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Names are in order by surname, then cemetery.
Given names may be out of order.
Raab Monica Sue Sidney Township
Raab Ernest H. Spencer
Raab Pauline C. Spencer
Raby Delta Louise Forest Hill
Raby Gordon Leith Forest Hill
Race Christine Coral
Race Helen M. Coral
Race Norman C. Coral
Race Mrs. G. S. Crystal
Race Charles D. Ferris Center
Race Ruth S. Ferris Center
Race Howard A. Riverside
Race Ruth J. Weatherbee Riverside
Race Ernest Spencer
Race Ellen Spencer
Race Grant B Spencer
Race Susie E. Spencer
Race Will Spencer
Race Hattie Spencer
Race Zelma Mae Sheridan
Rackliffe Earl C. West Montcalm
Rackliffe Grace M. West Montcalm
Rackliffe Helen J. West Montcalm
Radabaugh Hannah Ferris Center
Radel Eli R. Ferris Center
Rademacher Leona J. St. Mary's
Rademacher Richard W. St. Mary's
Rademacher Victor M. St. Mary's
Rader Arthur T. Amble
Rader George Amble
Rader Herald C. Amble
Rader Tena Amble
Rader Carrie A. Coral
Rader Flociel M. Coral
Rader George W. Coral
Rader Margaret C. Coral
Rader Bena Pierson
Rader Barbara Ellen Pierson
Rader Catherine Pierson
Rader Emerson Pierson
Rader Emma Pierson
Rader George Pierson
Rader Henry Pierson
Rader Henry Pierson
Rader Herman Pierson
Rader Lena Maud Pierson
Rader Mary A. Pierson
Rader William Pierson
Radtke Heinz Forest Hill
Rae Alma Lakeview
Rae William H. Lakeview
Ragan Eugene C. Vinewood
Ragan Evelyn M. Vinewood
Ragan Shirley Johnson Vinewood
Rager Ralph Clear Lake
Rager Alonzo J. Reynolds
Rager Mary L. Reynolds
Raglin Barney Cato
Raglin Lyle A. Cato
Raglin Bernard W. Hillcrest
Raglin Leola V. Hillcrest
Raglin Wendell J. Lakeview
Raglin Phyllis M. Lakeview
Raglin Herbert T. Lakeview
Raglin Effie Lakeview
Raglin baby son Lakeview
Raglin Judy Ann Lakeview
Raglin Matie Lakeview
Raglin William Lakeview
Rahn Arnold G. East Montcalm
Rahn Harriett M. East Montcalm
Rahn John Riverside
Rahn Stine Riverside
Rail Alvin C. East Montcalm
Rains Alta J. McBride
Rains Elmer McBride
Raison Charlie C. Trufant
Raison Orilla F. Trufant
Ralph Burt H. Carson City
Ralph Clayton D. Carson City
Ralph Ella E. Carson City
Ralph Frances I. Carson City
Ralph Frank E. Carson City
Ralph M. Lucille Carson City
Ralph Pearl Carson City
Ralph Amelia G. Evergreen Township
Ralph Beatrice Evergreen Township
Ralph Grace Evergreen Township
Ralph Walter McGregor Evergreen Township
Ralph Jessie J. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ralph Pirla A. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ralph Osker Orvel Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ralph Karl J. Vickeryville
Ralph Mildred P. Vickeryville
Ralph Joe H. Vickeryville
Ralph Alice E. Vickeryville
Ralph Charles Vickeryville
Ralph Edward Vickeryville
Ralph Edward Vickeryville
Ralph Lovina Vickeryville
Ralph Nettie Vickeryville
Ralston G. D. Hillcrest
Ralston Mabel Hillcrest
Ralston Hazel Hillcrest
Ralston Roy Hillcrest
Rama Walter L. Pierson
Ramlow Bernice East Montcalm
Ramlow Christian East Montcalm
Ramlow Edward H. East Montcalm
Ramlow Marinus East Montcalm
Ramlow Sena E. Larsen East Montcalm
Ramlow Anna M. South Sidney
Ramlow Carl C. South Sidney
Ramlow Stine M. South Sidney
Ramlow Marie A. Vinewood
Ramlow Max K. Vinewood
Ramsey Ethel McBride
Ramsey Ion Theodore McBride
Ramseyer Mary E. Spencer
Randall Cora B. Clear Lake
Randall Freeman J. Clear Lake
Randall Laura M. Clear Lake
Randall Sandra Lee Clear Lake
Randall Jack B. Sheridan
Randall Margaret E. Sheridan
Randall C. Belle West Pine
Randall Caroline West Pine
Randall J. Franklin West Pine
Randall W. H. West Pine
Randell Emma Forest Home
Randolph Keith J. Clear Lake
Randolph Lois M. Clear Lake
Randolph Donald L. Evergreen Township
Randolph Dorothye T. Evergreen Township
Randolph Ila M. Evergreen Township
Randolph Jake Evergreen Township
Randolph John W. Vickeryville
Randolph Mary Lu Vickeryville
Ranes Thomas G. Cedar Lake
Ranger Bernice E. Bloomer
Ranger Bert Bloomer
Ranger Donna Bloomer
Ranger J. Michael Bloomer
Ranger James C. Bloomer
Ranger Maude Bloomer
Ranger Maxwell Bloomer
Ranger baby Bloomer
Ranger Orin E. Bloomer
Ranger Phebe L. Bloomer
Ranger Flossie B. Carson City
Ranger John B. Carson City
Ranger Charlie Crystal
Ranger Daisy Crystal
Ranger George Franklin Crystal
Ranger Pihal A. Crystal
Ranger Don B. Crystal
Ranger Helen R. Crystal
Rank child of George Pierson
Rank Eliza Jane Pierson
Rank George Sr. Pierson
Rank George Howard Pierson
Rank George William Pierson
Rank O. L. Pierson
Rank Sarah Pierson
Rank James F. "Frosty" Reynolds
Rank Naomi J. Reynolds
Ranney Frank D. Forest Hill
Ranney Hezekiah B. Forest Hill
Ranney Martha D. Forest Hill
Ranney G. Ellis Forest Home
Ranney Roger Ellis Forest Home
Ranney Boyd P. Lakeview
Ranney Mina M. Lakeview
Ranney Roger D. Lakeview
Ranney Cary Marshall "Bill" McBride
Ranney P. Marie McBride
Ranny Frederick B. Forest Home
Ranny Margaret C. Forest Home
Ranny Robert C. Forest Home
Ransier Ernest J. St. Mary's
Ransier M. Irene St. Mary's
Ransom Lettie L. Clear Lake
Ransom Orin D. Clear Lake
Ransom Philena Clear Lake
Ransom R. J. Clear Lake
Ranson Blanche Reynolds
Rapp Daniel Carson City
Rapp Mary E. Old Home
Rarden C. Bret Forest Home
Rarden Charles L. Forest Home
Rarden Frances H. Forest Home
Rarden Nelle C. Forest Home
Rarick Ila May Richland
Rarick Jesse Richland
Rarick Charles W. Vinewood
Rarick Delia Vinewood
Rarick father Vinewood
Rarick George Vinewood
Rarick Glen Abel Vinewood
Rarick H. Mae Vinewood
Rarick mother Vinewood
Raruk Alla L. Carson City
Rasey Elizabeth E. Forest Home
Rasey Harold D. Forest Home
Rasey Lewis B. Forest Home
Rasey Vance B. Forest Home
Rasey Violet M. Forest Home
Rash George W. B. Evergreen
Rash Thomas D. M. Evergreen
Rasmusen Nettie S. Vinewood
Rasmusen William K. Vinewood
Rasmussen Leo L. Clear Lake
Rasmussen Marion S. Clear Lake
Rasmussen Peter R. Clear Lake
Rasmussen Amanda E. Coral
Rasmussen baby Coral
Rasmussen Chris Coral
Rasmussen Lewis A. East Montcalm
Rasmussen Luther A. East Montcalm
Rasmussen Rita C. East Montcalm
Rasmussen Lester L. Entrican
Rasmussen Onollee E. Entrican
Rasmussen Holger C. Evergreen Township
Rasmussen Sarah J. Evergreen Township
Rasmussen Andrew W. Fairplains
Rasmussen Anna Fairplains
Rasmussen Clara Belle Fairplains
Rasmussen Eliza J. Fairplains
Rasmussen Elizabeth Fairplains
Rasmussen Elvira Fairplains
Rasmussen Henry Fairplains
Rasmussen Jay M. Fairplains
Rasmussen John K. Fairplains
Rasmussen Julia A. Fairplains
Rasmussen Orrie Fairplains
Rasmussen Willard C. Fairplains
Rasmussen William Fairplains
Rasmussen William J. Fairplains
Rasmussen Ella Forest Hill
Rasmussen Mary E. Forest Hill
Rasmussen William E. Forest Hill
Rasmussen Austin Forest Home
Rasmussen Josephine A. Forest Home
Rasmussen Junette Esther Forest Home
Rasmussen Oscar A. Forest Home
Rasmussen Oscar Austin Forest Home
Rasmussen Earl P. Hillcrest
Rasmussen Lois M. Hillcrest
Rasmussen Amanda Stratten Lakeview
Rasmussen Belva Lakeview
Rasmussen George Lakeview
Rasmussen Eric Gordon Lakeview
Rasmussen Marie Lakeview
Rasmussen Nels Lakeview
Rasmussen Stina Lakeview
Rasmussen Alger A. J. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Anders Little Denmark
Rasmussen Ane Little Denmark
Rasmussen August Little Denmark
Rasmussen Bodel Little Denmark
Rasmussen Charles Little Denmark
Rasmussen Chris J. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Christen Little Denmark
Rasmussen Christian Little Denmark
