United States Navy

As is the case with all United States forces, the records of these men are very sparse. I have tried to include any information that may assist in further research of the men.

U.S. Navy

NAMEAvailable Info
Name of Ship / Squadron
Abbott, J. Gurley Master's Mate Petrel
Adams, Samuel C. Gulf Blocking Squad Colorado
Alexander, Milton T. No more info Champion
Alway, Joseph Enlisted Feb 24, 1865
Babcock, Charles A. Fleet Captain Miissippi Squadron
Baird, Russell S. No more info Landsman
Baker, David P. Enlisted Mar 8, 1865
Banks, John Enlisted Feb 18, 1865
Barnum, Isaac E. Enlisted Mar 1, 1865
Barron, Jacob Acting Master Pacific Squadron
Baxter, William H. Sept 1, 1862 North Carolina - Montgomery
Beach, Lucius W. Enlisted Sept 6, 1864 Pittsburg
Beaman, Ezra C. Acting Master Choctaw
Brigham, Legrand Acting Ensign Lodona
Brooks, N. J. Acting 3rd Asst. Robb
Burnham, Frederick S. Enlisted Feb 23, 1865
Burns, Jerome Acting Carpenter Mound City
Campbell, Edward M. Enlisted Aug 2, 1862 Juliette
Caswell, Ambrose B. Enlisted Feb 27, 1864 Great Western
Clitz, John M. B. Commander Osceola
Coats, William H. Enlisted Aug 17, 1864 Juliette
Collins, Williams Enlisted Mar 3, 1865
Collins, William H. July 29, 1864 Pontoosic - Yantic - Peoria
Cook, Livingston Acting 2nd Asst. Judge Torrence
Crowley, William Enlisted Mar 11, 1865
Daley, William J. Mt Clemens Forest Rose
Davenport, Francis O. Commander Sabine
Davis, Joseph No more info Forest Rose
Dean, Legrand B. Feb 21, 1865
Decker, Jacob Enlisted Sept 2, 1864 Lafayette
DeGraff, Isaac 2nd Asst. Engineer Hartford
Dell, Barnabas O. Enlisted Mar 1, 1865
Dix, John H. No more info Nymph
Dougherty, George W. Asst. Paymaster Hetzel
Ducker, George 3rd Asst. Engineer Mt. Vernon
Dunn, Earle S. Enlisted Feb 24, 1865
Dusenbury, Francis H. Enlisted Feb 18, 1865
Eggleston, Alfred E. Enlisted Sept. l, 1864 Ozark
Farrand, James B. 1st Asst Engineer Southfield - Manhatten
Mound City - Shawnut
Farrar, George S. No more info Forest Rose
Fitzpatrick, John No more info Forest Rose
Foster, John H. 2nd Asst Engineer Geranium - Nahant
Geer, Francis F. Enlisted Mar. 11, 1865
Gill, George N. Enlisted Feb. 14, 1865
Goldsmith, William Enlisted Mar. 3, 1865
Goulette, Francis Enlisted Feb. 26, 1864 Juliette
Graham, Andrew M. Enlisted Feb. 28, 1863 Red Rover
Green, Draper S. Enlisted Aug. 30, 1864 Great Western
Grow, A. L. 3rd Asst. Engineer Nantucket - Lake Spur
Gridley, Charles V. Lieutenant Oneida - Brooklyn - Kearsage
Hague, Edrick No more info North Carolina
Harris, Martin Enlisted Feb. 24, 1865
Harter, Lafayette Asst. Paymaster Prairie Bird
Hawkins, Hiram D. Enlisted Feb. 28, 1865
Herrington, John E. No more info Great Western
Hewitt, Isaac B. 1st Asst Engineer Crusader - Lady Sterling
Heyerman, Oscar F. No more info Colorado - Canandaigua
Hileman, Benjamin F. No more info Great Western - Oriole
Hoare, Edward Enlisted Feb. 24, 1865
Jackson, Calvin C. paymaster Michigan
James, David P. No more info Essex
Jennings, William 3rd Asst Engineer Lillian
Jewett, Henry C. No more info Unadilla
Jones, John No more info Julliette
Josslin, George C. Masters Mate Tuscarora - Petomska
Kilpatrick, Joseph Enlisted Mar 16, 1865
LaCore Marion -or- No more info Portsmouth
Lacour, Marion No more info
Lawrence, David A. 3rd Asst Engineer E. B. Hale
Lawrence, Orrin A. No more info Great Western
McDonald, William No more info Peri
