W Surname Index

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Names are in order by surname, then cemetery.
Given names may be out of order.
Waber Peter E. Trufant
Waber Robert R. Trufant
Wable Elizabeth East Montcalm
Wable Glenn H. East Montcalm
Wable John East Montcalm
Wable Nellie I. East Montcalm
Wable Adella M. McBride
Wable Howard L. McBride
Wacha Bessie Forest Hill
Wacha Ellis B. Forest Hill
Wacha Evelyn M. Forest Hill
Wacha William A. Forest Hill
Wachs Mary V. Schuman Forest Home
Wacker Matthew Scott Vinewood
Wade Charles O. Forest Home
Wade Birdette H. Sheridan
Wade Dorothy M. Sheridan
Wade Emma M. Sheridan
Wade J. Birdette Sheridan
Wade Roberta C. Sheridan
Wade Richard C. West Montcalm
Wadle Amanda Ferris Center
Wadle 3 children of Fred Ferris Center
Wadle Elsie J. Ferris Center
Wadle Frederick Ferris Center
Wadle Fredrick A. Ferris Center
Wadle Mary Amanda Ferris Center
Wadle Melvin F. Ferris Center
Wadle Reva L. Ferris Center
Wadle Rayburn C. Ferris Center
Wadle Roger Allen Ferris Center
Wadle Ronald D. Ferris Center
Wadsworth Kenneth H. Pierson
Wadsworth Mary Margaret Pierson
Wager Joseph Burke
Wager George Burke
Wager mother Burke
Wager father Burke
Wager Wanda Ferris Center
Wager Hannah M. Forest Home
Wager Edgar S. Vinewood
Wager Eva Kathalene Vinewood
Wager Grace M. Vinewood
Wager Guy E. Vinewood
Wager Harry E. Vinewood
Wager Irene E. Vinewood
Wager Karen Joanne Vinewood
Wager Mary L. Vinewood
Waggle Minia Bloomer
Waghorn Maria Mabie-Sunny Hill
Waghorn Seth Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wagner Muriel R. Hillcrest
Wagner William Douglas Hillcrest
Wagner Delos Hillcrest
Wagner John N. Hillcrest
Wagner Carl M. McBride
Wagner Catherine McBride
Wagner Ernest R. McBride
Wagner Frances M. McBride
Wagner Gwendolyn McBride
Wagner John McBride
Wagner John B. McBride
Wagner Lena McBride
Wagner Lucille M. McBride
Wagner Lydia L. McBride
Wagner Martha J. McBride
Wagner Mary E. McBride
Wagner Paul D. McBride
Wagner Starr McBride
Wagner Titus McBride
Wagner William B. McBride
Wagner Viola May Trufant
Wagner Lula T. Vickeryville
Wagoner Louise Mayes Carson City
Wait unknown Entrican
Waite Mrs. N. Pierson
Waite Earl D. Reynolds
Waite Marcella F. Reynolds
Waits Eli Burke
Waits Charles Burke
Wakefield Edith M. Forest Home
Wakefield Edward E. Forest Home
Wakely Sophia Forest Hill
Wakely William R. Forest Hill
Wakely Elebins Forest Home
Wakeman Theodore Forest Home
Walcutt Charles Hillcrest
Walcutt Daniel Earl Hillcrest
Walcutt Edward W. Hillcrest
Walcutt Emma O. Hillcrest
Walcutt Oliver A. Hillcrest
Walcutt Phebe A. Hillcrest
Walcutt Virgil T. Hillcrest
Walcutt Vivian L. Hillcrest
Walcutt Edward J. Hillcrest
Walcutt Mamie O. McBride
Walcutt Mason David McBride
Walden Florella E. Sheridan
Waldo Charles Amble
Waldo Donald R. Amble
Waldo Dora Amble
Waldo Douglas J. Amble
Waldo Helen L. Amble
Waldo Lena Amble
Waldo Lewis Amble
Waldo Louis A. Amble
Waldo Otto C. Amble
Waldo Edgar E. Forest Hill
Waldo Jane R. Forest Hill
Waldo Jedediah D. Forest Hill
Waldo Bert Forest Home
Waldo Delia E. Forest Home
Waldo Francis M. Forest Home
Waldo Freddie Forest Home
Waldo Harley M. Forest Home
Waldo Julia A. Forest Home
Waldo Lewis L. Forest Home
Waldo Eugena S. Lakeview
Waldo Hazel L. Lakeview
Waldo Kate L. Lakeview
Waldo Louesa A. Lakeview
Waldo Louis J. Lakeview
Waldo Oscar C. Lakeview
Waldo Raymond W. Lakeview
Waldo William F. Lakeview
Waldo Edna M. Reynolds
Waldo Maywood Reynolds
Waldo Maywood Jr. Reynolds
Waldorf Clare E. Hillcrest
Waldorf Mable E. Hillcrest
Waldorf Carl Edwin Vinewood
Waldorf Ellen A. Vinewood
Waldorf Ernest O. Vinewood
Waldorf Myron E. Vinewood
Waldorf Pearl Vinewood
Waldow Albert Whitsell
Waldow Frederine Whitsell
Waldow John Whitsell
Waldron Harvey J. Crystal
Waldron Gladys W. Crystal
Waldron Shella Marie Crystal
Waldron Eva Louella Shives Crystal
Waldron Fern K. Entrican
Waldron Alice Evergreen Township
Waldron Elma Evergreen Township
Waldron Oliver Evergreen Township
Waldron Jesse W. Evergreen Township
Waldron Jesse W. Evergreen Township
Waldron Alemuel Ferris Center
Waldron s/o Marshall & Marian Ferris Center
Waldron Bessie May Ferris Center
Waldron c/o George Ferris Center
Waldron c/o Harry Ferris Center
Waldron Doris E. Ferris Center
Waldron Emma E. Ferris Center
Waldron Ethel M. Ferris Center
Waldron Evelyn Iretta Ferris Center
Waldron Frances M. Ferris Center
Waldron George H. Ferris Center
Waldron Hannah Ferris Center
Waldron Harry A. Ferris Center
Waldron Harvey E. Ferris Center
Waldron Hiram E. Ferris Center
Waldron Hiram J. Ferris Center
Waldron Inez Leota Ferris Center
Waldron c/o Marshall Ferris Center
Waldron Jesse E. Ferris Center
Waldron Lemuel Ferris Center
Waldron Lester J. Ferris Center
Waldron Lloyd E. Ferris Center
Waldron Lulu L. Ferris Center
Waldron Marrion J. Ferris Center
Waldron Martha Ruedger Ferris Center
Waldron Mary A. Ferris Center
Waldron Randy W. Ferris Center
Waldron Roswell C. Ferris Center
Waldron Susan A. Ferris Center
Waldron Thelma I. Ferris Center
Waldron Virginia L. Ferris Center
Waldron Curtis B. Forest Hill
Waldron baby Palmer
Wales William F. Lakeview
Walgus Alex N. Lakeview
Walker Betsey E. Carson City
Walker E. S. Carson City
Walker Fred D. Carson City
Walker Linda Lou Carson City
Walker Marie M. Carson City
Walker Mary Powell Carson City
Walker May Groom Carson City
Walker Rosalind Strouse Carson City
Walker William P. Carson City
Walker William Phil Carson City
Walker Alice Mae Clear Lake
Walker Alvin Stuart Clear Lake
Walker Arthur V. Clear Lake
Walker Bert A. Clear Lake
Walker Bertha L. Clear Lake
Walker Charles R. Clear Lake
Walker Clara B. Clear Lake
Walker Clayton A. Clear Lake
Walker Emerson R. Clear Lake
Walker James B. Clear Lake
Walker Jas Clear Lake
Walker Jane Clear Lake
Walker Josephine Clear Lake
Walker Kathy Clear Lake
Walker Lewis E. Clear Lake
Walker Mary Clear Lake
Walker Mary H. Clear Lake
Walker Nora May Clear Lake
Walker Perry Clear Lake
Walker Porter A. Jr. Clear Lake
Walker Robert E. Clear Lake
Walker Robert Clear Lake
Walker Sarah H. Clear Lake
Walker Thomas W. Clear Lake
Walker Elgin Cameron Coral
Walker Lydia Snow Coral
Walker Madelin T. Coral
Walker Alfred V. Crystal
Walker Anna Crystal
Walker Cecelia Crystal
Walker Eva B. Crystal
Walker Myrtle V. Crystal
Walker William P. Crystal
Walker Fred Eli East Montcalm
Walker Mildred L. East Montcalm
Walker Armond C. Entrican
Walker George Entrican
Walker Julia L. Entrican
Walker Rosella Entrican
Walker Albert C. Evergreen Township
Walker baby Evergreen Township
Walker Donna M. Evergreen Township
Walker Edward Evergreen Township
Walker Daryel R. Evergreen Township
Walker Andrew Ferris Center
Walker Hugh W. Ferris Center
Walker Malcolm A. Ferris Center
Walker Martha C. Ferris Center
Walker Martha M. Ferris Center
Walker Corbie Forest Hill
Walker Rosa Belle Forest Hill
Walker Alice Forest Home
Walker Craig Forest Home
Walker Doris M. Forest Home
Walker Ernestine Forest Home
Walker Malcom B. Forest Home
Walker Mildred Chase Forest Home
Walker Ralph Forest Home
Walker Rose A. Forest Home
Walker Sarah Louise Forest Home
Walker Viola Forest Home
Walker William C. Forest Home
Walker William H. Forest Home
Walker E. J. Lakeview
Walker Albert McBride
Walker Arnold J. McBride
Walker Catherine McBride
Walker John P. McBride
Walker Lavona McBride
Walker Warren McBride
Walker William McBride
Walker Alex C. Reynolds
Walker Annie Reynolds
Walker Caroline A. Reynolds
Walker Children of James & Eliza Reynolds
Walker Edward K. Reynolds
Walker Eliza Reynolds
Walker James Reynolds
Walker James R. Reynolds
Walker Lewis B. Reynolds
Walker Richardson Reynolds
Walker William J. Reynolds
Walker Charles H. Richland
Walker Hassie E. Richland
Walker Joseph W. Richland
Walker Alice Mae Sheridan
Walker Dora A. St. Charles
Walker Ralph St. Charles
Walker Orlo A. Vickeryville
Walker Violet L. Vickeryville
Walker Beatrice A. Vinewood
Walker Elfie Vinewood
Walker Hugh J. Vinewood
Walkington Charles Fairplains
Walkington Charles L. Fairplains
Walkington Dellaphine Fairplains
Walkington d/o Wm Fairplains
Walkington Ira J. Fairplains
Walkington Maria A. Fairplains
Walkington Myrtle M. Fairplains
Walkington Myrtle M. Fairplains
Walkington Percy J. Fairplains
Walkington Richard Lee Fairplains
Walkington George F. Forest Home
Walkington Laura S. Forest Home
Walkington Lesley J. Forest Home
Walkington Maude Forest Home
Walkington Nellie Forest Home
Walkington Donald W. Hillcrest
Walkington Neva D. Hillcrest
Walkinton Jeffrey Lynn East Montcalm
Wall Francis L. Forest Home
Wall Vivian G. Forest Home
Wall Charles Hillcrest
Wall E. J. Hillcrest
Wall Ruama Hillcrest
Wall Peter Old Home
Wall Stella E. Reynolds
Wall Tanya Louise Richland
Wallace baby Carson City
Wallace Clarence B. Carson City
Wallace Electa Carson City
Wallace John Kay Carson City
Wallace Marie L. Carson City
Wallace Oscar Carson City
Wallace William Carson City
Wallace Donald R. Evergreen Township
Wallace Neva M. Evergreen Township
Wallace George Forest Hill
Wallace c/o R & TL Forest Hill
Wallace Robert Forest Hill
Wallace Theresa L. Forest Hill
Wallace Beulah Hunt Hillcrest
Wallace baby McBride
Wallace Edwin F. McBride
Wallace Glenn H. Pierson
Wallace Nellie Pierson
Wallace George Henry Vinewood
Wallace Jack N. Vinewood
Wallace Rose E. Vinewood
Walldorf Clare E. Hillcrest
Walldorf Mabel E. Hillcrest
Walldorf Wayne E. Hillcrest
Walldorff Neil E. Vinewood
Wallen Albert C. Ferris Center
Wallen Arvilla C. Ferris Center
Wallen Carl August Ferris Center
Wallen Mary Belle Ferris Center
Wallen Paul Gerald Ferris Center
Wallen Gust Reynolds
Waller J. H. M. D. Forest Home
Waller R. H. Forest Home
Waller Carrie I. Vinewood
Waller Ira H. Vinewood
Walling Charity A. Eureka
Walling Emery Eureka
Walling Eva Eureka
Walling John Eureka
Walling Anna Reynolds
Walling Carhart Reynolds
Walling Harvey M. Reynolds
Walling Ruth M. Reynolds
Walling Marion M. Sidney
Wallington DeForest McBride
Wallington Ella McBride
Wallington Lew G. McBride
Wallington Martha Jane Pierson
Walls Merlin Hillcrest
Walls Oliver Hillcrest
Walser Maude M. Carson City
Walsh Anna Vinewood
Walsh Flora M. Vinewood
Walsh Thomas H. Vinewood
Walsh Eva L. West Pine
Walsh Leslie B. West Pine
Walson Louis Touart Trufant
Walt Angie Carson City
Walt Carl B. Carson City
Walt Florence Carson City
Walt George Carson City
Walt George B. Carson City
Walt Joyce W. Carson City
Walt Stanley R. Carson City
Walter Lewis Carson City
Walter Lois E. Carson City
Walter William E. Carson City
Walter Chris W. Coral
Walter Amos J. East Montcalm
Walter Martha C. East Montcalm
Walter Mary Ellen Evergreen Township
Walter Frank W. Lakeview
Walter Ethel Lakeview
Walter Julius St. Charles
Walter Minnie St. Charles
Walter Clancey B. Vinewood
Walters Alpha B. Clear Lake
Walters John L. Clear Lake
Walters Robert E. Clear Lake