Rasmussen Christine R. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Clyde L. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Emiel D. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Emil A. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Ezra D. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Franklin C. Little Denmark
Rasmussen E. Peter Little Denmark
Rasmussen Helene Little Denmark
Rasmussen Helga C. Little Denmark
Rasmussen H. J. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Howard D. Little Denmark
Rasmussen infant Little Denmark
Rasmussen Jens C. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Johanna Little Denmark
Rasmussen Karen Elizabeth Little Denmark
Rasmussen Lars Little Denmark
Rasmussen Laudra E. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Laura Little Denmark
Rasmussen Loretta M. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Louie J. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Lillian L. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Lydia J. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Maren Little Denmark
Rasmussen Maren Little Denmark
Rasmussen Mary Little Denmark
Rasmussen Mende Marie Little Denmark
Rasmussen Minnie R. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Sina M. Little Denmark
Rasmussen William R. Little Denmark
Rasmussen Blanche L. McBride
Rasmussen Chris E. McBride
Rasmussen Florence C. McBride
Rasmussen J. Albert McBride
Rasmussen Lena S. McBride
Rasmussen Wilbert J. McBride
Rasmussen William C. McBride
Rasmussen Albert P. North Sidney
Rasmussen Anna C. North Sidney
Rasmussen Chris G. North Sidney
Rasmussen Christian North Sidney
Rasmussen Julia F. North Sidney
Rasmussen O. Robert North Sidney
Rasmussen Ole North Sidney
Rasmussen Sophia A. North Sidney
Rasmussen Robert North Sidney
Rasmussen Robert Leroy North Sidney
Rasmussen Christine Ann North Sidney
Rasmussen Alger Riverside
Rasmussen Anne Riverside
Rasmussen Clark H. Riverside
Rasmussen Clyde Riverside
Rasmussen Hans Riverside
Rasmussen Hans G. Riverside
Rasmussen Hans P. Riverside
Rasmussen Jennie Riverside
Rasmussen Lelia Riverside
Rasmussen Lydia Riverside
Rasmussen Marguerite Riverside
Rasmussen Marne Riverside
Rasmussen Otto Riverside
Rasmussen Stanley O. Riverside
Rasmussen Claude John Sheridan
Rasmussen Elda A. Sheridan
Rasmussen Elsworth W. Sheridan
Rasmussen Eva M. Sheridan
Rasmussen Phyllis Sheridan
Rasmussen William M. Sheridan
Rasmussen Marie M. Sidney Township
Rasmussen Rasmus J. Sidney Township
Rasmussen Addie E. South Sidney
Rasmussen Anders South Sidney
Rasmussen Andrew South Sidney
Rasmussen Anna South Sidney
Rasmussen Celestia Cole South Sidney
Rasmussen Chrestine J. South Sidney
Rasmussen Einer C. South Sidney
Rasmussen Ellen M. South Sidney
Rasmussen Elsie South Sidney
Rasmussen Hans South Sidney
Rasmussen Jorgen South Sidney
Rasmussen Lucile M. South Sidney
Rasmussen Marie J. South Sidney
Rasmussen Mary J. South Sidney
Rasmussen Mathilde W. South Sidney
Rasmussen Minna South Sidney
Rasmussen Neil H. South Sidney
Rasmussen Nels Jorgen South Sidney
Rasmussen Niels J. South Sidney
Rasmussen Orvel W. South Sidney
Rasmussen Pauline C. South Sidney
Rasmussen Theo C. South Sidney
Rasmussen William South Sidney
Rasmussen Adolph Trufant
Rasmussen Agnes E. Trufant
Rasmussen Anders Trufant
Rasmussen Ane Trufant
Rasmussen Ane Marie Trufant
Rasmussen baby Trufant
Rasmussen Beulah Trufant
Rasmussen Carey E. Trufant
Rasmussen Carl S. Trufant
Rasmussen Christian Trufant
Rasmussen Christian Trufant
Rasmussen Christine Trufant
Rasmussen Clarence Trufant
Rasmussen Dorothy M. Trufant
Rasmussen Ella M. Trufant
Rasmussen Elsie Gertrude Trufant
Rasmussen Gertrude A. Trufant
Rasmussen Hanne Trufant
Rasmussen Hans Trufant
Rasmussen Hans Trufant
Rasmussen Hans P. Trufant
Rasmussen Jakobine Trufant
Rasmussen Jens Trufant
Rasmussen John C. Trufant
Rasmussen J. P. Martin Trufant
Rasmussen Julia M. Trufant
Rasmussen Julius Trufant
Rasmussen K. Agnes Trufant
Rasmussen Karen Sophie Trufant
Rasmussen Lars Trufant
Rasmussen L. Chris Trufant
Rasmussen Lena Trufant
Rasmussen Lizzie Trufant
Rasmussen Marie Trufant
Rasmussen Marie Trufant
Rasmussen Matie K. Trufant
Rasmussen Mattie Trufant
Rasmussen Merton C. Trufant
Rasmussen Milo Trufant
Rasmussen Niels P. Trufant
Rasmussen Nels P. Trufant
Rasmussen O. P. Trufant
Rasmussen O. Viggo Trufant
Rasmussen Peter Trufant
Rasmussen Peter Trufant
Rasmussen Reta Trufant
Rasmussen Vego P. Trufant
Rasmussen Warner E. Trufant
Rasmussen W. Marie Trufant
Rasmussen William Trufant
Rasmussen Agatha C. Vinewood
Rasmussen Alfred P. J. Vinewood
Rasmussen Anna Marie Vinewood
Rasmussen Audrey Z. Vinewood
Rasmussen Elbert L. Vinewood
Rasmussen Elmer A. Vinewood
Rasmussen Jessie M. Vinewood
Rasmussen Lars Johannes "John" Vinewood
Rasmussen Louie C. Vinewood
Rasmussen Pansy L. Vinewood
Rasmussen Alfred West Pine
Rasmussen Alys M. West Pine
Rasmussen Anna Louise West Pine
Rasmussen Arvin West Pine
Rasmussen Lars Peter West Pine
Rasmussen Vitura West Pine
Rasmussen William P. West Pine
Raterink Beverly J. Pierson
Raterink Kathleen L. Pierson
Raterink Louis R. Pierson
Rathbun Gerald M. Cato
Rathbun Loretta L. Cato
Rathbun John H. Forest Home
Ratu Caleb John Carson City
Rau Katie Forest Home
Raub Frank Reynolds
Raub Lydia Reynolds
Raulin Aileen St. Mary's
Raulin Arnold St. Mary's
Ravell Eileen Elizabeth Pierson
Ravell O. Friend Pierson
Rawland Mary M. Coral
Rawley Amanda L. Forest Home
Rawling Grace Riverside
Rawson Charles Reynolds
Ray Chester McBride
Ray Sarah McBride
Ray Mary Carol Pierson
Ray Clarence B. Reynolds
Ray Lawrence H. Reynolds
Ray Nellie M. Reynolds
Rayburn Charles Dennis Sr. Richland
Rayburn Doris Richland
Raymer Alberta P. Vinewood
Raymer Alice Vinewood
Raymer Annie Vinewood
Raymer father Vinewood
Raymer Samuel R. Vinewood
Raymer William H. Vinewood
Raymond Frank Sr. Ferris Center
Raymond Frank Jr. Ferris Center
Raymond Hazel Ferris Center
Raymond baby boy Forest Hill
Raymond Beth Ann Forest Home
Raymond John E. Forest Home
Raymond A. G. McBride
Raymond Charles McBride
Raymond Ethel Grace McBride
Raymond Jane A. McBride
Raymond John E. McBride
Raymond John Walter McBride
Raymond Mary Jane McBride
Raymond Murial Charles McBride
Raymond Charles N. Pierson
Raymond Floyd E. Pierson
Raymond Pearl Pierson
Raymond Alanzo F. Riverside
Raymond Dena J. Riverside
Raymor Frederick M. Sheridan
Rea Albert L. Hillcrest
Rea Justine V. Hillcrest
Read Emma J. Richland
Read Newton N. Richland
Read Robert R. Richland
Read Mary J. Sheridan
Reader Andrew J. Burke
Reader Mother Burke
Reader Elmer Burke
Reader Lydia E. Burke
Reader Charles M. Carson City
Reader Gordon T. Carson City
Reader Elzia A. Richland
Reader Fred B. Richland
Reader Lester F. Richland
Reader Midred M. Richland
Reagan Adeline F. McBride
Reagan Beryl McBride
Reagan Catherine Hyman Reynolds
Reagan Jacob E. Reynolds
Reagan Lela M. Vinewood
Reagan Michael Vinewood
Reagan Sarah A. Vinewood
Ream Almeda Coral
Ream Bertha A. Coral
Ream Isaac H. Coral
Ream Jesse Coral
Ream John H. Coral
Ream Mark J. Coral
Ream Nettie S. Coral
Reams Arthur L. Reynolds
Reams Clara Reynolds
Reams Flora W. Reynolds
Reams Marshall C. Reynolds
Reasoner Delucia Carson City
Reasoner Ethel A. Carson City
Reasoner Fletcher Carson City
Reasoner Montie Carson City
Reaves F. Gaylord Cedar Lake
Reaves Pearl D. Cedar Lake
Reblin Karl J. Whitsell
Reblin Manda Whitsell
Recker N. Jean Richland
Recker Richard Richland
Record Amanda M. Forest Hill
Record Decatur C. Forest Hill
Record Jasper Albert Forest Hill
Rector Betty J. Ferris Center
Rector Eugene M. Jr. Ferris Center
Rector Eugene M. Ferris Center
Rector Hazel Ferris Center
Rector Ellen Jane Forest Home
Redding Harlow W. Lakeview
Redding Maurine L. Lakeview
Rederstorf Eliza Ann Riverside
Rederstorf George Riverside
Rederstorf T. D. Riverside
Redman Thomas L. Potter's Field
Redmond Cornelius Carson City
Reed Alvin Clear Lake
Reed Clarinda J. Clear Lake
Reed Ellen F. Coral
Reed Jay H. Crystal
Reed Helen M. Crystal
Reed Erwin W. Crystal
Reed Roberta Crystal
Reed Birdie M. Crystal
Reed Carl A. Crystal
Reed Emeline Crystal
Reed Glen A. Crystal
Reed H. M. Crystal
Reed Henry Crystal
Reed Herbert T. Crystal
Reed Rex Leon East Montcalm
Reed Velma I. Stokes East Montcalm
Reed George D. Entrican
Reed Jeff Entrican
Reed Laura Entrican
Reed Mary Lillian Elsworth Entrican
Reed Darrell J. Sr. Eureka
Reed Benny Joe Evergreen Township
Reed Donald M. Evergreen Township
Reed Doris F. Evergreen Township
Reed William Ferris Center
Reed Adrianna Marie Forest Hill
Reed Almeda Forest Hill
Reed Constance J. Forest Hill
Reed David Forest Hill
Reed David C. Forest Hill
Reed E. D, Forest Hill
Reed John L. Forest Hill
Reed John N. Forest Hill
Reed Lewis R. Jr. Forest Hill
Reed Lucy E. Forest Hill
Reed Mina Forest Hill
Reed Orline Forest Hill
Reed Retta Forest Hill
Reed Samuel J. Forest Hill
Reed William H. Forest Hill
Reed Adolph E. Forest Home
Reed Adolph E. Forest Home
Reed Alice Forest Home
Reed Charles W. Forest Home
Reed Cyrus L. Forest Home
Reed Fred Forest Home
Reed George A. Forest Home
Reed Katherine B. Forest Home
Reed Leonard Forest Home
Reed Miranda E. Forest Home
Reed Myrtia A. Forest Home
Reed Roy E. Forest Home
Reed William H. Forest Home
Reed Clinton Hillcrest
Reed Ellenor Hillcrest
Reed father Hillcrest
Reed mother Hillcrest
Reed David F. Hillcrest
Reed David T. Hillcrest
Reed Eleanor L. Hillcrest
Reed Helen A. Hillcrest
Reed Ida Jane Hillcrest
Reed Ione darling Hillcrest
Reed Ione L. Hillcrest
Reed John H. Hillcrest
Reed Lemuel Hillcrest
Reed Mary E. Hillcrest
Reed William I. Hillcrest
Reed Steven M. Lakeview
Reed Baby Pierson
Reed Jane Pierson
Reed Johnson B. Pierson
Reed Kate L. Pierson
Reed Margaret Pierson
Reed Rufus Pierson
Reed twins of Silas Pierson
Reed Viola Ida Pierson
Reed Matthew Reynolds
Reed Mae L. Reynolds
Reed Ethelinda Richland
Reed Eugene Richland
Reed George W. Richland
Reed Gertrude A. Richland
Reed s/o JW & JA Richland
Reed John D. Richland
Reed David P. Riverside
Reed Jean C. Riverside
Reed d/o J. Lewis & Lulu Grace Sheridan
Reed Adelbert L. Vinewood
Reed Charles E. Vinewood
Reed Cora V. Vinewood
Reed Fred O. Vinewood
Reed Maydora Vinewood
Reed Norman W. Vinewood
Reed Susan Vinewood
Reeder Virgalene Bloomer
Reeder Orville A. Bloomer
Reeder Elizabeth Bloomer
Reeder G. L. Bloomer
Reeder L. E. Bloomer
Reeder Lottie Bloomer
Reeder W. A. Bloomer
Reeder Albert J. Crystal
Reeder Bessie Crystal
Reeder Evah Crystal
Reeder baby Crystal
Reeder Mazie O. Crystal
Reeder Morris B. Crystal
Reeder Lilly F. Ferris Center
Reeder Ralph Ferris Center
Reeder Altie Boyer Vickeryville
Reedtz Maren Elizabeth South Sidney
Reer d/o Garrett Reer Jr Forest Home
Rees Harold K. Hillcrest
Rees Irene E. Hillcrest
Rees Glenn R. Reynolds
Reese Ada M. Evergreen Township
Reese Arlo H. Evergreen Township
Reese Donald Evergreen Township
Reese Ella S. Evergreen Township
Reese Florence Evergreen Township
Reese William Evergreen Township
Reese Arthur R. Forest Home
Reese Arthur S. Forest Home
Reese Grace Belle Forest Home
Reese Charles Sheridan
Reese Ellen T. Sheridan
Reese George Sheridan
Reese Nellie Sheridan
Reese Opel Sheridan
Reese Sarah Whitsell
Reeve Esther K. Reynolds
Reeve Lawrence C. Reynolds
Reeves Alta Entrican
Reeves daughter Entrican
Reeves George Entrican
Reeves Roy Entrican
Reeves Jessie A. Forest Hill
Reeves George Mabie-Sunny Hill
Reeves Gretchen Mabie-Sunny Hill
Reeves Lizzie Mabie-Sunny Hill
Reeves William A. West Montcalm
Regis Frances L. Evergreen Township
Regis Fred M. Jr. Evergreen Township
Regis Fred Sr. Evergreen Township
Regis Grant E. Evergreen Township
Regis Norval G. Evergreen Township
Regis Twilah C. Evergreen Township
Regis Caroline Sheridan
Regis Estella A. Sheridan
Regis Mildred Lucille Sheridan
Regis Thomas Sheridan
Reglin Albert H. Amble
Reglin Augusta Amble
Reglin Bertha Amble
Reglin Frederick Amble
Reglin Friedrich W. Amble
Reglin J. J. Amble
Reglin Johanna W. Janz Verehe Amble
Reglin Martha V. Amble
Reglin Paul H. Amble
Reglin baby Amble
Reglin Jetta Cato
Reglin Leo A. Cato
Reglin Marion C. Cato
Reglin Sophia Cato
Reglin William F. Cato
Regs Julia A. Ferris Center
Regs Merritt M. Ferris Center
Rehmann Bernard St. Mary's
Rehmann Helene St. Mary's
Reichard Edward I. Richland
Reichle Betty J. Cato
Reichle Ralph L. Cato
Reichert Taylor Brooke Entrican
Reid Blanche D. Ferris Center
Reid Charles R. Ferris Center
Reid Grafton Ferris Center
Reid wife of Grafton Ferris Center
Reid Annie Forest Home
Reid Harriet F. Forest Home
Reid s/o S & A Forest Home
Reid Hattie Lakeview
Reid Amelia "Mickey" Sidney Township
Reid Clayton David Sidney Township
Reidt Blanche P. East Montcalm
Reidt William H. East Montcalm
Reimer Cecelia E. Entrican
Reimer Christian Entrican
Reimer Adelbert J. Sidney Township
Reimer Anna G. Sidney Township
Reimer Carl J. Sidney Township
Reimer Ester Lavon Sidney Township
Reimer Karl E. Sidney Township
Reimer Millie Sidney Township
Reimer Tillie M. Sidney Township
Reimer Wesly LeRoy Sidney Township
Rein Amanda Laverza Rein Ragan Entrican
Rein John H. Entrican
Rein O. Hillcrest
Reina Mario Ferris Center
Reinckey Carl Carson City
Reinckey Charlie Carson City
Reinckey Lawson Carson City
Reinckey Mary Carson City
Reinckey Ruth Ann Carson City
Reinerth Mildred A. Forest Hill
Reinerth Walter A. Forest Hill
Reinke A. Emma East Montcalm
Reinke August C. East Montcalm
Reinke Doris I. East Montcalm
Reinke Donna M. East Montcalm
Reinke Elizabeth L. East Montcalm
Reinke Father East Montcalm
Reinke Fred East Montcalm
Reinke Goldie M. East Montcalm
Reinke Herbert W. East Montcalm
Reinke L. E. W. East Montcalm
Reinke Mamie East Montcalm
Reinke Minnie East Montcalm
Reinke Mother East Montcalm
Reinke Raymond A. East Montcalm
Reinke Rozena East Montcalm
Reinke William East Montcalm
Reinke William East Montcalm
Reinsmith Allie Carson City
Reinsmith Claude E. Carson City
Reinsmith Henry Franklin Carson City
Reinsmith Rose Carson City
Reinsmith w/o Franklin Carson City
Reinsmith James Sheridan
Reinsmith Nellie Sheridan
Reister Pauline E. Forest Home
Reister Raymond R. Forest Home
Relyea Ella E. Forest Home
Relyea Nettie B. Forest Home
Relyea Wilbur H. Forest Home
Relyea William N. Forest Home
Remenicky Arnay East Montcalm
Remenicky Noah A. East Montcalm
Remenicky Steven M. East Montcalm
Rempp Anna Burke
Rempp Byron Burke
Rempp Bernard R. Crystal
Rempp Marjorie E. Crystal
Remus Alica M. St. Charles
Renee Janna Renee Shay Crystal
Renee Marta Crystal
Renfort Clara P. Forest Home
Reniewicz Anthony A. St. Mary's
Reniewicz Felicia St. Mary's
Reniff John Reynolds
Renner Leon N. Amble
Renner Lynn C. Amble
Renner Naomi F. Amble
Rensman R. C. South Sidney
Rensman Sophie South Sidney
Rentschler George Jr. Cato
Rentschler Julia J. Cato
Rentschler Pauline M. Cato
Rentschler O. Frank Cato
Rentschler Albert Cato
Rentschler George Julius Cato
Rentschler Josephine Cato
Rentschler L. M. Cato
Rentschler Lura Chloe Cato
Rentschler Mary Cato
Rentschler baby Cato
Rentschler Ralph Raymont Cato
Rentschler John M. Forest Home
Rentschler Eulalia Lakeview
Rentschler John M. Lakeview
Rentschler Bertha S. Lakeview
Rentschler Duane G. Lakeview
Rentschler Emerson A. Lakeview
Rentschler Alice L. Lakeview
Rentsman Velma Pennington East Montcalm
Resler Jonathan B. Ferris Center
Resler Mary J. Ferris Center
Respondek Jimmy C. Crystal
Ressegue Orson Crystal
Resseguie c/o Dan Carson City
Resseguie Elizabeth Carson City
Resseguie Ella Carson City
Resseguie F. S. Carson City
Resseguie Florence E. Carson City
Resseguie John B. Carson City
Resseguie s/o Orson Carson City
Resseguie Samuel Carson City
Resseguie w/o Frank Carson City
Resseguie Daniel R. Crystal
Resseguie Tressie D. Crystal
Resseguie John M. Sheridan
Reterseoff John Riverside
Reterstoff Ida M. Riverside
Reterstoff Lewis M. Riverside
Rettig Calvin J. Evergreen Township
Rettig Gladys M. Evergreen Township
Rettinger Albert G. Forest Home
Rettinger Fearnley E. Forest Home
Rettinger Gordon S. Forest Home
Rettinger Ida Mae Forest Home
Rettinger William J. Forest Home
Retzloff Rich J. Cedar Lake
Retzloff Juanita J. Cedar Lake
Retzloff Richard W. Cedar Lake
Revo unknown Reynolds
Revoire Clayton John Carson City
Revoire June Carson City
Rex Adah E. Evergreen Township
Rex Charles A. Evergreen Township
Rex Harold Evergreen Township
Rex Stephen A. Evergreen Township
Rexford Minnie West Montcalm
Reyburn De Verl Monroe
Reyburn Bret Max Pierson
Reynold Jeremiah Fairplains
Reynolds Agnes F. Carson City
Reynolds Clara Ida Carson City
Reynolds Howard C. Carson City
Reynolds James Carson City
Reynolds Jennie M. Carson City
Reynolds John M. Carson City
Reynolds Joseph Carson City
Reynolds Kenyon Gale Carson City
Reynolds Lyonial A. Carson City
Reynolds Mable E. Carson City
Reynolds Margaret Carson City
Reynolds Mary E. Carson City
Reynolds Miles Carson City
Reynolds Ransom P. Carson City
Reynolds Rosa Carson City
Reynolds William E. Carson City
Reynolds Donna Clear Lake
Reynolds Annette J. Coral
Reynolds Sidney Coral
Reynolds Susanna Coral
Reynolds Van S. Coral
Reynolds Clyde E. East Montcalm
Reynolds Mabel L. Seat East Montcalm
Reynolds Chauncey Entrican
Reynolds Edna Vera Entrican
Reynolds Edwin R. Entrican
Reynolds Ella J. Entrican
Reynolds Harriett Savage Entrican
Reynolds Maud N. Evergreen
Reynolds Donald H. Evergreen Township
Reynolds Cloyes L. Evergreen Township
Reynolds Edith E. Evergreen Township
Reynolds Lydia M. Evergreen Township
Reynolds Ray Evergreen Township
Reynolds child Ferris Center
Reynolds James I. Ferris Center
Reynolds Lucy A. Ferris Center
Reynolds wife of A. J. Ferris Center
Reynolds unknown Forest Hill
Reynolds Carrie Forest Hill
Reynolds Emma S. Forest Hill
Reynolds Montgomery A. Forest Hill
Reynolds Mortimer R. Forest Hill
Reynolds Jeanne M. Forest Home
Reynolds John Edwin Forest Home
Reynolds Mrs. Ameila Forest Home
Reynolds Bernice Hillcrest
Reynolds David Hillcrest
Reynolds Mrs. E. Hillcrest
Reynolds Edith Hillcrest
Reynolds Iola A. Hillcrest
Reynolds Leda C. Hillcrest
Reynolds Lester C. Hillcrest
Reynolds Mary Hillcrest
Reynolds Seymour E. Hillcrest
Reynolds William C. Hillcrest
Reynolds D. Forrest Sr. Lakeview
Reynolds Dolores A. Zent Lakeview
Reynolds Frank E. Lakeview
Reynolds Rena L. Lakeview
Reynolds Howard W. Lakeview
Reynolds Letitia R. Lakeview
Reynolds Florence Lakeview
Reynolds Milo E. Lakeview
Reynolds Gerald Lakeview
Reynolds Laura Lakeview
Reynolds Aaron Lakeview
Reynolds Calvin Lakeview
Reynolds Carrie Lakeview
Reynolds Charley A. Lakeview
Reynolds Floyd Lakeview
Reynolds George Lakeview
Reynolds Gladys Lakeview
Reynolds Helen E. Lakeview
Reynolds Jacob Lakeview
Reynolds James B. Lakeview
Reynolds Jay Lakeview
Reynolds L. Blanche Lakeview
Reynolds Luther L. Lakeview
Reynolds Magdalena Lakeview
Reynolds Mary P. Lakeview
Reynolds Milburn Lakeview
Reynolds Will Lakeview
Reynolds Kasie Lee McBride
Reynolds MaDonna Bell McBride
Reynolds Moses Pierson
Reynolds Moses Pierson
Reynolds Nellie M. Pierson
Reynolds Doris Block Reynolds
Reynolds Harold W. Sidney Township
Reynolds Erin Lee St. Charles
Reynolds Kenneth D. Vickeryville
Reynolds Carrie M. Vinewood
Reynolds Sarah Elliott Vinewood
Rhanor baby Forest Home
Rhimes C. J. Entrican
Rhimes Julius O. Entrican
Rhimes E. Entrican
Rhoades unknown Forest Hill
Rhoades Allie M. Forest Hill
Rhoades Frederick F. Forest Hill
Rhoades Gracie M. Forest Hill
Rhoades Lewis E. Forest Hill
Rhoades Libbie A. Forest Hill
Rhoades Nora J. Forest Hill
Rhoades Norman A. Forest Hill
Rhoades Norman J. Forest Hill
Rhoades Prudence Forest Hill
Rhoades Reuben W. Forest Hill
Rhoades Roseman Lucile Forest Hill
Rhoades William Forest Hill
Rhoades Cordelia C. Forest Home
Rhoades Emily Forest Home
Rhoades Fred H. Forest Home
Rhoades Frederick Forest Home
Rhoades Gilbert Forest Home
Rhoades M. Agnes Forest Home
Rhoades Martin Forest Home
Rhoades Rhoda Forest Home
Rhoades Glenn Little Denmark
Rhoades Martha Little Denmark
Rhoades Almira S. Richland
Rhoades Christion Richland
Rhoads Manuel J. Evergreen Township
Rhoads Mary J. Hillcrest
Rhoads Philip Hillcrest
Rhoads Viva Louise Hillcrest
Rhoads W. Clayton Hillcrest
Rhodes Cynthia O. Clear Lake
Rhodes Harry M. Clear Lake
Rhodes Elizabeth Coral
Rhodes Fenn Coral
Rhodes Hebert Coral
Rhodes Marie J. Crystal
Rhodes Mary L. Crystal
Rhodes Melvin S. Crystal
Rhodes Samuel Crystal
Rhodes Samuel S. Crystal
Rhodes Mary E. Evergreen Township
Rhodes Manvel J. Evergreen Township
Rhodes Stanley J. Evergreen Township
Rhodes infant Hillcrest
Rhodes Don W. Lakeview
Rhodes Lois H. Lakeview
Ribble Janey Potter's Field
Riber Ira Forest Home
Riber Rachel Forest Home
Rice Chase McLain Amble
Rice Charles Carson City
Rice Martin A. Carson City
Rice Otto C. Carson City
Rice Phrona M. Carson City
Rice Ruth B. Carson City
Rice James C. Cedar Lake
Rice Mary Letta Cedar Lake
Rice F. H. Crystal
Rice Martha Crystal
Rice Iva May Huckleberry East Montcalm
Rice Clarence D. Entrican
Rice Corydon F. Entrican
Rice Cyntha Entrican
Rice Erastus S. Entrican
Rice Mary T. Entrican
Rice Robert R. Entrican
Rice Sage Entrican
Rice Eva A. Forest Hill
Rice Harvey W. Forest Hill
Rice John Forest Hill
Rice Pheobe J. Forest Hill
Rice Charles B. Forest Home
Rice Charles W. Forest Home
Rice Florence B. Forest Home
Rice Harvy W. Forest Home
Rice J. Harley Forest Home
Rice Leslie G. Forest Home
Rice Susan M. Forest Home
Rice Artha Hillcrest
Rice Louis G. Hillcrest
Rice Effie C. Hillcrest
Rice Fayette G. Hillcrest
Rice Leslie F. Hillcrest
Rice Oma Daun Hillcrest
Rice s/o A & L Hillcrest
Rice Sarah C. Hillcrest
Rice Mabel S. Lakeview
Rice Eugene S. Lakeview
Rice Charles H. Lakeview
Rice Charles H. Lakeview
Rice Frank L. Lakeview
Rice Mary E. Lakeview
Rice Anna M. Little Denmark
Rice George A. Little Denmark
Rice Cora C. North Sidney
Rice Peter E. North Sidney
Rice Willie Old Home
Rice Adeilla Pierson
Rice Aurilla Pierson
Rice Amos L. Pierson
Rice Caleb B. Pierson
Rice C. B. Pierson
Rice Charley T. Pierson
Rice Hubert Pierson
Rice Ira H. Pierson
Rice Rhoda M. Pierson
Rice son of C. B. Pierson
Rice Susan Pierson
Rice Susan V. Pierson
Rice Henry Reynolds
Rice Lucy Reynolds
Rice Minnie Reynolds
Rice Tedd G. Reynolds
Rice Stella Sheridan
Rich Mary Ann Bloomer
Rich Noah Bloomer
Rich Addison Carson City
Rich Cora E. Carson City
Rich Dora Martha Carson City
Rich George B. Carson City
Rich Harriet Carson City
Rich James M. Carson City
Rich mother of Harriet Rich Carson City
Rich Albert Clear Lake
Rich Armour Clear Lake
Rich Arthur J. Clear Lake
Rich Berlie Albert Clear Lake
Rich Bernice E. Clear Lake
Rich Madelyn Clear Lake
Rich Mary A. Clear Lake
Rich Mary Ann Clear Lake
Rich Millie V. Clear Lake
Rich Mary Coral
Rich Ruben Coral
Rich Louis J. Crystal
Rich William Henry Crystal
Rich Clyde H. East Montcalm
Rich Goldie M. Nelson East Montcalm
Rich Herbert East Montcalm
Rich Armor A. Evergreen Township
Rich Arno A. Evergreen Township
Rich Ethel M. Evergreen Township
Rich Jason Evergreen Township
Rich Sarah A. Evergreen Township
Rich Orris Lee Forest Hill
Rich Alice T. Forest Home
Rich Charles H. Forest Home
Rich Chester L. Forest Home
Rich Cora E. Forest Home
Rich George Forest Home
Rich Gladys E. Forest Home
Rich Harriet E. Forest Home
Rich John Forest Home
Rich Julian E. Forest Home
Rich Lewis L. Forest Home
Rich Louisa E. Forest Home
Rich Ora E. Forest Home
Rich Philo B. Forest Home
Rich Ulysses Forest Home
Rich Ulysses Forest Home
Rich Wellington Forest Home
Rich Bernice M. Richland
Rich George D. Sheridan
Rich Nettie M. Sheridan
Rich Eugene Sidney Township
Rich Louis B. Sidney Township
Rich Mabel Sidney Township
Rich Andrea St. Charles
Rich Jane O. Vickeryville
Richard child of Claud Ferris Center
Richard Leo Lavern Ferris Center
Richard David N. Lakeview
Richard Martha M. Lakeview
Richard Mary E. Lakeview
Richards Ella J. Carson City
Richards Emory E. Carson City
Richards Walter Alvin Carson City
Richards Charles S. Cato
Richards Neil Cato
Richards Effie M. Cato
Richards Charles S. Cato
Richards Effie Cato
Richards L. D. Cato
Richards G. Cato
Richards Josiah Cato
Richards Mary E. Cato
Richards Wilber E. Cato
Richards Eva Coral
Richards Flora Alice Crystal
Richards Lester C. Crystal
Richards Elvin O. East Montcalm
Richards William S. Eureka
Richards Charles N. Evergreen Township
Richards Eli N. Evergreen Township
Richards Grace M. Evergreen Township
Richards Mary L. Evergreen Township
Richards Charles W. Forest Hill
Richards Delores Jean Forest Hill
Richards Jack F. Forest Hill
Richards Alta Lakeview
Richards Commodor Lakeview
Richards Elvira J. Lakeview
Richards John McBride
Richards Carrie D. Richland
Richards Ira F. Richland
Richards Ella S. Vinewood
Richards George W. Vinewood
Richards Robert G. Vinewood
Richards William H. Vinewood
Richardson Albert A. Bloomer
Richardson Ariel K. Bloomer
Richardson Jane M. Bloomer
Richardson Mary E. Bloomer
Richardson Roy A. Bloomer
Richardson Agnes Carson City
Richardson Alonzo Carson City
Richardson C. R. Carson City
Richardson c/o O. Carson City
Richardson Catherine Carson City
Richardson Donald V. Carson City
Richardson Dr. William Carson City
Richardson Edith Carson City
Richardson Eva Carson City
Richardson Ezra P. Carson City
Richardson Ezra Carson City
Richardson Ira Carson City
Richardson James Carson City
Richardson Lonie T. Carson City
Richardson Mary Carson City
Richardson Oscar Carson City
Richardson Peggy A. Carson City
Richardson Alfred Forest Hill
Richardson Elijah S. Forest Hill
Richardson Mary S. Forest Hill
Richardson Gladys I. Hillcrest
Richardson Dean C. Hillcrest
Richardson R. Vere Hillcrest
Richardson Vivian V. Hillcrest
Richardson Lesie M. Hillcrest
Richardson Gladys Jean Hillcrest
Richardson Loren G. Hillcrest
Richardson Marvin E. Hillcrest
Richardson Mary M. Hillcrest
Richardson Sarah A. Hillcrest
Richardson William E. Hillcrest
Richardson William J. Hillcrest
Richardson James H. Lakeview
Richardson Clyde Old Home
Richardson Cecyl A. Reynolds
Richardson Deborah E. Reynolds
Richardson George W. Reynolds
Richardson Melissa Richland
Richardson Euric M. Spencer
Richardson Nina E. Spencer
Richardson Julia C. St. Mary's
Richardson Robert L. St. Mary's
Richardson father Vinewood
Richardson Gerald Vinewood
Richardson Henery Vinewood
Richardson Johnne Vinewood
Richardson Kennie Vinewood
Richardson Margaret Vinewood
Richardson Mary Vinewood
Richardson Minnie Vinewood
Richardson Mother Vinewood
Richardson Nelson P. Vinewood
Richardson Rex Vinewood
Richardson Ruby Vinewood
Richer Charles A. Lakeview
Richer Dorothy May Lakeview
Richer Lucinda Lakeview
Richer Rensaler B. Lakeview
Riches Don Forest Home
Riches Reba Forest Home
Riches Clara L. Lakeview
Riches Walter J. Lakeview
Riches Cordelia A. Whitsell
Richey Emily I. Forest Hill
Richmond Fred W. East Montcalm
Richmond Theresa I. East Montcalm
Richmond Kyle Matthew Forest Hill
Richmond Gerald Sheridan
Richner Alma Theresa Sheridan
Richner Ernest D. Sheridan
Richter Minnie Ferris Center
Richter Otto M. Ferris Center
Rickard Albert Jasper Forest Hill
Rickard Cloie Forest Hill
Rickard Lewis H. Forest Hill
Rickard Harry McBride
Rickard Bessie M. Riverside
Rickerd Jennie Burke
Rickerd Orlando Burke
Rickerd Glen A. Carson City
Rickerd Alfred C. Crystal
Rickerd Chauncey (CJ) Crystal
Rickerd Ella Crystal
Rickerd Lucy Jane Crystal
Rickerd Margurite Crystal
Rickerd Mary E. Crystal
Rickerd May Crystal
Rickerd Infant d/o H & M Crystal
Rickerd Byron A. Evergreen Township
Rickerd Maude N. Evergreen Township
Rickett Luella M. "Peg" Reynolds
Rickett Robert D. Reynolds
Ricketts Benjamin Eugene Reynolds
Ricketts Mary Ellen Reynolds
Rickle Leo K. Forest Home
Rickle Margaret A. Forest Home
Rickle Emily Riverside
Ricks Albert Lewis Clear Lake
Ricks Alonzo A. Clear Lake
Ricks Margie C. Clear Lake
Ricks Bert L. Evergreen Township
Riddell A. J. Forest Home
Riddell Cath R. Forest Home
Riddell John M. Forest Home
Riddell Samuel D. Forest Home
Ridenour Carl C. Carson City
Ridenour Nyla L. Carson City
Ridenour Charles V. East Montcalm
Ridenour Jennie E. East Montcalm
Ridenour Paul A. Forest Home
Rider Leonard Bloomer
Rider Minnie Bloomer
Rider Willie Bloomer
Rider William H. Bloomer
Rider Arthur Forest Home
Rider Arthur Forest Home
Rider Ellen Forest Home
Rider Mary M. Forest Home
Rider Myron Forest Home
Rider Myrtle Richland
Rider Sidney D. Richland
Ridgell Claudette J. Eureka
Ridgeway Ceil S. East Montcalm
Ridgeway Iva A. East Montcalm
Ridgeway David Lee Forest Home
Ridgeway Ranae A. St. Charles
Rieckhoff Frank Guy Vinewood
Rieckhoff Terese Irene Vinewood
Rieckman Joseph P. Sr. East Montcalm
Rieckman Robert D. East Montcalm
Rieckman baby girl Forest Home
Riegel Dover A. Vinewood
Riegel Minnie M. Vinewood
Riehl Anna Gertrude St. Charles
Riehl Maurice Edward St. Charles
Riemer Bevi South Sidney
Riemer Jane South Sidney
Ries Theresa Jane "Tracy" Evergreen Township
Riesenbeck Johan P. Reynolds
Riesenbeck Linda M. Reynolds
Rifenberry Caroline West Pine
Rifenberry Mary A. West Pine
Rifenberry Samuel West Pine
Rigdon Lila Riverside
Rigdon Mary V. West Montcalm
Rigdon Theodore West Montcalm
Rigg Annie Ferris Center
Rigg Dale Edward Ferris Center
Rigg Fred Ferris Center
Rigg Frederick Jr. Ferris Center
Rigg Hazel Ferris Center
Rigg Henry Stephen Ferris Center
Riggs Alta Ferris Center
Riggs Alvin Ferris Center
Riggs Andrew Jackson Ferris Center
Riggs Anna M. Ferris Center
Riggs Annie Ferris Center
Riggs Arthur James Ferris Center
Riggs Emma L. Ferris Center
Riggs Henry S. Ferris Center
Riggs James A. Ferris Center
Riggs Julia Ann Ferris Center
Riggs Merritt Ferris Center
Riggs Iona A. Lakeview
Rigney Elizabeth Henkel Reynolds
Rigo Joseph Carson City
Rigo Mary Carson City
Riker Alphonzo Clear Lake
Riker Eva Clear Lake
Riker Donald E. East Montcalm
Riker Minnie A. East Montcalm
Riker Ruby M. Forest Home
Riker Clayton Lars Little Denmark
Riker Gene R. Little Denmark
Riker L. Sheridan
Riker Lewis Sheridan
Riker Mable F. St. Mary's
Riley Benjamin F. East Montcalm
Riley Easther M. Entrican
Riley George W. Sr. Entrican
Riley Jack C. Sr. Entrican
Riley Coy E. Forest Hill
Riley Marnie Z. Forest Hill
Riley Addie J. Forest Home
Riley Alma Leota Forest Home
Riley baby Forest Home
Riley Charles Forest Home
Riley Charles Wesley Forest Home
Riley Edward Smith Forest Home
Riley father Forest Home
Riley Henry W. Forest Home
Riley Jennie Forest Home
Riley John Forest Home
Riley mother Forest Home
Riley Orson T. Forest Home
Riley Ruth A. Forest Home
Riley Valeria A. Forest Home
Riley Wesley Henry Forest Home
Riley Helen A. Lakeview
Riley Mort Pierson
Riley Joseph B. Richland
Riley Mary A. Richland
Riley Thomas Riverside
Riley John J. Trufant
Riley Mary J. Trufant
Rimes Almina Entrican
Rimes Lewis J. Entrican
Rimes Martha Entrican
Rimes Roy Entrican
Rinard Berry Reynolds
Rinard Walter Reynolds
Rinckey Erva E. Bloomer
Rinckey Margaret Bloomer
Rinckey Ada E. Bloomer
Rinckey Jason Bloomer
Rinckey Mildred Bloomer
Rinckey Vern I. Bloomer
Rinckey baby Carson City
Rinckey Carl Carson City
Rinckey Fred Carson City
Rinckey Lawson K. Carson City
Rinckey Maxine S. Carson City
Rinckey w/o Carl Carson City
Rindfleisch children of Fred's Pierson
Rindfleisch Fredrick Pierson
Rindfleisch Fredrick C. Pierson
Rindfleisch Lena Ann Pierson
Rindfleisch Wilhelmine Pierson
Ring George C. Reynolds
Ring Mattie M. Reynolds
Ringdohl Anna Forest Hill
Ringdohl Constantine Forest Hill
Ringdohl Emily Amelia Forest Hill
Ringdohl Florence Forest Hill
Ringgenberg Charles Forest Home
Ringgenberg Pearl M. Forest Home
Ringler David E. Coral
Rinker Chancey Clear Lake
Rinker Cora B. Clear Lake
Rinker Hartley Clear Lake
Rinker Harmon Clear Lake
Rinker Ida Clear Lake
Rinker infant s/o C & C Clear Lake
Rinker Myra Clear Lake
Rinker Peter Clear Lake
Rinker Ruth E Clear Lake
Rinker Samuel Clear Lake
Rinker Sarah Clear Lake
Rinker Stanley Clear Lake
Riojas Eleanor M. Lakeview
Riojas Jesse R. Lakeview
Riojas Doroteo R. Lakeview
Riojas Sareta R. Lakeview
Riojas Susano R. Lakeview
Riojas Johnny Lee St. Charles
Rios Carmelo McBride
Rios Cheri D. McBride
Rios Jessica Maria Reynolds
Rios Herman Vinewood
Ripley Hazel M. Carson City
Ripley Rockford S. Carson City
Ripley Joanna Fryover Cato
Ripley April A. Lakeview
Ripley Adelaide F. Reynolds
Ripley Manford D. Reynolds
Ritter Arthur Forest Hill
Ritter Clare Forest Hill
Ritter Clare R. Forest Hill
Ritter Edward H. Forest Hill
Ritter Fern H. Forest Hill
Ritter Gerald D. Forest Hill
Ritter Lena May Forest Hill
Ritter Margaret Forest Hill
Ritter Marian Forest Hill
Ritter Patricia M. Forest Hill
Ritter Sharon M. Forest Hill
Ritter Viola E. Forest Hill
Ritter Jon Frederic Forest Home
Ritz Edith M. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ritz Frank P. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ritz Peter North Sidney
Rivard Royce R. St. Charles
Rivette Jeanne Sheridan
Rivette King John Sheridan
Roach Thomas Reynolds
Robart Lodema Helen Ferris Center
Robart Brahton L. Richland
Robart Brough B. Richland
Robart Cecil Richland
Robart Leah Richland
Robb Caleb H. Sidney Township
Robb Jane L. Sidney Township
Robbins Robert Sherman Carson City
Robbins Sarah Crystal
Robbins Charles L. Ferris Center
Robbins children of Charles L. Ferris Center
Robbins Effie I. Ferris Center
Robbins Harold L. Ferris Center
Robbins Leland C. Ferris Center
Robbins Thelma Ferris Center
Robbins Zelma Ferris Center
Robbins Ada L. McBride
Robbins child McBride
Robbins Floyd E. McBride
Robbins George McBride
Robbins Mable A. McBride
Robbins Rosa Carl McBride
Robbins Sarah McBride
Robbins Elizabeth R. Spencer
Robbins Willard E. Spencer
Robbins George B. Vinewood
Roberson Edna Morrow Richland
Robert Alice I. Richland
Robert John B. Richland
Roberts Lena Jensen Amble
Roberts Mary Bell Bloomer
Roberts William Hugh Bloomer
Roberts Emma Carson City
Roberts Homer Carson City
Roberts Mary J. Carson City
Roberts Elsa M. Clear Lake
Roberts Walter A. Clear Lake
Roberts Arthur D. East Montcalm
Roberts Marion V. East Montcalm
Roberts Pearl I. East Montcalm
Roberts Anna Entrican
Roberts Cora May Entrican
Roberts Hezekiah H. Entrican
Roberts Kenneth E. Entrican
Roberts Marva Jack Entrican
Roberts Donna Evergreen Township
Roberts Floyd N. Evergreen Township
Roberts Stuart D. "Trudy" Fairplains
Roberts Henry S. Forest Home
Roberts s/o M & E Lakeview
Roberts Earl W. Lakeview
Roberts Benjamin W. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts Caroline Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts John S. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts Grandpa Homer Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts Daddy Frank Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts dau Estella Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts son Warren Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts father Horace Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts mother Sophronia Mabie-Sunny Hill
Roberts Bert E. McBride
Roberts Clue McBride
Roberts Duane A. McBride
Roberts Janice E. McBride
Roberts Jerry L. McBride
Roberts Ora B. McBride
Roberts Samantha M. Reynolds
Roberts Henry Sheridan
Roberts Hilda M. South Sidney
Roberts Maggie Vickeryville
Roberts Dorothy J. Vinewood
Roberts Ronald A. West Montcalm
Robertson Charles Carson City
Robertson Clara R. Carson City
Robertson Inez McKay Carson City
Robertson William E. Carson City
Robertson William E. Carson City
Robertson Blanche East Montcalm
Robertson Darrell East Montcalm
Robertson Helen D. East Montcalm
Robertson Stanley East Montcalm
Robertson Julia Evergreen Township
Robertson James M. Forest Hill
Robertson Charles J. Spencer
Robertson Florence M. Vickeryville
Robertson Harper G. Vickeryville
Robeson J. Edward Evergreen Township
Robichaud Wanda Richland
Robins Harry O. Vinewood
Robins Naomi M. Vinewood
Robinson Elizabeth Carson City
Robinson Henry M. Carson City
Robinson s/o WH & J Carson City
Robinson Jane Carson City
Robinson Jessie Carson City
Robinson William H. Carson City
Robinson Arthur Leon Cedar Lake
Robinson Charles Bruce Clear Lake
Robinson Elma M. Greenhoe Clear Lake
Robinson E. A. Clear Lake
Robinson Floyd M. Clear Lake
Robinson Harold E. Clear Lake
Robinson Harry H. Clear Lake
Robinson Helen A. Clear Lake
Robinson s/o H & SM Clear Lake
Robinson Jennie B. Clear Lake
Robinson Lela M. Clear Lake
Robinson Marion Russell Clear Lake
Robinson Sadie M. Clear Lake
Robinson Vanetta Clear Lake
Robinson William H. Clear Lake
Robinson Charlotte Crystal
Robinson John E. Crystal
Robinson Orlando W. Crystal
Robinson Cynthia S. East Montcalm
Robinson Carl V. Evergreen Township
Robinson Emmet Evergreen Township
Robinson George W. Evergreen Township
Robinson Irma Evergreen Township
Robinson Lucy Evergreen Township
Robinson Richard Emmet Evergreen Township
Robinson unknown Evergreen Township
Robinson Lyle W. Ferris Center
Robinson Virginia Ferris Center
Robinson Beverly W. L. Forest Home
Robinson Donna Marie Forest Home
Robinson Eugene Forest Home
Robinson Hattie Forest Home
Robinson infant boy Forest Home
Robinson Isaac Forest Home
Robinson Mabel M. Forest Home
Robinson Mary Ellen Forest Home
Robinson mother Forest Home
Robinson Sarah T. Forest Home
Robinson Verginia Forest Home
Robinson Jennie E. Hillcrest
Robinson William A. Hillcrest
Robinson Charlie A. Lakeview
Robinson Marion Lakeview
Robinson Gerald O. Pierson
Robinson Adelia Ann Reynolds
Robinson Alice Reynolds
Robinson Annie Reynolds
Robinson Arthur LaVern Reynolds
Robinson Arvilla M. Reynolds
Robinson Claribel Reynolds
Robinson Elias C. Reynolds
Robinson Hiram Reynolds
Robinson Lester L. Reynolds
Robinson Lydia A. Reynolds
Robinson Mary A. Reynolds
Robinson Pearl M. Reynolds
Robinson Vernon L. Reynolds
Robinson s/o James W. and Annie B. Richland
Robinson James W. Richland
Robinson John Livic Richland
Robinson Lola Snook Richland
Robinson Sarah Richland
Robinson Anna D. Sheridan
Robinson May C. Sheridan
Robinson Alice A. Trufant
Robinson Edna Robinson Thomas Trufant
Robinson Laura E. Robinson Snearley Trufant
Robinson Nelson L. Trufant
Robinson Nelson Trufant
Robinson Olga M. Trufant
Robinson Robert C. Trufant
Robinson Sarah E. Trufant
Robinson Vincent C. Trufant
Robinson Wava H. Robinson McIntyre Trufant
Robinson Erica L. West Montcalm
Robison Joseph Richland
Robison Sarah Richland
Robleno Donald J. Carson City
Robleno Lee Carson City
Robleno Mollie Carson City
Roblyer Charles Amble
Robotham Edith Clear Lake
Robotham Eglah Clear Lake
Robotham Elisha D. Clear Lake
Robotham Ellis E. Clear Lake
Robotham father Clear Lake
Robotham Helen Robotham Wells Clear Lake
Robotham mother Clear Lake
Robotham Peace Clear Lake
Robotham Mary Lovina Clear Lake
Rocka Hary H. Vinewood
Rocka Lydia A. Vinewood
Rockafellow Emma C. Carson City
Rockafellow Francis A. Carson City
Rockafellow Irvin Carson City
Rockafellow Irwin W. Carson City
Rockafellow Jessie Carson City
Rockafellow Mary Carson City
Rockafellow Nellie M. Carson City
Rockafellow Rosalthea Carson City
Rockafellow Cecelia T. Clear Lake
Rockafellow George E. Clear Lake
Rockelman Adam Cato
Rockelman Albert Cato
Rockelman Amel Cato
Rockelman Emma Cato
Rockelman George A. Cato
Rockelman Harold Cato
Rockelman Henry W. Cato
Rockelman Ida Cato
Rockelman Lena Cato
Rockelman Mae Cato
Rockelman Nellie Cato
Rockey Mayme G. St. Mary's
Rockwell Ida J. Burke
Rockwell infant daughter of WW & IJ Burke
Rockwell c/o Jay B. Carson City
Rockwell Carl Joseph Carson City
Rockwell infant c/o Joseph Carson City
Rockwell Joseph L. Carson City
Rockwell Joseph Carson City
Rockwell Mariah Y. Carson City
Rockwell Mary E. Carson City
Rockwell Alfred M. Crystal
Rockwell Almedia M. Crystal
Rockwell Arlie M. Crystal
Rockwell Betsey Crystal
Rockwell Charles W. Crystal
Rockwell Ernie A. Crystal
Rockwell Dennis Reynolds
Rockwell Lee C. Reynolds
Rockwell Ruby R. Reynolds
Rockwell Dick H. Richland
Rockwell Donna A. Richland
Rockwell Howard Richland
Rockwell Jessie A. Richland
Rockwell Kenneth Richland
Rockwell Millie Richland
Rodabaugh Hannah A. Ferris Center
Rodanhisler Donald Sheridan
Rodanhisler Harriet L. Sheridan
Roddy Ardeth East Montcalm
Roddy Horace C. East Montcalm
Roddy Iva Mae Lockwood East Montcalm
Roddy Ida Plato East Montcalm
Roddy Leslie East Montcalm
Rodebaugh Von Lakeview
Rodebaugh Ruth Lakeview
Rodgers A. W. Forest Home
Rodgers d/o Elmer & Ella Forest Home
Rodgers Delia Forest Home
Rodgers Elisha W. Forest Home
Rodgers Frank Forest Home
Rodgers Grace Forest Home
Rodgers John W. Forest Home
Rodgers Louisa M. Forest Home
Rodgers Lucy J. Forest Home
Rodgers Mae Belle Forest Home
Rodgers Minnie L. Forest Home
Rodgers William E. Forest Home
Rodges Eliza Carson City
Rodman Harriette L. Ferris Center
Rodriguez Pop "Joe" Refugio M. Carson City
Rodriguez Juan G. Lakeview
Rodriguez Fermin C. McBride
Rodriguez John Vinewood
Roe Edwin W. Vinewood
Roe Grace Vinewood
Roe Mary R. Vinewood
Roebuck Caroline Pierson
Roebuck Oral Pierson
Roebuck Robert R. Pierson
Roell Art C. Forest Home
Roell Arthur M. Forest Home
Roell Elizabeth Forest Home
Roell H. S. Forest Home
Roell Lewis S. Forest Home
Roell Lola W. Forest Home
Roell Lou W. Forest Home
Roell Mary M. Forest Home
Roell Maude M. Forest Home
Roell Ver V. Forest Home
Roenick Byron J. Forest Home
Roenick Elizabeth H. Forest Home
Roenick F. Forest Home
Roenick Lewis H. Forest Home
Roenick Marion Chase Forest Home
Roenick Mary E. Forest Home
Roger Altha C. Forest Home
Roger Alonzo Reynolds
Roger Mary L. Reynolds
Rogers Jeremiah Clear Lake
Rogers Charles E. Crystal
Rogers Edith H. Crystal
Rogers Mother Crystal
Rogers Ella Crystal
Rogers Mary A. Crystal
Rogers Sarah A. Crystal
Rogers Helen R. East Montcalm


Rogers Estella M. Fairplains
Rogers Jay J. Fairplains
Rogers baby Ferris Center
Rogers Clifton Ferris Center
Rogers Henry W. Ferris Center
Rogers Marion Ferris Center
Rogers Nathaniel Ferris Center
Rogers Orpha Florence Ferris Center
Rogers Vernard William Ferris Center
Rogers Delia G. Forest Home
Rogers Eli R. Forest Home
Rogers Mary C. Forest Home
Rogers Mary Forest Home
Rogers Edith Lakeview
Rogers Ella U. Lakeview
Rogers John H. Lakeview
Rogers Arthur McBride
Rogers George W. McBride
Rogers Howard F. McBride
Rogers Howard F. McBride
Rogers Katie Emma McBride
Rogers Loren D. McBride
Rogers Marian Lucy McBride
Rogers William O. McBride
Rogers John Pierson
Rogers Addison W. Reynolds
Rogers Luella Reynolds
Rogers Sarah J. Reynolds
Rogers John B. Richland
Rogers Georgia Belle Sheridan
Rogers Dorothy E. "Dot" Sidney Township
Rogers Raymond S. "Ike" Sidney Township
Rogers Elizabeth St. Mary's
Rogers Frances L. St. Mary's
Rogers Ruth Kohn St. Mary's
Rogers Thomas St. Mary's
Rogers William F. St. Mary's
Rogusky John McBride
Rohn Herman W. Carson City
Rohn Margaret Carson City
Rohn Alvin R. Evergreen Township
Rohn Clarence H. Evergreen Township
Rohn Esther Evergreen Township
Rohn Linda E. Evergreen Township
Rokecki Donald Chester St. Charles
Rolfe Dale Crystal
Rolfe Estella M. Crystal
Rolfe Harley L. Crystal
Rolfe Mary Crystal
Rolfe Watson Crystal
Rolfe Harold J. East Montcalm
Rolio Susanina Forest Home
Roller Chiaster C. Forest Hill
Romine Agnes M. Richland
Romroy Donald R. East Montcalm
Ronco Emma Dora Pierson
Ronda William B. Reynolds
Rood Edmond W. Entrican
Rood Julia F. Entrican
Rood Julia Francis Benedict Entrican
Rood Joann Marie Entrican
Rood Lewis Walater Entrican
Rood Margaret Entrican
Rood Gilbert E. McBride
Rood Susie McBride
Rood Addie L. Palmer
Rood Alex C. Palmer
Rood Mariette Palmer
Rood Myrtelle Palmer
Rooke Alice Forest Home
Rooke Henry W. Forest Home
Rooke Jane Forest Home
Rooker Phebe M. Forest Hill
Rooker Calvin Sheridan
Rooker Matilda Sheridan
Roomsburg Clarence Reynolds
Roomsburg Edward Whitsell
Roop Benjamin Carson City
Roop Bidney Carson City
Roop Clara Carson City
Roop Daniel Carson City
Roop Darius Carson City
Roop Earl Carson City
Roop Edgar Carson City
Roop Elizabeth Carson City
Roop Estella Carson City
Roop Esther A. Carson City
Roop Fayette Carson City
Roop George H. Carson City
Roop Grace Carson City
Roop Harriet P. Carson City
Roop Harry Carson City
Roop Henry Carson City
Roop Horace Carson City
Roop Isabelle Carson City
Roop James M. Carson City
Roop John Carson City
Roop Joseph Carson City
Roop Lewis Carson City
Roop Mary Carson City
Roop Minnie Carson City
Roop Mrs. George Carson City
Roop William Carson City
Roop Alf Entrican
Roop Nora Anna Entrican
Roop William Entrican
Roosa Addie I. Forest Home
Roosa Addie I. Forest Home
Roosa Alfred V. Forest Home
Roosa Anthony Forest Home
Roosa Anthony Forest Home
Roosa Clark W. Forest Home
Roosa Delores Forest Home
Roosa Ernest Forest Home
Roosa Jaraldine A. Forest Home
Roosa Leon Forest Home
Roosa May E. Forest Home
Roosa Myrtle A. Forest Home
Roosa Ruth M. Forest Home
Roosa Sarah Ann Forest Home
Roosa Alice G. Sheridan
Roosa Benjamin J. Sheridan
Roosa Eliza Sheridan
Roosa Eliza Sheridan
Roosa Ida Sheridan
Roosa Isaac C. Sheridan
Roosa Anna Griggs Sidney Township
Roose Pearl M. Crystal
Roose Cortland L. Crystal
Roose Laverne H. Crystal
Roose Vonda Kay Crystal
Roose Ethel R. Richland
Roose Helen I. Richland
Roose Bertha E. Vinewood
Roose HIram G. Vinewood
Roose Rollo E. Vinewood
Roose Wreatha E. Vinewood
Root Dennis Lee Cato
Root Frederick Clear Lake
Root George W. Clear Lake
Root Mary Sapey Clear Lake
Root Beatrice I. Forest Home
Root Clara C. Forest Home
Root Claude B. Forest Home
Root Minnie T Forest Home
Root Clarence C. Lakeview
Root Alice M. Lakeview
Root Everet Lakeview
Root Vernetta Lakeview
Root Andrew John Lakeview
Root Daniel Lakeview
Root father Lakeview
Root mother Lakeview
Root E. Fred Lakeview
Root Emma M. Lakeview
Root Evert B. Lakeview
Root Myrtle L. Lakeview
Root Stanley L. Lakeview
Root Harrison Pierson
Root Zella Arms Pierson
Ropp David Ferris Center
Ropp Hanna Ferris Center
Roscoe James Reynolds
Roscoe William Harold Reynolds
Rose Frances C. Carson City
Rose Harry P. Carson City
Rose Elsie E. Cato
Rose Ernest L. Cato
Rose Hattie N. Cato
Rose Hazel Cato
Rose John W. Cato
Rose John Wesley Cato
Rose Phebe Rosetta Cato
Rose Jennie Entrican
Rose Jennie Entrican
Rose Jamie Lee Evergreen Township
Rose Addie H. Ferris Center
Rose Glenn A. Ferris Center
Rose George H. Forest Hill
Rose Emily Forest Home
Rose Charlie D. Hillcrest
Rose Marion Marie Courtright Hillcrest
Rose Anna M. Hillcrest
Rose Archie Hillcrest
Rose Henry J. Hillcrest
Rose James L. Hillcrest
Rose James L. Hillcrest
Rose Alonzo D. Lakeview
Rose Karen Annette Lakeview
Rose Ralph A. Lakeview
Rose Veronica Richland
Rose Mae Flauren Sheridan
Rose Austin S. Spencer
Rose Lawrence Hugh Trufant
Rose Mable Virginia Trufant
Rose Sidney J. Trufant
Rose Theodore W. Vinewood
Rosebrook Ida Entrican
Rosebrook Martha Reynolds
Rosebrook William Reynolds
Rosedal M. Madeline East Montcalm
Rosekrans Lydia Eureka
Rosekrans Lydia Forest Home
Rosen Anna Reynolds
Rosen Clara W. Reynolds
Rosenbeck Henry W. Reynolds
Rosencrance c/o J. Carson City
Rosencrance Jackson L. Carson City
Rosencrance Jay Carson City
Rosencrance w/o Jay Carson City
Rosendal Wallace Gibson East Montcalm
Rosendal Wallace M. East Montcalm
Rosendal Winnifred A. East Montcalm
Rosendal A. Trufant
Rosendal H. Rosendal Rawling Trufant
Rosendal N. Trufant
Rosendale Erma M. Crystal
Rosendale Victor E. Crystal
Rosene Earnest Pierson
Rosene Rose Pierson
Rosevelt Charles A. Forest Home
Rosevelt Edda C. Forest Home
Rosevelt Etta S. Forest Home
Rosevelt Sarah E. Anibal Forest Home
Roseward Katie Rose Reynolds
Ross Minnie Amelia Carson City
Ross Bessie A. Baty Coral
Ross Christena E. Ross Armitage Coral
Ross Margaret E. Coral
Ross Chauncey Crystal
Ross Elizabeth Crystal
Ross Betty Joan Larsen Evergreen Township
Ross Delia Evergreen Township
Ross Earl L. Evergreen Township
Ross Eva L. Evergreen Township
Ross Howard W. Evergreen Township
Ross Jerry O. Evergreen Township
Ross Joe Jr. Evergreen Township
Ross John W. Evergreen Township
Ross Joseph Evergreen Township
Ross Kathryn L. Evergreen Township
Ross Kendall B. Evergreen Township
Ross Lena Willmore Evergreen Township
Ross Margaret Evergreen Township
Ross Margery V. Evergreen Township
Ross Mer E. Evergreen Township
Ross Mildred Evergreen Township
Ross Nellie Evergreen Township
Ross Orman N. Evergreen Township
Ross Vera L. Evergreen Township
Ross Frank Ferris Center
Ross Iva Ferris Center
Ross Lord Wellington Ferris Center
Ross baby Forest Hill
Ross Ellen M. Forest Hill
Ross John K. Forest Hill
Ross Sophrona B. Forest Hill
Ross Allen F. Forest Home
Ross Edith E. Forest Home
Ross Robert L. Forest Home
Ross Eddie B. Mabie-Sunny Hill
Ross Crystle Brown Reynolds
Ross William A. Reynolds
Ross Burdella M. Ross Shambaugh Vinewood
Ross Charles A. Vinewood
Ross Cornelia M. Vinewood
Ross Emma E. Vinewood
Ross Grace F. Vinewood
Ross Mary Lois Vinewood
Ross Marsha Lyn Vinewood
Ross William H. Vinewood

Shirley L.

Forest Home
Rossman Almira A. Forest Home
Rossman Eugene A. Forest Home
Rossman Philander G. Forest Home
Rossman Stephen Forest Home
Rossman Hazel Hillcrest
Rossman Dirilda B. Lakeview
Rossman Ray Sr. Lakeview
Rossman Ray Jr. Lakeview
Rossman Clara E. Lakeview
Rossman Darrell R. Lakeview
Rossman Harmon Lakeview
Rossman Richard D. Lakeview
Rossman Ruth M. Lakeview
Rossman Maude L. Sidney Township
Rossman Nathan J. Sidney Township
Rossman Bettie Whitsell
Rossman Fite Whitsell
Rossman Mary Whitsell
Roth Fayette Ferris Center
Roth Charles L. McBride
Roth Harriet Elizabeth McBride
Roth Harriet Lana Bigelow McBride
Roth Jacob Fredrick McBride
Roth Lew McBride
Roth Cynthia McBride
Roth Robert McBride
Roth Louis J. Vinewood
Roth Virgie J. Vinewood
Rounds William A. Sheridan
Roundtree Etta Forest Home
Roundtree Mary Forest Home
Roundtree Jennie Trufant
Rouse Anna Richland
Rouse William Richland
Roush Anita Pearl Carson City
Roush Edward Martin Carson City
Roush Leslie M. Carson City
Roush Margaret M. Carson City
Roush Pearl M. Carson City
Roush Florence A. Coral
Roush George H. Coral
Roush Gerald H. Coral
Roush Ida M. Coral
Roush Samuel D. Coral
Roush William H. Coral
Roush Frances Crystal
Roush W. A. Crystal
Roush Gladys East Montcalm
Roush Kenneth E. East Montcalm
Roush L. Ruth East Montcalm
Roush Lora E. Forest Home
Roush Roy R. Hillcrest
Roush Ruth I. Hillcrest
Roush Benjamin F. McBride
Roush Ellen L. McBride
Roush Frank McBride
Roush George O. McBride
Roush Mary McBride
Roush Sarah M. McBride
Roush Andrew Palmer
Roush Anna C. Palmer
Roush Anna C. Palmer
Roush Loren Palmer
Roush Lorenzo A. Palmer
Roush Lusetta Hopkins Palmer
Roush Mary A. Palmer
Roush Mary Ann Palmer
Roush Matilda L. Palmer
Roush Thos W. Palmer
Roush Mary Reynolds
Roush Michael Reynolds
Roush children of George ES & Bell Riverside
Roush Albert M. Riverside
Roush Emma J. Riverside
Roush George S. Riverside
Roush Isabelle Riverside
Rousseau Roland L. Lakeview
Rousseau Helen I. Lakeview
Rowan Bernard J. Reynolds
Rowan Doris E. Reynolds
Rowe Joseph W. Forest Hill
Rowe Lillian K. Forest Hill
Rowe Ronald W. Forest Hill
Rowe Richard J. Pierson
Rowe Alma Reynolds
Rowe Elsie A. Reynolds
Rowe Melvin U. Reynolds
Rowe Minnie B. Reynolds
Rowe Shirley M. Reynolds
Rowell Afford K. Clear Lake
Rowen Blanche I. McBride
Rowen Charles L. McBride
Rowen Earl A. McBride
Rowen Edward A. McBride
Rowen Francis E. McBride
Rowland John S. Cedar Lake
Rowland Adeline Coral
Rowland Berneice A. Coral
Rowland Carrie Coral
Rowland Forest Coral
Rowland Joseph A. Coral
Rowland Josephine Coral
Rowland Leo A. Coral
Rowland Lula B. Coral
Rowland Mertie M. Coral
Rowland Minnie M. Coral
Rowland Mitchell Ney Ingersoll Coral
Rowland Oren A. Coral
Rowland Oren A. Jr. Coral
Rowland Phebe Coral
Rowland Ruby B. Coral
Rowland Samuel C. Coral
Rowland William J. Coral
Rowland Alta E. Forest Home
Rowland Charles Forest Home
Rowland Colonel J. Forest Home
Rowland Eileen Forest Home
Rowland Marian A. Forest Home
Rowland mother Forest Home
Rowland Cora L. Lakeview
Rowland Ida Lakeview
Rowland Pearl L. Lakeview
Rowland Harold Lee Pierson
Rowland Harold L. Pierson
Rowland Henrietta M. Pierson
Rowland Harvey L. