, William Spaulding 24
Piche, Arcule Kochville 21
Potts, Joseph Kochville 18
Reed, John -or- Thomastown 26
Reid, John
Reorden, William East Saginaw 42
Ross, David Taymouth 18
Ross, Hugh Albee 40
Scott, Joseph Saginaw 20
Scratch, Sidney Spaulding 18
Sharpe, John East Saginaw 35
Sharpe, Samuel East Saginaw 39
Sharpe, Thomas East Saginaw 18
Simpson, James Spaulding 45
Snay, Moses Saginaw 20
Thomson, David Tittabawassee 19
Travessy, Henry Saginaw 21
Tromley, Alexander Saginaw 27
Vancuren, Charles Linden 17
Weaver, Peter Spaulding 17
Wellman, Curtis K. -or- Spaulding 38
Wellman, Cyrus R.
West, Arnold J. Saginaw City 23
Whitehead, Hiram Bridgeport 28
Whyte, John -or- Spaulding 22
White, John
Wilkinson, Robert Saginaw 28
Wilson, Christopher Bridgeport 22

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