McElhuney, John Enlisted Mar 10, 1865
McIntyre, Gilbert No more info Peosta
McKinstry, James P. Commander Monongahela
McMann, James Enlisted Feb 24, 1865 Ibex
Manseau, Joseph L. Enlisted Mar 14, 1864 Potomac
Miller, William J. No more info Siren
Mitchell, William W. Enlisted Feb 24, 1865
Monroe, Everett Enlisted Feb 28, 1865
Moore, Alonzo S, Enlisted Feb 21, 1865
Moore, Charles B. Enlisted Feb 21, 1865
Morse, Willis J. No more info Louisville
Morton, Samuel N. Enlisted Aug 19, 1864 Pillow
Moses, Jabex H. Asst Surgeon Mississipi Squadron
Nash, Moses Enlisted Mar 10, 1865
Newton, Theodore S. Enlisted Feb 27, 1862
O'Dell, Barnabas Enlisted Mar 1, 1865 Great Western - Collier
O'Neil, John Enlisted Mar 3, 1865
O'Neill, James Enlisted Feb 23, 1865
Packer, Ransom G. No more info Joliet
Parmenter, Benajah A. No more info Great Western
Phelps, Lyman No more info Mississippi Squadron
Phillaber, Henry No more info Flotilla
Phillips, Seldon J. Master's Mate Juliet
Phillips, William W. No more info Mississipi Squadron
Porter, Thomas A. Enlisted Sept 6, 1864
Pratt, Orlando Enlisted Feb 21, 1865
Putnam, Frank O. Enlisted Feb 23, 1865 Kittling - Vermont
Redfern, Francis W. Enlisted Dec 15, 1863
Redfield, Byard J. No more info Circassian
Redfield, George S. Asst Paymaster National Guard - Circassian
Reed, John H. Lt. Commander Hartford - Lehigh
Remington, Porter No more info Resolute
Reynolds, Charles W. 2nd Asst. Engineer Mississipi Squadron
Reynolds, Ezekiel 1st Asst Engineer Paw Paw
Rose, Andrew J. Enlisted Sept 6, 1864 Forest Rose
Royston, William H. No more info Onichita
St. Barnard, Alexander Pilot Michigan
St. John, Henry Asst Paymaster Restless
Scott, Henry Enlisted Feb 27, 1864 Avernger
Scott, James R. Enlisted Feb 27, 1864 Great Western
Sherman, C. L. Lieutenant Hartford - Richmond
Shurte, Jerome B. Enlisted Mar 11, 1865
Sischo, Charles E. Enlisted Aug 19, 1862 Michigan
Slater, Alonzo Enlisted Feb 24, 1865
Smith, Alexander Enlisted Sept 3, 1864 Forest Rose
Smith, Alvin No more info Kickapoo
Smith, Edward C. Enlisted Apr 15, 1862
Smith, Joel No more info Great Western
Stone, Charles H. Chief Engineer Harriet Lane - Pembina
Strope, William H. Ensign Dahlia
Swift, Frank Enlisted Aug 25, 1864 Antona
Taylor, Robert Enlisted Aug 31, 1864 Argosy
Teed, Augustus J. Enlisted Mar 1, 1865
Thorn, William Enlisted July 8, 1959 Forest Rose
Tremper, John P. Enlisted Sept 1, 1864 Ozark
Van Buren, Thomas B. Enlisted Feb 21, 1865 Manhattan
Van Cleve, John W. Jr Asst Paymaster Mississippi Squadron
Vanwert, William H. 3rd Asst Engineer Mississippi Squadron
Volkenburgh, Lorenzo D. Enlisted Sept 1, 1864 North Carolina - Keokuk
Wade, Chauncy W. Enlisted Sept 1, 1864 Ozark
Warner, Clans Enlisted Mar 14, 1864 Red Rover
Watters, John Commander Preble - Minnesota
Mononghela - Kineo
Wellman, Nelson S. No more info Juliette
Wentz, Joseph Enlisted Aug 30, 1864
Whedon, Robert H. Asst Surgeon Crusader
Whittemore, George H. 3rd Asst. Engineer Galatea - A.D. Vance
Monadnock - Vanderbilt
Wilcox, Charles Enlisted Aug 24, 1864 Ozark
Williams, Alonzo D. No more info Juliette
Willison, James No more info Forest Rose
Winn, John Enlisted Aug 20, 1862 North Carolina
Winter, Asa O. Asst. Paymaster E. B. Hale - San Jacinto - Union
Wisner, Henry C. Ensign Marion - Marblehead
Macedonian - Saco
Worden, Isaac G. Asst Paymaster Carondelet
Wright, Thomas N. No more info

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