Walters Winnifred I. Clear Lake
Walters Elmyra E. Coral
Walters John R. Coral
Walters Julia A. Coral
Walters Laura E. Coral
Walters Little Julia Coral
Walters Lloyd J. Coral
Walters Susannah Coral
Walters Victoria J. Coral
Walters Albertene A. Selesby Riverside
Walters Charles H. Riverside
Walters Clara H. Riverside
Walters Abbie St. Charles
Walters Emil St. Charles
Walters Emma M. St. Charles
Walters Helen St. Charles
Walters Herbert St. Charles
Walters Roger G. St. Charles
Waltersdorf Adolph E. Reynolds
Waltersdorf Winefreda M. Reynolds
Walthorn Gary W. Crystal
Walthorn Paula R. Crystal
Walts Chancey Forest Hill
Wandel Ethel M. Cato
Wandel John A. Cato
Wandel Alice Cato
Wandel Carl R. Cato
Wandel Elenor Cato
Wandel Eva Bell Cato
Wandel Henry M. Cato
Wandel Genevieve L. Cato
Wandel J. W. Cato
Wandel John A. Cato
Wandel John H. Cato
Wandel Lillian G. Cato
Wandel Lillian E. Cato
Wandel Martha M. Cato
Wandel Rhoda Bradley Cato
Wandel Rhoda P. Cato
Wandel Stanley B. Cato
Wandel Robert D. Vinewood
Wandell Abby Coral
Wannick Allen Davie St. Charles
Wanosdale Ira Cato
Ward Charles W. Amble
Ward Leah J. Amble
Ward Mary L. Amble
Ward Clayton Carson City
Ward Francis E. Carson City
Ward Francis H. Carson City
Ward Freda M. Carson City
Ward Harry Carson City
Ward Howard A. Carson City
Ward Jennie Carson City
Ward Jennie E. Carson City
Ward Marian Carson City
Ward Tena Carson City
Ward Edward Coady
Ward Mary Coady
Ward Benoni L. Cedar Lake
Ward Jeffrey C. Coral
Ward Clyde M. Crystal
Ward Donald F. Crystal
Ward Ila M. Crystal
Ward John C. Crystal
Ward Keith Crystal
Ward Lucille M. Crystal
Ward Lyle C. Crystal
Ward Madge V. Crystal
Ward Wreatha F. Crystal
Ward A. Edward Forest Hill
Ward Alphonsus E. Forest Hill
Ward s/o Alphonsus & Ruth Forest Hill
Ward Elinor Ruth Forest Hill
Ward John Forest Hill
Ward Ruth M. Forest Hill
Ward Irene S. Forest Home
Ward Julia Forest Home
Ward Walter K. Forest Home
Ward Jane Lakeview
Ward Jarvis B. Lakeview
Ward Kathryn M. Lakeview
Ward Lucy M. Lakeview
Ward Louis S. Lakeview
Ward Louis S. Lakeview
Ward Walter Lakeview
Ward Hannah McBride
Ward James E. McBride
Ward Marzella McBride
Ward Raymond McBride
Ward S. A. McBride
Ward Charles Reynolds
Ward Eddie Reynolds
Ward Elmer M. Reynolds
Ward Leona M. Reynolds
Ward Rosetta Reynolds
Ward Grace M. Richland
Ward J. B. Richland
Ward Lorraine Richland
Ward William E. Richland
Ward Anna Riverside
Ward Frederick Riverside
Ward Kenneth James Riverside
Ward Maxine M. Benedict Riverside
Ward Robert A. Riverside
Ward Levi J. Sidney
Ward Etta A. Spencer
Ward Mable N. Spencer
Ward Mary E. Spencer
Ward Theron G. Spencer
Ward Bernard F. St. Charles
Ward Margaret J. St. Charles
Ward Carrie B. St. Mary's
Ward Irene M. St. Mary's
Ward James St. Mary's
Ward Jerry J. St. Mary's
Ward Julia St. Mary's
Ward Laundra A. St. Mary's
Ward Louis St. Mary's
Ward Margaret J. St. Mary's
Ward baby boy West Montcalm
Wardell Catherine A. Ferris Center
Wardell Sarah E. Ferris Center
Warden Clara B. Clear Lake
Warden Edna M. Clear Lake
Warden Evert O. Clear Lake
Warden Paul A. Clear Lake
Warden Margie Trufant
Waring Lamoyne F. Crystal
Warline Elizabeth Pierson
Warline Fred Pierson
Warne Albert C. Forest Hill
Warne Lora M. Forest Hill
Warner Bertha Carson City
Warner Floyd L. Carson City
Warner Frank A. Carson City
Warner Minnie E. Carson City
Warner Paul Carson City
Warner Roy Eugene Carson City
Warner Viola L. Carson City
Warner Ward Henry Carson City
Warner Adelbert M. Crystal
Warner Francis Crystal
Warner Laura J. Crystal
Warner Jill A. Evergreen Township
Warner Michael L. Sr. Evergreen Township
Warner Karen Ann Forest Home
Warner Bertha Mae Hillcrest
Warner Janice E. Hillcrest
Warner Lawrence E. Hillcrest
Warner Arnold Lakeview
Warner Vella A. Lakeview
Warner Cheryl Lynn Pierson
Warner Chester F. Reynolds
Warner Frank G. Reynolds
Warner Hellen Reynolds
Warner James William Reynolds
Warner Marvin J. Reynolds
Warner Mary Reynolds
Warner Myrtle Mae Reynolds
Warner William D. Reynolds
Warner Grace H. Riverside
Warner Edwin A. Vickeryville
Warner Lula T. Vickeryville
Warner John M. Vinewood
Warner Justus B. Vinewood
Warner Mabel Vinewood
Warner Rosetta B. Vinewood
Warner s/o WE & AMG Vinewood
Warnes Harry G. Sheridan
Warney Frances Light Forest Home
Warnick/Churchill Anna Sidney
Warnick/Churchill August Sidney
Warnick/Churchill Charlie Sidney
Warnick/Churchill father Sidney
Warnick/Churchill John Sidney
Warnick/Churchill mother Sidney
Warnick/Churchill William Sidney
Warnock Christian Little Denmark
Warnock Cora B. Little Denmark
Warnock Harold Little Denmark
Warnock Ludvig C. Little Denmark
Warnock Marie Little Denmark
Warnock Patricia Little Denmark
Warnock Salva Little Denmark
Warren Edith P. Crystal
Warren George F. Crystal
Warren Marjorie A. Crystal
Warren Stanley C. Crystal
Warren Frances T. Ferris Center
Warren Henry W. Ferris Center
Warren J. P. Ferris Center
Warren M. J. Ferris Center
Warren Mate Forest Home
Warren Alta J. McBride
Warren Anna McBride
Warren Frank M. McBride
Warren George McBride
Warren Maggie McBride
Warren Mary E. Reynolds
Warren Stephen Reynolds
Warren Mrs. Belle Richland
Warts Anna Richland
Warts Elizabeth J. Richland
Warts William Richland
Waseleski Harry L. Lakeview
Waseleski Margaret H. Lakeview
Washburn Albert Ferris Center
Washburn Archibald Ferris Center
Washburn Elizabeth Johnson Ferris Center
Washburn Emily Ferris Center
Washburn Jennie Ferris Center
Washburn Nathan G. Ferris Center
Washburn N. S. Green Ferris Center
Washburn Clyde L. Sheridan
Washburn Doris M. Sheridan
Washer Ellen V. Carson City
Washer Ethel Carson City
Washer William A. Carson City
Wassenaar John Pierson
Wasson Emily A. Bloomer
Wasson Mary Bloomer
Waterbury Bert Richland
Waterbury Zora Richland
Waterman Agnes Forest Home
Waters Erwin M. Carson City
Waters Julius J. Carson City
Waters Mary A. Carson City
Waters Sarah Carson City
Waters father Entrican
Waters mother Entrican
Waters Bonnie Jean Entrican
Waters DeForrest Entrican
Waters Eva A. Entrican
Waters Jack Entrican
Waters Lennie Entrican
Waters Almira T. Forest Home
Waters Harriet Forest Home
Waters S. M. Forest Home
Waters Samuel M. Forest Home
Waters Oliver F. Sheridan
Waters Adaline Sidney
Waters D. L. Sidney
Waters Emily Sidney
Waters Levi Sidney
Wathers F. A. McBride
Watrous Ida J. Carson City
Watson w/o John Carson City
Watson Belle Coral
Watson Bernice E. Coral
Watson Charles R. Coral
Watson Robert C. Coral
Watson Florence E. East Montcalm
Watson Robert J. East Montcalm
Watson Andrew J. Forest Hill
Watson Frank W. Forest Hill
Watson Ila Forest Hill
Watson Mary A. Forest Hill
Watson Alice G. Forest Home
Watson Alice M. Forest Home
Watson Henry Forest Home
Watson Laurena Forest Home
Watson Mary Forest Home
Watson Obed B. Forest Home
Watson Ray V. Forest Home
Watson Thomas Forest Home
Watson Angeline Hillcrest
Watson Paul W. Hillcrest
Watson George A. Hillcrest
Watson Rose A. Hillcrest
Watson Thelma L. Nelson Lakeview
Watson Mark L. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Watson Minerva G. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Watson Violet Mabie-Sunny Hill
Watson Vivian A. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Watson Fred Potter's Field
Watson Betty Lou Richland
Watson Fred W. Richland
Watson Dwight M. Trufant
Watson Eleanore Trufant
Watson Erma M. Trufant
Watson Louis T. Trufant
Watson Willie O. Trufant
Watters Dana M. Sheridan
Watterson Cora Spencer
Watterson Elizabeth Spencer
Watterson William Spencer
Watterworth Martha Coral
Watts Annie B. Bloomer
Watts Isaac Bloomer
Watts Isaac N. Bloomer
Watts Sussanna Bloomer
Watts Jessie E. Forest Home
Watts Uris R. Forest Home
Watts Alberta McBride
Watts Sidney McBride
Watts c/o Frank Pierson
Watts Frank Pierson
Watts Ida E. Pierson
Watts John Potter's Field
Watts Ida L. Sheridan
Watts Douglas W. Trufant
Watts Ellen J. Trufant
Watts George S. Trufant
Watts Rose Trufant
Watts Ellen Vickeryville
Watts Susan Vickeryville
Watts Eleanor J. Vinewood
Watts Elizabeth M. Vinewood
Watts Frank R. Vinewood
Watts Perry A. Vinewood
Watts Reason E. Vinewood
Watts Robert E. Vinewood
Wauch Jessie Stewart Whitsell
Way Edwin Donald Sheridan
Weakland Henry A. Reynolds
Weakland Lillian M. Reynolds
Weakland Robert A. Reynolds
Weatherbee Lewis McBride
Weatherbee Norman L. Riverside
Weatherby Albert E. Reynolds
Weatherby Anna C. Reynolds
Weatherby Anna Lea Reynolds
Weatherby Charles A. Reynolds
Weatherby Fred Reynolds
Weatherby John B. Reynolds
Weatherby John Sr. Reynolds
Weatherby Lucy A. Reynolds
Weatherby Mandana A. Weatherby Wendland Reynolds
Weatherby Mary J. Reynolds
Weatherby William Reynolds
Weatherby Willie Reynolds
Weatherwax Clara Amble
Weatherwax Frank Amble
Weatherwax Hazel I. Amble
Weaver Cornelia F. Bloomer
Weaver John Bloomer
Weaver s/o JH & CF Bloomer
Weaver c/o George W. Carson City
Weaver Clara L. Crystal
Weaver Clarence A. Crystal
Weaver Clarence L. Crystal
Weaver Dennis L. Crystal
Weaver Ernest Dewitt Crystal
Weaver Lucille F. Crystal
Weaver Zelda M. Crystal
Weaver Neca L. Evergreen Township
Weaver Sondra Jean Evergreen Township
Weaver Stanley A. Evergreen Township
Weaver Emily G. Fairplains
Weaver Mattie Ferris Center
Weaver Harry B. M. D. Forest Home
Weaver T. Irene Forest Home
Weaver Margaret Mabie-Sunny Hill
Weaver Elias McBride
Weaver baby Pierson
Weaver Emma Pierson
Weaver Herbert Pierson
Weaver James B. Pierson
Weaver Leander Pierson
Weaver Marjorie A. Pierson
Weaver Pearl L. Pierson
Weaver Viola E. Pierson
Weaver Eugene Reynolds
Webb Arthur E. Carson City
Webb Frances Emerson Carson City
Webb Laverna M. Cato
Webb Trimmer D. Cato
Webb George Crystal
Webb Lucy M. Crystal
Webb William R. Crystal
Webb Allie A. Evergreen Township
Webb Benjamin Evergreen Township
Webb Beulah M. Evergreen Township
Webb Caroline Evergreen Township
Webb Hallie E. Evergreen Township
Webb Nellie M. Evergreen Township
Webb R. D. Evergreen Township
Webb Sarah S. Evergreen Township
Webb Thomas R. Evergreen Township
Webb Blanche A. Forest Hill
Webb Cecil D. Forest Hill
Webb Dorothy Forest Hill
Webb Frederick E. Forest Hill
Webb Kenneth R. Forest Hill
Webb Nellie Forest Hill
Webb Colleen K. Vinewood
Webb Morley G. Vinewood
Webber G. T. Forest Hill
Webber Helen Forest Hill
Webber A. A. McBride
Webber Sophia McBride
Webber Emma O. South Sidney
Weber Ellen L. East Montcalm
Weber Frank F. East Montcalm
Weber Betty L. Evergreen Township
Weber Frank E. Evergreen Township
Weber Lena E. Evergreen Township
Weber Hazel H. Forest Home
Weber William F. Forest Home
Weber Earl T. Lakeview
Weber Elda M. Lakeview
Weber Arnold A. Reynolds
Weber Albert P. Reynolds
Weber Augusta Reynolds
Weber Hazel Reynolds
Weber Herman Reynolds
Webler Alma Ruth Crystal
Webster Giget Renee' Bloomer
Webster Millard F. Carson City
Webster Winnifred Carson City
Webster Albern J. Evergreen Township
Webster Crystal O. Evergreen Township
Webster Edie Evergreen Township
Webster Freddie Evergreen Township
Webster Nettie Evergreen Township
Webster Roy Evergreen Township
Webster Wayne Evergreen Township
Webster Curtis C. Ferris Center
Webster Lillie Bollinger Ferris Center
Webster Ray Ferris Center
Webster unknown Ferris Center
Webster Roy M. Forest Hill
Webster Charles Lakeview
Webster Emma Lakeview
Webster father Lakeview
Webster mother Lakeview
Webster William G. Lakeview
Webster Dorothy Pierson
Webster Frank E. Pierson
Webster Pearl A. Pierson
Webster Hattie M. Pierson
Webster Horatio Pierson
Webster Mary Julia Pierson
Webster Sarah Pierson
Webster F. A. Reynolds
Weckerly Andrew Franklin Forest Home
Weckerly Celma Forest Home
Weckerly Frank Forest Home
Weckerly George Lawrence Forest Home
Weckerly Gertie Forest Home
Weckerly Ida M. Hall Forest Home
Weckerly Ira M. Hall Forest Home
Weckerly Laurence Forest Home
Wedderburn Alice Eva Lakeview
Wedderburn Basil S. Lakeview
Wedderburn Ella Lakeview
Wedderburn John Lakeview
Wedderburn Lawrence E. Lakeview
Wedderburn Thelma M. Lakeview
Wedderburn Udell J. Lakeview
Wedge Margaret Coral
Wedge Richard Coral
Weed Dora A. Forest Hill
Weed Fred A. Forest Hill
Weed Julius C. Forest Hill
Weed Matilda C. Forest Hill
Weed Lettie Forest Home
Weed L. V. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Weed Byron H. Pierson
Weed Louisa Pierson
Weedmark Donald Evergreen Township
Weedmark Esther Evergreen Township
Weedmark Harry Evergreen Township
Weedmark Lucile Evergreen Township
Weedmark Jennie McBride
Weedmark Festus Sidney
Weedmark Festus M. Sidney
Weedmark Jennie M. Sidney
Weeks Stella DeSpelder Forest Home
Weeks Albert Lakeview
Weeks Mary E. Pierson
Weeks Volney Pierson
Weeks w/o Volney Pierson
Weeks Lanea M. Reynolds
Weeks Lillie L. Reynolds
Weeks Marion Reynolds
Weeks Philetus L. Reynolds
Weeks Phoebe Reynolds
Weeks Ralph Reynolds
Weeks Thomas F. Reynolds
Weeks Guy H. Vickeryville
Weeks Mary C. Vickeryville
Weeks Blanche M. Vinewood
Weeks Verl O. Vinewood
Weger Cindy Lou St. Charles
Weger Nancy J. West Montcalm
Wehming Rose Forest Home
Weidbrauk father Burke
Weidbrauk mother Burke
Weidbrauk Meany J. Burke
Weidbrauk Caroline B. Burke
Weide Donald D. Hillcrest
Weide Frederick D. Hillcrest
Weide Leon W. Hillcrest
Weide Pearl Hillcrest
Weide Rena B. Hillcrest
Weiers Gertrude E. Evergreen Township
Weiers Robert W. Evergreen Township
Weiers Wilbert W. Evergreen Township
Weimer Alfred Anthony Reynolds
Weimer Harry F. Reynolds
Weimer Roberta K. Reynolds
Weinfurtner Edward M. "Ted" Forest Home
Weinhardt Anna C. Vinewood
Weinhardt Joseph P. Vinewood
Weinkauf Althea F. Forest Home
Weinkauf Howard W. Forest Home
Weinrich Carl C. Trufant
Weinrich George A. Trufant
Weinrich Ingeborn M. Trufant
Weinrich Juliane Trufant
Weinrich Matilda Trufant
Weinrich Oscar Trufant
Weirs Gerald Evergreen Township
Weirs June Evergreen Township
Weirs Wilbert Evergreen Township
Weirs Doris R. Little Denmark
Weitzel Jacob A. "Jake" Forest Home
Weitzel William Forest Home
Welch Cora Lucille Ferris Center
Welch Estella Ferris Center
Welch Joseph M. Ferris Center
Welch Leo A. Ferris Center
Welch Lois Ferris Center
Welch Mark Aaron Ferris Center
Welch Melvin Dale Ferris Center
Welch Ronnie David Ferris Center
Welch Vern Ferris Center
Welch Blanche Forest Hill
Welch James Forest Hill
Welch Claude D. Lakeview
Welch Gracy Lakeview
Welch Ida F. Lakeview
Welch Minnie A. Lakeview
Welch Minnie A. Lakeview
Welch Percy Lakeview
Welch Beatrice L. Richland
Welch Cindy Richland
Welch Douglas P. Richland
Welch Essie Richland
Welch Eva D. Richland
Welch Floyd Richland
Welch Freda P. Richland
Welch Glenn O. Richland
Welch Harley V. Richland
Welch Irene E. Richland
Welch Jessie M. Richland
Welch Karold E. Richland
Welch Leona M. Richland
Welch Oren W. Richland
Welch Orren M. Richland
Welch Owen L. Richland
Welch Susan A. Richland
Welch Timothy Richland
Welch Walter Richland
Welch Wyatt Shane Richland
Welch Jermie Lee Sheridan
Welch Harold St. Charles
Welch Mary A. St. Charles
Welch Michael J. St. Charles
Welch Pearl L. St. Charles
Welch William F. St. Charles
Welch Alverna Vinewood
Welch Erwin L. Vinewood
Welch Grace E. Vinewood
Welch Lula M. Vinewood
Weld Neil E. Vinewood
Weld Nellie R. Vinewood
Weldon mother Entrican
Weldon Beecher W. Entrican
Weldon Ida F. Entrican
Welker Armond Entrican
Welker George E. Entrican
Welker Julia Entrican
Welker Elizabeth Ferris Center
Well John V. Clear Lake
Wellbaum Frank Coral
Wellbaum Grace Coral
Weller Anna R. Carson City
Weller Leonard J. Carson City
Weller Ryan Paul Carson City
Wellington Rosa Sheridan
Wellington Scott Sheridan
Wellman Harold Evergreen Township
Wellman Randy Evergreen Township
Wellman Gerald Forest Hill
Wellman Clarence E. Forest Home
Wellman Leda McBride
Wellman Rubert McBride
Wellman Alfred Sheridan
Wellman Isaac Sheridan
Wellman Nancy Sheridan
Wells d/o Harry & Donna Ferris Center
Wells R. B. Ferris Center
Wells Angelina Forest Home
Wells Annie Forest Home
Wells Charles H. Forest Home
Wells Edna P. Forest Home
Wells Essie M. Forest Home
Wells Eva N. Forest Home
Wells James Forest Home
Wells Jennie M. Forest Home
Wells R. Henry Forest Home
Wells Robert A. Forest Home
Wells Roy L. Forest Home
Wells William B. Forest Home
Wells William P. Forest Home
Wells William Forest Home
Wells Blanche G. Richland
Wells Horace A. Richland
Wells Lucy Ellen Richland
Wells Alice Sheridan
Wells Isaac Joseph Sheridan
Wells Mary C. Sheridan
Wells Jessica Leigh Trufant
Wellwood Carl Mason Carson City
Wellwood Hazel LaVern Carson City
Wellwood Robert C. Carson City
Wellwood Thomas John Sheridan
Wellwood Pheby L. Sheridan
Wellwood Rena E. Sheridan
Welsh Patrick Coady
Welsh Hattie McBride
Welsh Edward Pierson
Welson Henry Fairplains
Welton D. Spencer
Welton Fred Spencer
Welton Mary A. Spencer
Welty Emma Keith Forest Home
Welty Helen M. Pierson
Welty Kenneth E. Pierson
Welty Mary Elizabeth Pierson
Welty Wlliam B. Pierson
Wendland Godfrey Reynolds
Wendland Mandana A. Weatherby Reynolds
Wendland Pearl M. Reynolds
Wendland Wilhelmine Reynolds
Wendland William Reynolds
Wendlandt August Coral
Wendlandt Phoebe E. Coral
Wendlandt/Kilburn Emeline Coral
Wendlandt/Kilburn J. W. Coral
Wendlandt/Kilburn Wilhelmine Coral
Wendt Family Stone Lakeview
Werbish Anna St. Mary's
Werbish Steven St. Mary's
Wernette unknown Sheridan
Werrell John Evergreen Township
Werrell Lida Evergreen Township
Wert Eliza Gerls Forest Home
Wert Alma May McBride
Wert Braley Keaton McBride
Wert Ferne May McBride
Wert Glenn W. McBride
Wert Howard S. McBride
Wert Jay McBride
Wert Minnie M. McBride
Wert c/o Sam Pierson
Wert Ella Pierson
Wert Ellen S. Pierson
Wert Fred Pierson
Wert Fred J. Sr. Pierson
Wert w/o James Pierson
Wert Richard O. Reynolds
Wertenberger Benjamin F. Pierson
Wertenberger George W. Pierson
Wertenberger John A. Pierson
Wertenberger Mary E. Pierson
Wertz Evah Belle Richland
Wertz John W. Richland
Wescott Edith A. Forest Home
Wescott Elizabeth Forest Home
Wesley Charles A. Forest Home
Wesley Ella L. Forest Home
Wesley William Vickeryville
Wessman Frank E. South Sidney
Wessman Ingerborg South Sidney
West Ada Clear Lake
West Mary Clear Lake
West infant Clear Lake
West unknowns Clear Lake
West Catherine Crystal
West Elizabeth A. Crystal
West Frank G. Crystal
West James Jay Crystal
West John Crystal
West Mabel M. Crystal
West Randall Crystal
West Joseph M. Fairplains
West Katherine Fairplains
West Kizziah Fairplains
West William H. Fairplains
West William P. Fairplains
West Alice C. Forest Hill
West Charles L. Forest Hill
West Sarah E. Forest Hill
West Christine D. Forest Home
West Clayton E. Forest Home
West Eva M. Forest Home
West Floyd H. Forest Home
West George W. Forest Home
West Samuel L. Forest Home
West Etta E. Lakeview
West Joseph G. Lakeview
West Ada Dell McBride
West Charles L. McBride
West John T. McBride
West Norma V. McBride
West Phildelia McBride
West D. S. Palmer
West Clarence Spencer
West Donald Spencer
West George E. Spencer
West Josephine Spencer
West Nettie Spencer
West Shirley V. Spencer
West Vernon E. Spencer
West Virginia Lee Spencer
West Willard J. "Jake" Spencer
West Alzina Vickeryville
West Alice Vinewood
West baby Vinewood
West Doris L. Vinewood
West Floyd A. Vinewood
West Leslie H. Vinewood
West Otis Vinewood
Westbrook Ada Coral
Westbrook Alice Jean East Montcalm
Westbrook Edward Forest Home
Westbrook Grace Forest Home
Westbrook Howard Forest Home
Westbrook Polly Forest Home
Westbrook William H. Forest Home
Westbrook Emmet Reynolds
Westbrook Hattie M. Reynolds
Westbrook LaVerna M. Reynolds
Westbrook Ora Reynolds
Westbrook Orville G. Reynolds
Westbrook Rosell F. Reynolds
Westbrook Sheryl Lynn Reynolds
Westbrook Theodore E. Reynolds
Westbrook Valdy H. Reynolds
Westbrook William H. Reynolds
Westcott Ethel Evergreen Township
Western Thurza White Carson City
Western Diana Crystal
Western Harry S. Crystal
Western Randy H. Crystal
Western Stanley G. Crystal
Western Stan S. S. Crystal
Western Tina Marie Crystal
Western Ila Belle Evergreen Township
Western Nicholas M. Vinewood
Westervelt Barbara Coral
Westfall E. L. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Westley Harold J. Hillcrest
Westley Jessie K. Hillcrest
Westley Madonna N. Hillcrest
Westley Rena M. Hillcrest
Westley Van G. Hillcrest
Westley William C. Hillcrest
Westley Agnes B. Reynolds
Westley George A. Reynolds
Westmore Lucretia Mabie-Sunny Hill
Westmore Justin Mabie-Sunny Hill
Westmore Mary Mabie-Sunny Hill
Weston Celinda Reynolds
Weston Harry Reynolds
Westover Hattie E. Eureka
Westover Helen E. Eureka
Westover Leman Eureka
Westover Mary B. Eureka
Westover Alton A. Forest Home
Westover Leona Cavanaugh Forest Home
Westover Mildred R. Forest Home
Westover Lela Mae Lakeview
Westover Leslie Lakeview
Westrate Emma Pierson
Westrate Martin Pierson
Weterholt Gretchen Vinewood
Weterholt Ronald Vinewood
Wetherly Mr. & Mrs. Eureka
Wetherslow Hilda Trufant
Wetherslow Peter Trufant
Wethy Anna Elvina Riverside
Wetmore Anna D. Crystal
Wetmore Doris Crystal
Wetmore Milo B. Crystal
Wetmore Roy C. Crystal
Wetmore Ruth H. Crystal
Wetmore Clyde N. Forest Home
Wetmore John L. Forest Home
Wetmore Luella M. Forest Home
Wetmore Mabel Forest Home
Wetmore Allie V. Lakeview
Wetmore Ambrose E. Lakeview
Wetmore Earl Lakeview
Wetmore Emma Lakeview
Wetmore Irving Lakeview
Wetmore Lewis Pierson
Wetmore 2 c/o Martin Pierson
Wetmore w/o Lewis Pierson
Wetmore William D. Pierson
Wetterslov Alfred Trufant
Wetterslov Stine Trufant
Wetzel Jessica Jo Hillcrest
Wetzel Jerry J. Richland
Wever George A. Forest Home
Wever Martha J. Forest Home
Wewetzer John F. East Montcalm
Wewetzer Rachel M. East Montcalm
Wezensky Kerry Ann Evergreen Township
Whalen Catherine Coady
Whalen child Pierson
Whalen Edward Pierson
Whalen John St. Mary's
Whalen Leo A. St. Mary's
Whaley Forest L. Richland
Wheaton Majina Clear Lake
Wheaton Rosann Clear Lake
Wheaton Stephen G. Clear Lake
Wheeler Eve A. Coral
Wheeler Fanny Coral
Wheeler father Coral
Wheeler father Coral
Wheeler G. B. Coral
Wheeler Glenn Coral
Wheeler H. Leona Coral
Wheeler Harrison Crystal
Wheeler May Crystal
Wheeler Nathaniel Crystal
Wheeler William H. Entrican
Wheeler W. E. Eureka
Wheeler Elizabeth Fairplains
Wheeler George B. Fairplains
Wheeler Mary Fairplains
Wheeler Squire W. Fairplains
Wheeler Willson Fairplains
Wheeler Catherine Forest Hill
Wheeler Addie Forest Home
Wheeler Ivan E. Forest Home
Wheeler Kit Filgas Forest Home
Wheeler Mana E. Forest Home
Wheeler Clyde O. Lakeview
Wheeler Lucille Irene Lakeview
Wheeler Mary M. Lakeview
Wheeler Myrtle M. Lakeview
Wheeler Elizabeth S. Little Denmark
Wheeler Kenneth A. Little Denmark
Wheeler baby Pierson
Wheeler baby Pierson
Wheeler Charles Pierson
Wheeler Charles Pierson
Wheeler Delbert R. Pierson
Wheeler Lois J. Pierson
Wheeler Mary Pierson
Wheeler Norman R. Pierson
Wheeler Herbert C. Reynolds
Wheeler Horatio L. Reynolds
Wheeler Lucy J. Reynolds
Wheeler Mary C. Reynolds
Wheeler Dora Benida Riverside
Wheeler Leo P. Riverside
Wheeler William W. Riverside
Wheeler baby Sheridan
Wheeler Cecil A. Sheridan
Wheeler unknown Sheridan
Wheeler Gloria J. Vinewood
Wheeler Nillie M. Vinewood
Wheeler Phyllis A. Vinewood
Wheeler William Judson Vinewood
Wheeler Brian C. West Pine
Wheeler Cora A. West Pine
Wheeler Doulas West Pine
Wheeler Eugene W. West Pine
Wheeler Frank G. West Pine
Wheeler George S. West Pine
Wheeler George S. West Pine
Wheeler Guy C. West Pine
Wheeler James W. West Pine
Wheeler June Marie West Pine
Wheeler Lena W. West Pine
Wheeler Louis L. West Pine
Wheeler Maude H. West Pine
Whetstone Ada B. Spencer
Whetstone Doris M. Spencer
Whetstone Katie Spencer
Whetstone Lewis D. Spencer
Whetstone Merl B. Spencer
Whetstone William F. Spencer
Whetstone baby boy Vinewood
Whetstone Michael Wade Vinewood
Whetstone Wade M. Vinewood
Whipple Daisy M. Carson City
Whipple Duane D. Carson City
Whipple Lloyd O. Carson City
Whipple Brea Alan Riverside
Whipple Etta Sheridan
Whipple Millard Sheridan
Whisler Anna Entrican
Whitaker Charles Benjamin Carson City
Whitaker Fedelia Lyons Carson City
Whitaker L. V. C. Forest Home
Whitaker Martha R. Spencer
Whitbeck Helen D. Forest Home
Whitbeck Leon F. Forest Home
Whitcomb Elizabeth Crystal
Whitcomb George G. Lakeview
White Berniece E. Carson City
White child Carson City
White Charlotte J. Carson City
White Dewey Harland Carson City
White E. Carson City
White Elizabeth Carson City
White James Carson City
White Flora D. Carson City
White Ida J. Carson City
White James B. Carson City
White James Collins Carson City
White John A. Carson City
White Martha A. Carson City
White Mary Collins Carson City
White Mary J. Carson City
White Milton Carson City
White Sarah E. Carson City
White Quick Carson City
White William B. Carson City
White William C. Carson City
White Charley Clear Lake
White unknown Clear Lake
White Father Clear Lake
White Frances E. Clear Lake
White Franklin Clear Lake
White Hawley Clear Lake
White James Clear Lake
White James R. Clear Lake
White John Clear Lake
White Leo Clear Lake
White Lovina Clear Lake
White Martha J. Clear Lake
White Mary E. Clear Lake
White Mother Clear Lake
White Nellie P. Clear Lake
White Robert S. Clear Lake
White Samuel A. Clear Lake
White Tryphena Clear Lake
White Alice B. Coral
White Alice V. Coral
White Frank A. Coral
White Freeda M. Coral
White Maria U. Coral
White Merrill W. Coral
White Norma G. Coral
White Oscar K. Coral
White Lucy Crystal
White Richard L. Crystal
White Charles A. East Montcalm
White May Belle East Montcalm
White Charles R. Entrican
White Elsie M. Entrican
White Bob L. Evergreen Township
White Edith A. Evergreen Township
White F. Roy Evergreen Township
White Lyle M. Evergreen Township
White Mae Evergreen Township
White John Lee Evergreen Township
White Charles Fairplains
White Elizabeth Fairplains
White Mary Evaline Fairplains
White Syble Scott Fairplains
White A. D. Ferris Center
White Donald Woodrow Ferris Center
White Earl F. Ferris Center
White Frank A. Ferris Center
White Gladys Thop Ferris Center
White J. T. Ferris Center
White Robert C. Ferris Center
White Vertis A. Ferris Center
White Vivian F. White Bates Ferris Center
White w/o Frank Ferris Center
White James Forest Hill
White Martha Ann Forest Hill
White Daniel B. Forest Home
White Elsie L. Forest Home
White Frank Forest Home
White Joseph H. Forest Home
White Julia A. Forest Home
White Martha Forest Home
White Eva Hillcrest
White J. Hillcrest
White d/o J. Hillcrest
White Henry D. Hillcrest
White Jennie Hillcrest
White Vern Hillcrest
White infant Hillcrest
White William H. Hillcrest
White Claude E. Lakeview
White Ernest Lakeview
White Josiah Lakeview
White Mae Lakeview
White Sadie M. Lakeview
White Elizabeth Mabie-Sunny Hill
White George Jr. Mabie-Sunny Hill
White John Mabie-Sunny Hill
White Charles N. McBride
White Etta May McBride
White Hattie E. McBride
White Rosetta M. McBride
White Richard J. North Sidney
White Edith E. North Sidney
White Leo Old Home
White Charles W. Palmer
White Clyde E. Palmer
White D. R. Palmer
White Laud H. Palmer
White Walter F. Palmer
White Benjamin Pierson
White c/o Benjamin Pierson
White Father-in-law of Myron Pierson
White Ida E. Pierson
White Lewis Pierson
White Myron Alonzo Pierson
White Sarah L. Pierson
White s/o Myron Pierson
White James Reynolds
White Ardale V. Richland
White Earl C. Richland
White Frank P. Richland
White Joseph A. Richland
White Laura L. Richland
White Mark L. Richland
White Alger J. Sheridan
White Arlie Lalroy Sheridan
White Arthur Clay Sheridan
White Charles M. Sheridan
White Eugene Victor Sheridan
White Kittie Mae Sheridan
White Lela M. Sheridan
White Leroy Sheridan
White Lillian B. Sheridan
White Mary J. Sheridan
White Phyllis N. Sheridan
White Henry Spencer
White Mrs. Henry Spencer
White Jesse Ray Spencer
White Mary Lou Spencer
White Perry A. Spencer
White Clair St. Charles
White Mary E. St. Charles
White James St. Mary's
White Benson Trufant
White Ambert J. Vinewood
White Burks C. Vinewood
White Delos R. Vinewood
White Doris D. Vinewood
White Eva M. Vinewood
White Francis E. Vinewood
White Lillian Vinewood
White M. A. Vinewood
White William Vinewood
White Adelia J. Whitsell
White Ida Whitsell
White Jas G. Whitsell
Whitehead c/o Thomas Carson City
Whitehead c/o Thomas Carson City
Whiteman Nancy E. Amble
Whiteman Wilson Amble
Whiteman Blanche B. Forest Home
Whiters Elosie F. West Montcalm
Whiters Kathryne E. West Montcalm
Whiters Margaret F. West Montcalm
Whiters Samuel A. West Montcalm
Whitesell Charles Whitaker Forest Hill
Whitesell Euphemia S. Forest Hill
Whitesell John H. Forest Hill
Whitfield James Coral
Whitfield Willens Coral
Whitfield Isabella Forest Home
Whitfield Mary Forest Home
Whitfield Walter Forest Home
Whitlow Nancy C. Forest Hill
Whitlow Maggie Trufant
Whitlow S. H. Trufant
Whitlow Walter Trufant
Whitman George Carson City
Whitman John O. Carson City
Whitman Katie Carson City
Whitman Mary Carson City
Whitman M. E. Crystal
Whitman George Forest Hill
Whitmer James M. Lakeview
Whitmer Lloyd M. Lakeview
Whitmer Theresa M. Lakeview
Whitmore Anna Carson City
Whitmore Clark Carson City
Whitmore James Crystal
Whitmore Thomas Potter's Field
Whitney George T. Coral
Whitney Maude Coral
Whitney Derek John Forest Hill
Whitney Geraldine G. Forest Hill
Whitney Paul J. Forest Hill
Whitney G. T. Reynolds
Whitney A. Loween Allen Richland
Whitney Ernest M. Richland
Whitney Hiram Whitsell
Whitney/Peters Evah M. Crystal
Whitney/Peters Joseph H. Crystal
Whitney/Peters Loy L. Crystal
Whitney/Peters Marilyn L. Crystal
Whitscell Alice Whitsell
Whitscell George H. Whitsell
Whitscell John N. Whitsell
Whitsell Jane Whitsell
Whitsell N. J. Whitsell
Whitson Alex Reynolds
Whitten Dorothy M. Evergreen Township
Whitten Perley C. Evergreen Township
Whittier L. C. Trufant
Whittlesey Sarah G. Forest Hill
Whittlesey Stephen Tidd Forest Hill
Whittlesey W. Sanford Forest Hill
Wickerham James P. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Joseph H. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Lucile Evergreen Township
Wickerham Opal A. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Ruth J. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Sherlyn M. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Sylvia M. Evergreen Township
Wickerham Vergil A. Evergreen Township
Wickes Allen Smith Forest Hill
Wickes Bertha M. Forest Hill
Wickes Fred A. Forest Hill
Wickett Bessie E. Sheridan
Wickett Glee W. Sheridan
Wickham Anna Entrican
Wickham Arthur Entrican
Wickham Danielle E. Entrican
Wickham Dorthy J. Wickham Marvin Entrican
Wickham baby St. Charles
Wicks A. J. Entrican
Wicks Alice Jane Entrican
Wicks Clyde Entrican
Wicks D. G. Entrican
Wicks Edwin Entrican
Wicks Alexander C. McBride
Wicks Donald L. McBride
Wicks Earl Ernest McBride
Wicks Evelyn D. McBride
Wicks Frank McBride
Wicks George P. McBride
Wicks Larry Neil McBride
Wicks Leroy C. McBride
Wicks Lulu McBride
Wicks Sophia McBride
Wicks Thelma May McBride
Wicks Winifred McBride
Wicks Winnie McBride
Wickware Evelyn E. Lakeview
Widmayer August Pierson
Widmayer Bessie May Pierson
Widmayer c/o August Pierson
Widmayer Clara Pierson
Widmayer Coney Pierson
Widmayer Ethel M. Pierson
Widmayer Francis Pierson
Widmayer Frank Louis Pierson
Widmayer Gary Lee Pierson
Widmayer Levi Pierson
Widmayer Minnie Pierson
Widmayer Virgel W. Pierson
Wieand Charles M. Forest Home
Wieand Eliza A. Forest Home
Wieand Jacob Forest Home
Wiebur Adelaide F. Forest Home
Wiebur David E. Forest Home
Wiedbrauk Alice Carson City
Wiedbrauk John Carson City
Wiedbrauk Joseph Carson City
Wiegers Barney St. Charles
Wiegers Bernard St. Charles
Wiegers Katherine St. Charles
Wiegers Susan St. Charles
Wieland Martha E. Forest Home
Wierman Elsie J. Reynolds
Wierman Kenny Reynolds
Wiggin Sunshine M. Entrican
Wiggins Edith A. East Montcalm
Wiggins Tommy Ferris Center
Wiggins Elizabeth C. Forest Hill
Wiggins Roger D. Forest Hill
Wiggins Rose Marie Forest Hill
Wiggins Shirley L. Forest Hill
Wiggins Shawnna Lynn McBride
Wiggins Ida M. Spencer
Wiggins Roy Spencer
Wiggle Joyce Carson City
Wight Alberta A. Spencer
Wight Hazel A. Spencer
Wight Lawrence K. Spencer
Wight Willard E. Spencer
Wilber Bert Cato
Wilber Cassius Cato
Wilber Ernest Cato
Wilber Jay Cato
Wilber Jennettie Cato
Wilber Nora M. Hansen Cato
Wilber mother Cato
Wilber Raymond Jay Cato
Wilber Elmer D. East Montcalm
Wilber Pearl M. East Montcalm
Wilber George J. Forest Home
Wilber Margaret Forest Home
Wilber Mary E. Forest Home
Wilber Edward R. Lakeview
Wilber Eva May Lakeview
Wilber Abbie S. Reynolds
Wilber baby Reynolds
Wilber Jerusha G. Reynolds
Wilber Earl Trufant
Wilber Leona S. Trufant
Wilberg baby Amble
Wilberg Clara Amble
Wilberg Harold Amble
Wilberg Lena Amble
Wilberg Olaf Amble
Wilberg Roy Amble
Wilberg James D. Forest Home
Wilberg Peter Forest Home
Wilbur Benjamin S. Forest Home
Wilbur Mary J. Forest Home
Wilbur Helen E. Reynolds
Wilbur Helen M. Reynolds
Wilbur Lewis W. Reynolds
Wilcken John J. Carson City
Wilcken Margaret N. Carson City
Wilcott Hiram Vinewood
Wilcott Irena A. Vinewood
Wilcox Royal F. Bloomer
Wilcox Edith P. Bloomer
Wilcox baby Bloomer
Wilcox s/o P & EM Clear Lake
Wilcox Ida Coral
Wilcox Otto W. Coral
Wilcox Salloma C. Coral
Wilcox Drusilla Forest Hill
Wilcox Frank Forest Hill
Wilcox Ida Forest Hill
Wilcox Levi Earl Forest Hill
Wilcox Susan A. Forest Hill
Wilcox William Forest Hill
Wilcox Charles P. Forest Home
Wilcox Enoch R. Forest Home
Wilcox Enoch R. Forest Home
Wilcox Martha Forest Home
Wilcox Mary A. Forest Home
Wilcox Mary E. Forest Home
Wilcox Arthur H. Hillcrest
Wilcox Bertha H. Hillcrest
Wilcox Abner Lakeview
Wilcox Albertus Lakeview
Wilcox Augustus Lakeview
Wilcox Ethelyn Lakeview
Wilcox Jane J. Lakeview
Wilcox Leo A. Lakeview
Wilcox Lyma N. Lakeview
Wilcox John McBride
Wilcox Charles F. Pierson
Wilcox Emma Pierson
Wilcox Mary Evaline Pierson
Wilcox Owen Pierson
Wilcox Rosiana Pierson
Wilcox Ada M. Reynolds
Wilcox Eleazer Reynolds
Wilcox Marguerite O'Donald Reynolds
Wilcox Susan Reynolds
Wilcox Aggie Riverside
Wilcox Bertha A. Riverside
Wilcox Charles F. Riverside
Wilcox Clare B. Riverside
Wilcox Earl J. Riverside
Wilcox Elsie M. Riverside
Wilcox Eva Riverside
Wilcox Floyd E. Riverside
Wilcox James Riverside
Wilcox James Riverside
Wilcox John E. Riverside
Wilcox Joseph Riverside
Wilcox Lillian M. Riverside
Wilcox Lucy A. Riverside
Wilcox Mary J. Aldrich Riverside
Wilcox Rev. Clyde H. Riverside
Wilcox Theresa M. Riverside
Wilcox Virgil E. Riverside
Wilcox B. Joy Sheridan
Wilcox Joyce D. Sheridan
Wilcox Leona E. Sheridan
Wilcox Roger C. Sheridan
Wilcox Walter Wm Sheridan
Wilcox Harley West Pine
Wilcox Harley West Pine
Wilcox Ruth West Pine
Wilder Amasa Carson City
Wilder Eloise Carson City
Wilder Persell Carson City
Wilder Sarah Carson City
Wilder Carl W. Crystal
Wilder Millie C. Crystal
Wilder Nellie N. Hillcrest
Wilder Emery Vinewood
Wilder Grace Vinewood
Wildey Irene Ferris Center
Wildman Elizabeth Carson City
Wildman John H. Carson City
Wildman Jordan Carson City
Wildman Martha Carson City
Wildman Walter Carson City
Wilds Alton Crystal
Wilds Lotta Crystal
Wilds Thomas Crystal
Wilds Chauncey H. Forest Hill
Wiles Naomi F. Ferris Center
Wiley John W. Pierson
Wilhelm Altha Richland
Wilhelm Ernest C. Richland
Wilhelm Moses Richland
Wilkes Elizabeth Trufant
Wilking Laura Scott Riverside
Wilkins Henry Coral
Wilkins John E. Coral
Wilkins Zita M. Coral
Wilkins infant Forest Home
Wilkins Charles Richland
Wilkins father Richland
Wilkins Frank E. Richland
Wilkins Mae Richland
Wilkinson Emily Nicole East Montcalm
Wilkinson Edith Marr Forest Hill
Wilkinson Madge Forest Home
Wilkinson Blanche E. Lakeview
Wilkinson Dean A. Lakeview
Wilkinson George R. Lakeview
Wilkinson George S. Lakeview
Wilkinson Hattie E. Lakeview
Wilkinson Mabel V. Lakeview
Wilkinson Madlyne Lakeview
Wilkinson Richard Lee Lakeview
Wilkinson Bessie Mae Sheridan
Wilkinson Elmer Lewis Sheridan
Wilkinson Minnie B. Sheridan
Will Eugenia Taylor Coral
Will Ina Coral
Willadsen John P. Amble
Willard Charlotte E. Entrican
Willard John L. Entrican
Willard Cassius K. Ferris Center
Willard c/o Cassius Ferris Center
Willard Clayton K. Ferris Center
Willard Cora B. Ferris Center
Willard Kay Ferris Center
Willard Merle C. Ferris Center
Willard Susie T. Ferris Center
Willard Wendy Lou Ferris Center
Willard w/o Cassius Ferris Center
Willems Annetta J. Pierson
Willems Ben Sr. Pierson
Willems Ben Pierson
Willems Jennie Pierson
Willems Nettie Pierson
Willet George Leslie Crystal
Willet Florence Crystal
Willet Clara L. Fairplains
Willet Frank R. Fairplains
Willet Jane A. Fairplains
Willet Richard Fairplains
Willett R. D. Entrican
Willett A. G. Forest Hill
Willett Albert E. Forest Hill
Willett Anna Forest Hill
Willett David F. Forest Hill
Willett Richard Deboise Forest Hill
Willett Charles McBride
Willett Allen McBride
Willett Mabel McBride
Willett Polly M. McBride
Willett Edith I. Pierson
Willett Paul G. Pierson
Willett Jennie Reynolds
Willett John B. Reynolds
Willett Nichola M. Reynolds
Willett Stanley B. Reynolds
Willey Sampson Forest Hill
William Margaret Cedar Lake
William Angell Lakeview
Williams Charles Mason Bloomer
Williams Maud Bloomer
Williams Mason Bloomer
Williams James W. Bloomer
Williams Casper P. Carson City
Williams Emma Carson City
Williams Preston Ronald Carson City
Williams Winifred J. Carson City
Williams Eric Coady
Williams Mildred Coady
Williams Alma Cedar Lake
Williams Harry G. Cedar Lake
Williams Edward L. Sr. Clear Lake
Williams L. May Clear Lake
Williams Ernest R. Coral
Williams Pearl A. Coral
Williams Alice F. Crystal
Williams Bessie E. Crystal
Williams Clarence B. Crystal
Williams Judson Crystal
Williams Mildred W. East Montcalm
Williams Robert D. East Montcalm
Williams Bruce J. Entrican
Williams George Entrican
Williams Lewis Entrican
Williams Maudie Belle Entrican
Williams baby Evergreen Township
Williams E. J. Evergreen Township
Williams Marion L. Evergreen Township
Williams Orville G. Evergreen Township
Williams Ralph T Evergreen Township
Williams Verlamae A. Evergreen Township
Williams Wanita M. Evergreen Township
Williams J. Fairplains
Williams M. E. Fairplains
Williams Almon J. Ferris Center
Williams Carrie B. Ferris Center
Williams c/o Fred Ferris Center
Williams DeLos A. Ferris Center
Williams Ella Closson Ferris Center
Williams Mary H. Holmes Ferris Center
Williams Ralph G. Ferris Center
Williams Agnes V. Forest Hill
Williams Akiyo Forest Hill
Williams Archie D. Forest Hill
Williams Charlotte Forest Hill
Williams Clarence Forest Hill
Williams Claude D. Forest Hill
Williams Clifton A. Forest Hill
Williams Elnora Forest Hill
Williams Emily Forest Hill
Williams Emily E. Forest Hill
Williams Ethel Forest Hill
Williams G. S. M. Forest Hill
Williams George M. Forest Hill
Williams George W. Forest Hill
Williams Harold J. Forest Hill
Williams Ione C. Forest Hill
Williams Ivan W. Forest Hill
Williams Jessie M. Forest Hill
Williams Joann Forest Hill
Williams Kenneth E. Forest Hill
Williams Leo W. Forest Hill
Williams LeRoy S. Forest Hill
Williams Lewis M. Forest Hill
Williams Lillian M. Forest Hill
Williams Louisa M. Forest Hill
Williams Mark S. Forest Hill
Williams Mary K. Forest Hill
Williams Maxine Louise Forest Hill
Williams Melissa Forest Hill
Williams Melissa Ann Forest Hill
Williams Minnie M. Forest Hill
Williams Pearly Edna Forest Hill
Williams Phyllis M. Forest Hill
Williams Robert F. Forest Hill
Williams Sharon C. Forest Hill
Williams Teddy J. Forest Hill
Williams Terry L. Forest Hill
Williams Thomas M. Forest Hill
Williams Virglene H. Forest Hill
Williams William H. Forest Hill
Williams Winifred P Forest Hill
Williams Albert J. Forest Home
Williams Charles A. Forest Home
Williams Edna A. Forest Home
Williams Eliza F. Forest Home
Williams Frank A. Forest Home
Williams Helena J. Forest Home
Williams Ila M. Forest Home
Williams John Forest Home
Williams Marian Forest Home
Williams Randall D. Forest Home
Williams Willis A. Forest Home
Williams Marion Hillcrest
Williams Allen Hillcrest
Williams Gerald Hillcrest
Williams Mary M. Hillcrest
Williams William H. Hillcrest
Williams Ethel Lakeview
Williams Jas. H. Lakeview
Williams Eliza A. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Williams Emma S. Manning Mabie-Sunny Hill
Williams J. V. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Williams James Y. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Williams Elsie McBride
Williams Eva May McBride
Williams Minnie McBride
Williams Evelyn L. Monroe
Williams George Howard Monroe
Williams Ben Pierson
Williams Charles Frederick Pierson
Williams Emma Jean Pierson
Williams H. A. Pierson
Williams Jennie Pierson
Williams Norma Lucille Pierson
Williams Richard Lee Pierson
Williams Tony K. Pierson
Williams Benjamin Potter's Field
Williams Earl Reynolds
Williams Harvey G. Reynolds
Williams Rhoda Reynolds
Williams Robert G. Reynolds
Williams Ruth I. Reynolds
Williams Carlouna J. Richland
Williams Celea J. Richland
Williams Charles Richland
Williams Fred J. Richland
Williams James A. Richland
Williams Lorene V. Richland
Williams Rhea L. Richland
Williams Williams from Taunton, Mass. stone Richland
Williams Alice J. Riverside
Williams Charles Riverside
Williams Charles A. Riverside
Williams Charles L. Riverside
Williams Flora Riverside
Williams Hattie S. Riverside
Williams Isaac Riverside
Williams Joseph M. Riverside
Williams Joseph M. Riverside
Williams Lauriston P. Riverside
Williams Martha Riverside
Williams Milo Riverside
Williams Minnie M. Riverside
Williams Olive Riverside
Williams Verle E. Riverside
Williams baby Sheridan
Williams Benjamin F. Sheridan
Williams Caroline J. Sheridan
Williams Charles B. Sheridan
Williams Delores J. Sheridan
Williams Ebenezer Sheridan
Williams Florence M. Sheridan
Williams Josiah Sheridan
Williams Kenneth Levi Sheridan
Williams Levi B. Sheridan
Williams Marion Sheridan
Williams Nancy Sheridan
Williams Vesta Sheridan
Williams William W. Sheridan
Williams John W. Spencer
Williams Barbara J. Vinewood
Williams Bert Vinewood
Williams Cadisk K. Vinewood
Williams Curtis F. Vinewood
Williams Elizabeth Vinewood
Williams Ernest O. Vinewood
Williams Estella Vinewood
Williams Florence M. Vinewood
Williams Sarah Vinewood
Williams Flossie E. West Montcalm
Williams Melvin C. West Montcalm
Williamson Justin Cedar Lake
Williamson Clifford East Montcalm
Williamson Hilda E. Daniels East Montcalm
Williamson Carrie Evergreen Township
Williamson George F. Jr. Evergreen Township
Williamson Gladys Graham Forest Home
Williamson Frank G. Lakeview
Williamson M. Ann Lakeview
Williamson George H. McBride
Williamson Mary Ellen McBride
Williamson Ada M. Reynolds
Williamson Barnice M. Richland
Williamson Cleva M. Spencer
Williamson James S. Spencer
Williford Howard K. Crystal
Williford Shirley A. Crystal
Willis Elton Richard Cedar Lake
Willis Emma M. Cedar Lake
Willis Ellen Vinewood
Willis Ellen A. Vinewood
Willis William E. Vinewood
Willis William P. Vinewood
Willison Charles Crystal
Willison Charlotte M. Crystal
Willison Grace Crystal
Willison Addie M. Lakeview
Willison George A. Lakeview
Willison Herbert M. Lakeview
Willison Irene May Lakeview
Willison Nellie C. Lakeview
Willison William Lakeview
Willison Merton F. Reynolds
Willison Anna B. West Pine
Willison Roy H. West Pine
Willits Harry E. Carson City
Willmore baby Clear Lake
Willmore Fred N. Clear Lake
Willmore George Evergreen Township
Willmore Jessie Evergreen Township
Willmore Joe Evergreen Township
Willmore Margaret Evergreen Township
Willmore baby Forest Home
Willoughby Luther Carson City
Willoughby Edward W. Richland
Willoughby Lucy A. Richland
Wills Mildred N. Crystal
Wills S. Oren Crystal
Wills Doreen M. Evergreen Township
Wills Duane O. Evergreen Township
Wills Sandra J. Forest Hill
Wills Hattie E. Old Home
Willsbey Frances O. Bloomer
Willson Clara M. Clear Lake
Wilsey Catharine L. Carson City
Wilson Carlton Amble
Wilson Marian L. Amble
Wilson Mary Ann Amble
Wilson Floyd B. Bloomer
Wilson Ida Bloomer
Wilson Mary E. Bloomer
Wilson Harry L. Bloomer
Wilson Alice A. Carson City
Wilson Alice Carson City
Wilson Amanda Ann Carson City
Wilson Andrew M. Carson City
Wilson Anna Carson City
Wilson baby Carson City
Wilson c/o George E. Carson City
Wilson Clela I. Carson City
Wilson Charles F. Carson City
Wilson Clarence F. Carson City
Wilson Ezra Carson City
Wilson Fred A. Carson City
Wilson George Benjamin Carson City
Wilson George L. Carson City
Wilson George W. Carson City
Wilson Harry J. Carson City
Wilson Irene C. Carson City
Wilson Iva P. Carson City
Wilson James Carson City
Wilson John Carson City
Wilson Laura E. Carson City
Wilson Lois M. Carson City
Wilson Lottie E. Carson City
Wilson Mandy J. Carson City
Wilson Oscar Carson City
Wilson Theodore M. Carson City
Wilson Elizabeth Coral
Wilson Maggie M. Coral
Wilson Phillip F. Coral
Wilson Ila Coral
Wilson Vera Coral
Wilson Arthur Lowell Crystal
Wilson Blanche Crystal
Wilson Edward S. Crystal
Wilson Lola Crystal
Wilson Verna O. Crystal
Wilson Agatha G. East Montcalm
Wilson H. B. Jack East Montcalm
Wilson James J. East Montcalm
Wilson Jennie East Montcalm
Wilson Joe East Montcalm
Wilson John H. East Montcalm
Wilson Lavonne Marie East Montcalm
Wilson Lillian East Montcalm
Wilson L. J. East Montcalm
Wilson Mary J. Lumb East Montcalm
Wilson Minerva D. East Montcalm
Wilson Russell K. East Montcalm
Wilson Virginia East Montcalm
Wilson Bertha Wilson Green Entrican
Wilson (Casper) Brice Entrican
Wilson Charlotte Entrican
Wilson Edith A. Entrican
Wilson Elizabeth A. Entrican
Wilson Emma Entrican
Wilson Etta Hey Entrican
Wilson Flora L. Spooner Wright Entrican
Wilson George W. Entrican
Wilson Iva M. Entrican
Wilson James C. Entrican
Wilson L. D. Entrican
Wilson Lewis (Ezra) Entrican
Wilson Lily Entrican
Wilson Maria Entrican
Wilson Peter Jay Entrican
Wilson Phoebe Ellen Entrican
Wilson Roy Ernest Entrican
Wilson William Entrican
Wilson William G. Entrican
Wilson William Henry Entrican
Wilson Dustin Clay Evergreen Township
Wilson David Fairplains
Wilson Carrie Ferris Center
Wilson c/o Wm Henry Ferris Center
Wilson c/o Vern Ferris Center
Wilson Cynthia E. Ferris Center
Wilson Dorothy E. Ferris Center
Wilson Floyd E. Ferris Center
Wilson George Mark Ferris Center
Wilson Geraldine A. Ferris Center
Wilson Joann Ferris Center
Wilson Laura Ferris Center
Wilson Lena Mable Ferris Center
Wilson L. Merton Ferris Center
Wilson Myrtle R. Ferris Center
Wilson William Henry Ferris Center
Wilson William J. Sr. Ferris Center
Wilson William J. Ferris Center
Wilson Winnifred E. Ferris Center
Wilson Mrs. Ferris Center
Wilson Beatrice Forest Hill
Wilson Charles C. Forest Hill
Wilson Doriah M. Forest Hill
Wilson George Donald Forest Hill
Wilson J. S. Forest Hill
Wilson Kenneth Forest Hill
Wilson Margaret Forest Hill
Wilson Sarah L. Forest Hill
Wilson Albe Herriman Forest Home
Wilson Alice A. Forest Home
Wilson Alsina Forest Home
Wilson Arthur Forest Home
Wilson Arthur J. Forest Home
Wilson Bruce W. Forest Home
Wilson Dorothy Barber Forest Home
Wilson Edith M. Forest Home
Wilson father Forest Home
Wilson Florence Forest Home
Wilson Frank M. Forest Home
Wilson George Forest Home
Wilson George F. C. Forest Home
Wilson Hannah Jane Forest Home
Wilson Hannah Forest Home
Wilson Harry Forest Home
Wilson Hattie E. Forest Home
Wilson Howard W. "Bill" Forest Home
Wilson Ida Forest Home
Wilson J. B. Forest Home
Wilson John C. Forest Home
Wilson John Louis Forest Home
Wilson Joseph Forest Home
Wilson Josie Forest Home
Wilson June E. Forest Home
Wilson Kester S. Forest Home
Wilson Luella S. Forest Home
Wilson Margaretty Forest Home
Wilson Martha Ellen Roundstone Forest Home
Wilson Mary Forest Home
Wilson Mary J. Forest Home
Wilson Maxine M. Forest Home
Wilson Michael Forest Home
Wilson Olive H. Forest Home
Wilson Otta B. Forest Home
Wilson Sarah Ann Forest Home
Wilson Selvester K. Forest Home
Wilson William Forest Home
Wilson William Forest Home
Wilson Gail H. Hillcrest
Wilson Shirley M. Hillcrest
Wilson Edith E. Hillcrest
Wilson John L. Hillcrest
Wilson Laura M. Hillcrest
Wilson Raymond R. Hillcrest
Wilson Thomas F. Hillcrest
Wilson Abigail Lakeview
Wilson Abigail Lakeview
Wilson Agnes I. Lakeview
Wilson Ann Lakeview
Wilson David Lakeview
Wilson David S. Lakeview
Wilson Deborah Eileen Lakeview
Wilson Ellen I. Lakeview
Wilson Ernest F. Lakeview
Wilson Elma A. Lakeview
Wilson Floyd C. Lakeview
Wilson Forest B. Lakeview
Wilson George A. Lakeview
Wilson Gladys M. Lakeview
Wilson Ida M. Lakeview
Wilson Jas H. Lakeview
Wilson Karen Irene Lakeview
Wilson L. Walter Lakeview
Wilson Louie T. Lakeview
Wilson Lula B. Lakeview
Wilson Lyle M. Lakeview
Wilson Pearl F Lakeview
Wilson Sarah Lakeview
Wilson Theodore E. Lakeview
Wilson Viola A. Lakeview
Wilson Violet A. Lakeview
Wilson William A. Lakeview
Wilson Edward M. Lakeview
Wilson d/o FC & LB Lakeview
Wilson Antoinette M. Little Denmark
Wilson Russell G. Little Denmark
Wilson Tom H. Little Denmark
Wilson Cora B. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wilson Martin E. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wilson Ora Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wilson Charles Pierson
Wilson Charles Frederic Pierson
Wilson Florence Pierson
Wilson Josephine Pierson
Wilson Mack Vern Pierson
Wilson Thomas Jack Sr. Pierson
Wilson Zack Pierson
Wilson Amarilla Reynolds
Wilson Clyde P. Reynolds
Wilson Carrie E. Reynolds
Wilson Elverna Reynolds
Wilson E. V. Reynolds
Wilson George Peter Reynolds
Wilson John W. Reynolds
Wilson Lyall E. "Jack" Reynolds
Wilson Mary Josephine Patterson Reynolds
Wilson Sarah Myers Reynolds
Wilson Tina Marie Reynolds
Wilson William Reynolds
Wilson Bessie D. Richland
Wilson D. Richland
Wilson Mary L. Richland
Wilson Anna Marie Sheridan
Wilson Clay H. Sheridan
Wilson Clayton R. Sheridan
Wilson Donald F. Sheridan
Wilson Earl Spencer Sheridan
Wilson Fern May Sheridan
Wilson Floyd Spencer Sheridan
Wilson Frank H. Sheridan
Wilson Frank H. Sheridan
Wilson Glenn G. Sheridan
Wilson Harriet Sheridan
Wilson Howard K. Sheridan
Wilson Isabelle M. Sheridan
Wilson Kate A. Sheridan
Wilson Lena L. Sheridan
Wilson Lida P. Sheridan
Wilson Lois I. Sheridan
Wilson Marjorie Sheridan
Wilson Marjorie C. Sheridan
Wilson Michael Jay Sheridan
Wilson Pearl H. Sheridan
Wilson Phebe M. Sheridan
Wilson Roy F. Sheridan
Wilson Sherwin C. Sheridan
Wilson Susan Sheridan
Wilson Wayne A. Sheridan
Wilson Edwin R. Sidney
Wilson Thora Sidney
Wilson Helen F. South Sidney
Wilson Marjorie I. South Sidney
Wilson Merrell B. South Sidney
Wilson Walter J. South Sidney
Wilson Walter W. Sr. South Sidney
Wilson Emley Spencer
Wilson Eva M. St. Mary's
Wilson Claude E. Trufant
Wilson Ethel I. Trufant
Wilson Kenneth P. Trufant
Wilson Marion E. Trufant
Wilson Amon Vinewood
Wilson Edith L. Vinewood
Wilson Edna E. Vinewood
Wilson Herbert J. Vinewood
Wilson R. T. Vinewood
Wilson William C. Vinewood
Wilson George B. Whitsell
Wilson Mary C. Whitsell
Wilson Morris G. Whitsell
Wilsted Dusine A. East Montcalm
Wilsted Peter N. East Montcalm
Wilterdink Betty Lakeview
Wilterdink Little Jack Lakeview
Wilterdink Mary Lakeview
Wiltse Clifton Sidney
Wimert Bertha East Montcalm
Wimert George East Montcalm
Winans Florence S. East Montcalm
Winans Abbie Forest Hill
Winans Elon G. Forest Hill
Winans Eudora W. Forest Hill
Winans Frank Forest Hill
Winans Harry C. Forest Hill
Winans Jerred Peter Forest Hill
Winans Perda C. Forest Hill
Winchell Bessie Evergreen Township
Winchell Marcia A. Evergreen Township
Winchell Roy V. Evergreen Township
Winchell Mary Jane Forest Hill
Winchell Mytrie A. Forest Hill
Winchell Benjamin M. Richland
Winchell Clara A. Richland
Winchell L. D. Richland
Winchell Eva M. Vinewood
Winchell Francis M. Vinewood
Winchester Thomas Forest Home
Wineland Howard L. Carson City
Wineland Mary K. Carson City
Winfield Robert Forest Hill
Wing Ilah B. Ferris Center
Wing Leo R. Ferris Center
Wing Bessie I. Forest Home
Wing Ernest O. Lakeview
Wing Myla R. Lakeview
Wing Albert R. Pierson
Wing Effie K. Pierson
Wing Donold L. Richland
Wing Lorraine Richland
Wing Lyman Richland
Wing Barney M. Sheridan
Wing Ceres Sheridan
Wing Cornelia M. Sheridan
Wing John Barber Sheridan
Wing Nora V. Sheridan
Wing Mabel C. South Sidney
Wing Maxwell W. South Sidney
Winink Anna D. Riverside
Winink C. Henry Riverside
Winink Corra L. Riverside
Winink father Riverside
Winink Flossie I. Riverside
Winink Foster Riverside
Winink Frances Riverside
Winink Helen B. Riverside
Winink Henry H. Riverside
Winink Howard O. Riverside
Winink Lyle K. Riverside
Winink Mary R. Riverside
Winink Matie Riverside
Winink Milo Riverside
Winink mother Riverside
Winink Orland Riverside
Winink Ralph Riverside
Winink Ray P. Riverside
Winink Wayne Riverside
Winink William W. Riverside
Winkleman Blanche M. Crystal
Winkleman Mindrell R. Crystal
Winn William McBride
Winn Charlie E. Sidney
Winner Arlene H. Vinewood
Winner Earl E. Vinewood
Winnie Charles Arthur Forest Home
Winnie Goldie Glee Forest Home
Winslow James A. Evergreen Township
Winslow Olive Forest Hill
Winslow George E. Forest Home
Winslow Stephen D. Forest Home
Winslow Eunice Lakeview
Winslow Fred A. Lakeview
Winslow Mary E. Lakeview
Winslow Myrtle L. Lakeview
Wint Florence Horton Coral
Winter Claude L. Forest Home
Winter Eileen B. Forest Home
Winter Ellis Eula Forest Home
Winter Floyd E. Forest Home
Winter Lida E. Forest Home
Winter Robert C. Forest Home
Winter Ruth Helen Forest Home
Winter Sophie Forest Home
Winter Stewart Forest Home
Winter Ted Forest Home
Winter Thomas B. Forest Home
Winter Thomas B. Jr. Forest Home
Winter Martha J. Hillcrest
Winter Angus O. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Winter mother Mabie-Sunny Hill
Winter George Riverside
Winters Keith E. East Montcalm
Winters Harold Little Denmark
Winters Maurice P. Little Denmark
Winters Mildred V. Little Denmark
Winters Patricia Little Denmark
Winters Salva Little Denmark
Winters Nellie M. Sheridan
Winterstein Lester A. Vinewood
Winterstein Martha E. Vinewood
Wirick Eliza A. Forest Hill
Wirick Older J. Forest Hill
Wirick Lovina Palmer
Wirick Peter Palmer
Wireman Ida F. Spencer
Wireman Carl H. Spencer
Wireman Marion E. Spencer
Wireman Joe N. Spencer
Wirtz James F. Hillcrest
Wirtz Olive G. Hillcrest
Wisber Calvin East Montcalm
Wisber Carrie East Montcalm
Wisber Emma East Montcalm
Wisber John C. East Montcalm
Wisber Lewis East Montcalm
Wise Arthur B. Forest Home
Wise Bruce C. Forest Home
Wise Elmer B. Forest Home
Wise Esther Forest Home
Wise Mina O. Forest Home
Wise Sate Forest Home
Wise Susan Forest Home
Wise William Forest Home
Wise Clara A. Lakeview
Wise Erma Lakeview
Wise Esther F. Lakeview
Wise Lucus T. Lakeview
Wise Mary C. Lakeview
Wise Theresa K. Lakeview
Wise William Lakeview
Wise Albert D. Vinewood
Wise Donald E. Vinewood
Wise Edith E. Vinewood
Wise Floyd R. Vinewood
Wise Elmer C. West Montcalm
Wise Irine J. West Montcalm
Wise Jacob West Montcalm
Wise Jacob West Montcalm
Wise John West Montcalm
Wise Lydia West Montcalm
Wise Nellie M. West Montcalm
Wise Nora R. West Montcalm
Wise Rebecca West Montcalm
Wise Sarah West Montcalm
Wiseman Clarence B. Hillcrest
Wiseman Minnie E. Hillcrest
Wiseman Ruby G. Hillcrest
Wiseman S. Peter Hillcrest
Wiser Albert F. Clear Lake
Wiser Elva L. Clear Lake
Wiser Earl E. Crystal
Wiser Lloyd A. Crystal
Wiser Sally L. Crystal
Wiser baby Evergreen Township
Wiser Shirley J. Evergreen Township
Wisner C. D. Forest Hill
Wisner Julia J. Forest Hill
Wisner Moses Carpenter Forest Hill
Wisner Tamson Forest Hill
Wisner William W. Forest Hill
Wisner Lawrence E. Vickeryville
Wisner Myrna K. Vickeryville
Wisner Blair F. Vickeryville
Wisner Elnora Vickeryville
Wisner Gregory J. Vickeryville
Wit Charlie H. Reynolds
Witham Clyde S. East Montcalm
Witham Ferna H. East Montcalm
Witham Simon H. (Sam) Eureka
Witham Elizabeth E. West Montcalm
Witham Joseph G. West Montcalm
Witham William A. West Montcalm
Witheral Mable B. Lakeview
Witheral Charles K. Riverside
Witheral Phebe Riverside
Witheril Clarissa J. Lakeview
Witheril Jimmie L. Lakeview
Witheril Wilbur Lakeview
Withers Helen J. Lakeview
Withers James Lakeview
Withers Mary I. Lakeview
Withers Shirley Ann Lakeview
Withey Robert C. Entrican
Withey Flora MayBelle Forest Hill
Withey Mina Forest Hill
Withey William Forest Hill
Withey Amelia Forest Home
Withey Bernie C. Hillcrest
Withey Bernard A. Hillcrest
Withey Bernard E. "Barney" Hillcrest
Withey Clarence W. Hillcrest
Withey Estella M. Hillcrest
Withey Glenna A. Hillcrest
Withey Randy L. McBride
Withey Sheila G. McBride
Withey Catherine M. Vinewood
Withey Celia L. Vinewood
Withey Charles B. Vinewood
Withey Charles F. Vinewood
Withey Clara L. Vinewood
Withey Francis C. Vinewood
Withey Jeanne A. Vinewood
Withey Jennie S. Vinewood
Withey Kenneth S. Vinewood
Withey Kester L. Vinewood
Withey Marvin J. Vinewood
Withey P. Bernice Vinewood
Withey Verney M. Vinewood
Witmer Frank J. Amble
Witmer Rena Olga Amble
Witmer Sidney A. Amble
Witmer Ira G. Cedar Lake
Witmer Urias Cedar Lake
Witmer Gerald L. Richland
Witney Charles W. Reynolds
Witney Charles W. Reynolds
Witney Jay Reynolds
Witney Olive J. Reynolds
Witney Phebe J. Reynolds
Witney Silas Reynolds
Witt Chris H. Amble
Witt David H. Amble
Witt Hattie Amble
Witt Leonard Amble
Witt Philip Amble
Witter Claude J. Carson City
Witter Ivene C. Carson City
Witter Courtland Crystal
Witter Elmer D. Crystal
Witter Hattie B. Crystal
Witter Ira M. Crystal
Witter Jacob Crystal
Witter Jennie Crystal
Witter Doreen E. Ferris Center
Witter Robert G. Ferris Center
Witter Clara B. Forest Hill
Witter Lloyd E. Forest Hill
Witter Rollin R. McBride
Witter Rollin Ronald McBride
Wittkopp Albert W. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Elizabeth A. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Emma M. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Gloria East Montcalm
Wittkopp Herman L. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Howard East Montcalm
Wittkopp Johann East Montcalm
Wittkopp Johanna East Montcalm
Wittkopp John C. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Lena East Montcalm
Wittkopp Lewis C. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Mabel L. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Mabel R. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Thomas Michael East Montcalm
Wittkopp William East Montcalm
Wittkopp William C. East Montcalm
Wittkopp Carl A. Forest Home
Wittkopp Alice Nielsen South Sidney
Wittkopp Carl L. South Sidney
Wittkopp Edith M. South Sidney
Wittkopp Harold South Sidney
Witzel Kenneth Forest Hill
Witzel Lowain G. Forest Hill
Witzel Martha M. Forest Hill
Witzel Betty Jo Sheridan
Witzel L. J. Sheridan
Witzel Lloyd Sheridan
Witzel Martha Sheridan
Witzel Minnie Sheridan
Witzel Peter Sheridan
Witzel unknown Sheridan
Wixson Aneta Helen Forest Hill
Woerpel Blanche North Sidney
Woerpel Ervin A. North Sidney
Woerpel Herbert J. North Sidney
Woerpel Robert E. North Sidney
Woerpel Robert L. St. Charles
Wolcott Clinton E. Crystal
Wolf Frank C. Carson City
Wolf Joseph A. Carson City
Wolf Martha A. Carson City
Wolf Ruth L. Lakeview
Wolf Anna E. Reynolds
Wolf Anna E. Reynolds
Wolf Delight J. Reynolds
Wolf Jennie M. Reynolds
Wolf John Reynolds
Wolf Margaret St. Mary's
Wolfe Daniel B. Carson City
Wolfe James Coady
Wolfe George Lakeview
Wolfe Jennie Lakeview
Wolfe d/o George & Margaret Lakeview
Wolfe Amy L. Little Denmark
Wolfe Minnie Pierson
Wolfe Helen R. Reynolds
Wolfe Ida L. Reynolds
Wolfe Mabel Reynolds
Wolfe Otto J. Reynolds
Wolfer Edith Ann Katherine Britzman East Montcalm
Wolfer Eloise Augusta East Montcalm
Wolfer George Bertram East Montcalm
Wolfer John George East Montcalm
Wolfer Marjorie Lucille East Montcalm
Wolfer Daniel Aaron Richland
Wolff Clarence T. Hillcrest
Wolff father Hillcrest
Wolff mother Hillcrest
Wolfgang Clarence Richland
Wolfgang Fay R. Richland
Wolfgang Garrett Dale Richland
Wolfgang George W. Richland
Wolfgang Georgia Richland
Wolfgang Glen Richland
Wolfgang Jerry Richland
Wolfgang Mary W. Richland
Wolfgang Merril Richland
Wolfgang Minnie Richland
Wolfgang William Henry Richland
Wolfinger Dorothy W. Ferris Center
Wolfinger William Oliver Ferris Center
Wolfolk Dorothy J. Reynolds
Wolfolk Larry D. Jr. Reynolds
Wolfolk Larry D. Sr. Reynolds
Wolford Alice I. Hillcrest
Wolford Jesse M. Hillcrest
Wolford baby McBride
Wolford John W. McBride
Wolford Sarah Anna Lena McBride
Wolkow Della Forest Home
Wolkow William Forest Home
Wolschon Evelyn Sheridan
Wolschon Marco Sheridan
Wolsheid Michael A. St. Mary's
Woltjer Lu Forest Home
Woltjer Robert H. Forest Home
Wolverton Emma Potter's Field
Wolverton Charles H. Vickeryville
Wolverton Don R. Vickeryville
Wolverton Dorothy A. Vickeryville
Wolverton Edrie M. Vickeryville
Wolverton Fernie M. Vickeryville
Wolverton Frank Vickeryville
Wolverton Guy Vickeryville
Wolverton Keith Hoyt Vickeryville
Wolverton Kenneth C. Vickeryville
Wolverton Kevin F. Vickeryville
Wolverton Letha Belle Vickeryville
Wolverton Nettie Baker Vickeryville
Wolverton Owen Vickeryville
Wolverton Theresa Vickeryville
Wolverton Wanda M. Vickeryville
Wolverton Claire Vinewood
Wolverton Maysie V. Vinewood
Wolverton John West Montcalm
Wolverton Sarah P. West Montcalm
Wonch Charles A. Evergreen Township
Wonch Clifford O. Evergreen Township
Wonch Flora B. Evergreen Township
Wonch Florence Evergreen Township
Wonch Gerald C. Evergreen Township
Wonch Shirley A. Evergreen Township
Wonch Eleanor M. McBride
Wonch John Richard McBride
Wonch Kline C. McBride
Wonch Mary Louise McBride
Wonch Viva I. McBride
Wonderley Julius B. Backart Coral
Wonderley Lucy A. Backart Coral
Wonderly father Crystal
Wonderly mother Crystal
Wonderly Percy R. Crystal
Wonders Ezra K. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wononiam baby Cato
Wonsey Charles T. Richland
Wonsey Clara Mae Richland
Wonsey Harry Dale Richland
Wonsey Martha Ann Vinewood
Wood Ada Dawn Cato
Wood Alton W. Cato
Wood Dennis Cato
Wood Ella C. Cato
Wood Jerry Cato
Wood Lloyd George Cato
Wood Margaret J. Cato
Wood Stanley C. Cato
Wood Theanna D. Cato
Wood Vera A. Cato
Wood Effie Clear Lake
Wood Julian Clear Lake
Wood Lucretia Clear Lake
Wood Martin Clear Lake
Wood Silas Clear Lake
Wood Brenda Ellen Crystal
Wood Anna K. East Montcalm
Wood Erna E. East Montcalm
Wood Flora East Montcalm
Wood Stephen C. East Montcalm
Wood W. Vern East Montcalm
Wood Barbara Evergreen Township
Wood Anna Shaw Ferris Center
Wood Belle Ferris Center
Wood Betsey J. Ferris Center
Wood George W. Ferris Center
Wood Hattie Ferris Center
Wood James Ferris Center
Wood Maud Ferris Center
Wood Almira D. Forest Hill
Wood Blandie T. Forest Hill
Wood Clarissa Forest Hill
Wood Fedelia Forest Hill
Wood George Berton Forest Hill
Wood J. Q. A. A. M. Forest Hill
Wood Windsor Forest Hill
Wood Arthur H. Forest Home
Wood baby boy Forest Home
Wood Bertha Forest Home
Wood Edward R. Forest Home
Wood Hannah M. Forest Home
Wood d/o AH & ME Forest Home
Wood June E. Forest Home
Wood Lucy Forest Home
Wood Mary J. Forest Home
Wood Matthew Arnold Forest Home
Wood Myrtle E. Forest Home
Wood Richard E. Forest Home
Wood Arlington J. Hillcrest
Wood Beverly J. Hillcrest
Wood Chester Allen Hillcrest
Wood Ella Hillcrest
Wood Essie R. Hillcrest
Wood Esther B. Hillcrest
Wood Fenno A. Hillcrest
Wood Florence M. Hillcrest
Wood Genie Hillcrest
Wood Katie B. Hillcrest
Wood Helen M. Hillcrest
Wood Lawrence A. Hillcrest
Wood Larry L. Hillcrest
Wood Peter T. Hillcrest
Wood Stephen L. Hillcrest
Wood William A. Hillcrest
Wood William V. Hillcrest
Wood Zachariah G. Hillcrest
Wood Charles Lakeview
Wood John Lakeview
Wood Lizzie Lakeview
Wood Alice W. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wood Fanny Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wood Minnie Almeda Bennett Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wood Nathan S. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Wood Beatrice Carol McBride
Wood Ella McBride
Wood Ronnie Dale McBride
Wood Lucrettia J. Palmer
Wood Bony Pierson
Wood Bony Pierson
Wood Dan Pierson
Wood Leosold Pierson
Wood Oliver Pierson
Wood William H. Pierson
Wood Berry J. Reynolds
Wood Alice Wood Pifer Richland
Wood Jennie M. Richland
Wood Myron L. Richland
Wood Dixie Lee Riverside
Wood George F. Riverside
Wood Gerry Lee Riverside
Wood John W. Riverside
Wood Ruby C. Riverside
Wood Vera V. Riverside
Wood Bernice Sheridan
Wood Emily Sheridan
Wood Esther M. Sheridan
Wood Fred K. Sheridan
Wood Gaila B Sheridan
Wood Harlen Sheridan
Wood James B. Sheridan
Wood Miles F. Sheridan
Wood Nettie Sheridan
Wood Nina Sheridan
Wood William H. Sheridan
Wood Arlington J. Sidney
Wood Charles E. Sidney
Wood Glenn E. Sidney
Wood Hazel G. Sidney
Wood Ida M. Sidney
Wood Bernie St. Charles
Wood Kenneth Edward St. Charles
Wood Lena St. Charles
Wood Elmer L. Vinewood
Wood Eugene E. Vinewood
Wood Jeremy E. B. Vinewood
Wood Leora M. Vinewood
Woodall Fred R. Coral
Woodall Helen Coral
Woodall Lena M. Coral
Woodall baby Reynolds
Woodall Harriet Reynolds
Woodall s/o WJ & Violet Reynolds
Woodall Joseph Reynolds
Woodall Margaret Reynolds
Woodall Prantic Reynolds
Woodall Violet B. Reynolds
Woodall William J. Reynolds
Woodard Charles A. Coral
Woodard Eunice B. Coral
Woodard Ella Evergreen Township
Woodard Arlene M. Ferris Center
Woodard Beryl Ferris Center
Woodard c/o Stephen Ferris Center
Woodard Clara E. Ferris Center
Woodard Clarissa A. Ferris Center
Woodard Devere Ferris Center
Woodard Elma A. Ferris Center
Woodard Earl Ferris Center
Woodard Flossie D. Ferris Center
Woodard Hulda E. Ferris Center
Woodard Ida C. Ferris Center
Woodard Inza P. Ferris Center
Woodard J. E. Ferris Center
Woodard John Ferris Center
Woodard Leslie Ferris Center
Woodard Lillian Ivah Ferris Center
Woodard Loyal B. Ferris Center
Woodard Lura Ferris Center
Woodard Pearl B. Ferris Center
Woodard Rosemary Kay Ferris Center
Woodard Sanford D. Ferris Center
Woodard S. S. Ferris Center
Woodard Stephen B. Ferris Center
Woodard Sylvester Ferris Center
Woodard Sylvester L. Ferris Center
Woodard Urbin J. Ferris Center
Woodard Warren D. Ferris Center
Woodard Wayne C. Ferris Center
Woodard w/o John Ferris Center
Woodard w/o C. D. Ferris Center
Woodard Zare V. Ferris Center
Woodard David Forest Home
Woodard Susan Forest Home
Woodard Beatrice G. Clanche Lakeview
Woodard Charles H. Lakeview
Woodard Daniel G. Reynolds
Woodard David G. Trufant
Woodbeck Jane Forest Home
Woodbeck Lewis Forest Home
Woodcock Velma Bacon Lakeview
Wooden Frankie Reynolds
Wooden Goldie S. Reynolds
Wooden Walter W. Reynolds
Woodley Claude A. East Montcalm
Woodman Olive M. Crystal
Woodman Robert C. Crystal
Woodman Leona Woodman Greene Ferris Center
Woodman Paul Duane Ferris Center
Woodman Mildred Forest Home
Woodman Myrta E. Forest Home
Woodman Floyd Reynolds
Woodring Amy R. Evergreen Township
Woodring Marion E. Evergreen Township
Woodrow Harold McBride
Woodrow Mildred Marie McBride
Woodrow Elisha C. Vinewood
Woodrow Elizabeth Vinewood
Woodrow Mabel E. Vinewood
Woodrow Thomas Vinewood
Woodruff Calista C. Forest Home
Woodruff Elfindo M. Forest Home
Woodruff Solomon C. Forest Home
Woods William Crystal
Woods Anna K. East Montcalm
Woods Ernest W. East Montcalm
Woods Joseph Evergreen Township
Woods Josephine Evergreen Township
Woods Anna Forest Hill
Woods David Forest Hill
Woods Dorothy Forest Hill
Woods Edna M. Forest Hill
Woods Beatrice Carol McBride
Woods Ronnie Dale McBride
Woods Arnold H. Pierson
Woodward Loyal B. Ferris Center
Woodward Harry Forest Home
Woodward Jean Forest Home
Woodward Harvey G. McBride
Woodward Gladys J. Vinewood
Woodward Oscar Vinewood
Woodward Paul A. Vinewood
Woodworth M. Maxine Fairplains
Woodworth George T. Forest Home
Woodworth Louise Ellis Forest Home
Woodworth Frank W. Reynolds
Woodworth Hubert D. Reynolds
Woodworth Mildred E. Reynolds
Woodworth Thelma B. Reynolds
Woolever Andrew A. Evergreen Township
Woolever Archie Evergreen Township
Woolever Delma Evergreen Township
Woolever Dora A. Evergreen Township
Woolever George R. Evergreen Township
Woolever Leonara Evergreen Township
Wooley Arnold A. Entrican
Wooley Lydia D. Entrican
Woolhouse Harry Reynolds
Woolston Dr. Charles F. Clear Lake
Woolston Jack L. Clear Lake
Woolston Melvina W. Clear Lake
Woolston Steven D. Clear Lake
Woolverton George W. Carson City
Woolverton Haviland Carson City
Woolverton Edmond Evergreen Township
Woolverton Esther Evergreen Township
Woolverton John Evergreen Township
Woolverton Susan R. Evergreen Township
Wooster Minnie Brightsman East Montcalm
Wooten Gilbert M. Forest Home
Wooten Nina M. Forest Home
Worden Elizabeth J. Carson City
Worden Hiram G. Carson City
Worden William H. Ferris Center
Worden Fayent Forest Home
Worden Elizabeth Richland
Worden Flossie Richland
Worden Glenn H. Richland
Worden Mark E. Richland
Worden Roy W. Richland
Worden Frank Thomas Sheridan
Worden Harvey Sheridan
Worden Laura Sheridan
Worden Laura Selina Sheridan
Workinger Anna M. Hillcrest
Workinger Forest A. Hillcrest
Workinger L. Pierce Hillcrest
Workinger Leone Lakeview
Workinger Marilyn Lakeview
Workinger Philip Lakeview
Workman Charles P. Pierson
Workman Charles Jr. Pierson
Workman c/o Elmer Pierson
Workman Doris L. Pierson
Workman Gretchen Pierson
Workman James Pierson
Worl Henry G. Vinewood
Worley David C. Vinewood
Worley David C. Vinewood
Worley Ethel M. Vinewood
Worley George D. Vinewood
Worley Grace A. Vinewood
Worley Harry E. Vinewood
Worley Mary E. Vinewood
Worley Vera L. Vinewood
Worngen Lyda Carson City
Wort William M. Bloomer
Worten Lucille M. Forest Home
Worthington Bessie H. Sheridan
Worthington Francis O. Sheridan
Worthy Amy Evergreen Township
Worthy Charley Evergreen Township
Worthy Cora F. Evergreen Township
Worthy Douglas Evergreen Township
Worthy Evelyn Evergreen Township
Worthy Joseph Evergreen Township
Worthy Julia A. Evergreen Township
Worthy Laurence Evergreen Township
Worthy Marvon Evergreen Township
Worthy M. S. Evergreen Township
Worthy May Evergreen Township
Worthy Paul Evergreen Township
Wortley Alice Lakeview
Wortley David Lakeview
Wortley Ernest D. Lakeview
Woudenberg Roberta Pierson
Woudenberg Robert J. Sr. Pierson
Woudyk Jacob Hillcrest
Woverton Morgan Ferris Center
Woverton Willard D. Ferris Center
Wright Leroy E. Amble
Wright Lillie J. Bloomer
Wright Winfield Bloomer
Wright B. Frank Carson City
Wright Charles F. Carson City
Wright Edd J. Carson City
Wright Fannie C. Carson City
Wright Fred A. Carson City
Wright Jessie E. Carson City
Wright Louise Carson City
Wright Myrtie N. Carson City
Wright Rhoda Carson City
Wright Soloman Carson City
Wright Cora Cato
Wright Ed Cato
Wright Floyd Cato
Wright Harvey W. Cato
Wright Ilah Cato
Wright Lee E. Cato
Wright Nelda M. Cato
Wright Otis R. Cato
Wright Lloyd J. Cato
Wright L. G. Cato
Wright Mildred Cato
Wright Abbie Coral
Wright Abigail D. Coral
Wright Albert Coral
Wright Augusta Coral
Wright Henery E. Coral
Wright Hugh N. Coral
Wright M. Eliza Coral
Wright Russell N. Coral
Wright Henry Crystal
Wright Lena Crystal
Wright Samuel Hiram Crystal
Wright Agnes Evergreen Township
Wright Matthew Allen Evergreen Township
Wright Thera Tiny Evergreen Township
Wright William A. Evergreen Township
Wright Alfred Forest Hill
Wright Charles Forest Hill
Wright George Clifford Forest Hill
Wright James Lester Forest Hill
Wright Jared Forest Hill
Wright Lee A. Forest Hill
Wright Lydia M. Forest Hill
Wright Mary Forest Hill
Wright Maude A. Forest Hill
Wright Alfred C. Forest Home
Wright Cass T. Forest Home
Wright Catherine I. Forest Home
Wright Dean E. Forest Home
Wright Don A. Forest Home
Wright Earl T. Forest Home
Wright Edna H. Forest Home
Wright Edwin Forest Home
Wright Estella Forest Home
Wright Esther Forest Home
Wright Fairchild N. Forest Home
Wright Fairchilds F. Forest Home
Wright Florence W. Forest Home
Wright Francie P. Forest Home
Wright Frank W. Forest Home
Wright Helen E. Forest Home
Wright Helen E. Forest Home
Wright Jesse C. Forest Home
Wright John B. Forest Home
Wright L. B. Jr. Forest Home
Wright Lucian B. Forest Home
Wright Lucian H. Forest Home
Wright Lyle G. Forest Home
Wright Marion C. Forest Home
Wright Martha H. Forest Home
Wright Mary E. Forest Home
Wright Maryette Forest Home
Wright Mrs. C. I. H. Forest Home
Wright Ruth M. Forest Home
Wright Lynn D. Hillcrest
Wright Margaret B. Hillcrest
Wright Pearl M. Hillcrest
Wright Geslar K. Lakeview
Wright Julia A. Lakeview
Wright Ben "Peck" McBride
Wright John W. McBride
Wright Lena B. McBride
Wright Martha M. McBride
Wright Mary L. McBride
Wright Almira Old Home
Wright Benjamin E. Old Home
Wright Bertie B. Old Home
Wright Freddie M. Old Home
Wright Leah Old Home
Wright Marget A. Old Home
Wright Miranda Old Home
Wright Philip Old Home
Wright William A. Old Home
Wright William Old Home
Wright E. K. Potter's Field
Wright Christina E. Reynolds
Wright Clara Reynolds
Wright Clifford J. Reynolds
Wright Bertha Richland
Wright Ella C. Richland
Wright Nelson F. Richland
Wright Russell A. "Tote" Richland
Wright Sylva Shepard Richland
Wright Ambrose Sheridan
Wright James C. Sheridan
Wright Jane E. Sheridan
Wright Janet L. Sheridan
Wright Joseph C. Sheridan
Wright Viola Elvira Sheridan
Wright baby M. Trufant
Wright Carlos Trufant
Wright Edward H. Trufant
Wright John H. Trufant
Wright Vern Trufant
Wright Betty Louise Vinewood
Wright Charles G. Vinewood
Wright Clara L. Vinewood
Wright Clara M. Vinewood
Wright Dannie Vinewood
Wright Dora Vinewood
Wright Floyd C. Sr. Vinewood
Wright Lewis H. Vinewood
Wright Louise Vinewood
Wright Lucetta Vinewood
Wright Lydia L. Vinewood
Wright Ruth Vinewood
Wright Sidney Vinewood
Wright Sidney Rogers Vinewood
Wright Victor M. Vinewood
Wright Walter M. Vinewood
Wright Zoa M. Vinewood
Wright Lucile Whitsell
Wrisley Eva M. Lakeview
Wrisley Eva May Lakeview
Wrisley Alice Richland
Wrisley Bert D. Richland
Wrisley Bety J. Richland
Wrisley Glenn D. Richland
Wrisley Harriett M. Richland
Wrisley Henrietta Richland
Wrisley Ina A. Richland
Wrisley Kendall Dean Richland
Wrisley Lester G. Richland
Wrisley Lucille Richland
Wrisley Stanley Richland
Wrisley Wilma Richland
Wulff Alvina Entrican
Wulff 2 c/o Frank and Marie Entrican
Wulff Frank J. Entrican
Wulff John Entrican
Wulff Marie E. Entrican
Wulff Lena Entrican
Wulff Wilfred Entrican
Wulff William Entrican
Wulff Sarah Lakeview
Wulff Susan Lakeview
Wulff Frank T. McBride
Wulff Richard J. Pierson
Wulff Ronalda Ann Pierson
Wulff Anna W. Reynolds
Wulff John H. Reynolds
Wulff L. J. Vinewood
Wyckoff A. I. East Montcalm
Wyckoff Alvin East Montcalm
Wyckoff Claude East Montcalm
Wyckoff Edna M. East Montcalm
Wyckoff Martha E. East Montcalm
Wyckoff Minnie East Montcalm
Wyckoff Bertha L. Fairplains
Wyckoff M. Virginia Fairplains
Wyckoff Wesley M. Fairplains
Wyckoff William T. Fairplains
Wyckoff Christina Forest Home
Wyckoff Earl G. Forest Home
Wyckoff James R. Forest Home
Wyckoff Jesse E. Forest Home
Wyckoff Loa B. Forest Home
Wyckoff Marian H. Forest Home
Wyckoff Ruby Forest Home
Wyckoff Caroline Augusta Sheridan
Wyckoff David Roy Sheridan
Wyckoff Frank M. Sheridan
Wyckoff Frank M. Sheridan
Wyckoff Gertrude L. Sheridan
Wyckoff Janice Gale Sheridan
Wyckoff Roy L. Sheridan
Wyckoff Ruth M. Sheridan
Wyckoff Wayne Lewis Sheridan
Wyckoff baby South Sidney
Wyckoff W. Gail South Sidney
Wyckoff Leo L. West Montcalm
Wyckoff Sophia West Montcalm
Wygant Clara Evergreen Township
Wygant Frank Evergreen Township
Wygant Emma Vinewood
Wygant Herman Vinewood
Wygant James M. Vinewood
Wygant Minerva Vinewood
Wylie Mary E. Coral
Wylie Thomas N. Coral
Wylls Agnes M. Hillcrest
Wylls Fred A. Hillcrest
Wylls Thomas D. Hillcrest
Wymer Evelyn M. Crystal
Wymer Ora L. Crystal
Wymer Agnes J. Hillcrest
Wymer Dorothy M. Hillcrest
Wymer Ernest Sr. Hillcrest
Wymer Janice E. Hillcrest
Wymer Larry O. Hillcrest
Wymer Lawrence A. Hillcrest
Wymer Myrtle Hillcrest
Wymer Olin Hillcrest
Wymer Oliver Hillcrest
Wymer Clarence H. Vinewood
Wymer Francis Vinewood
Wymer Goldie G. Vinewood
Wymer Isabella Vinewood
Wynne William H. McBride
Wynright Donald G. McBride
Wynright Robert Lee McBride
Wypant Frank Evergreen Township
Wyrick Ambrose Jay Forest Home
Wyrick Elizabeth Forest Home
Wyrick Michael Forest Home
Wysel Elnora J. Osmun East Montcalm
Wysel Hattie M. East Montcalm
Wysel James East Montcalm
Wysel George Palmer
Wysel Lydia L. Palmer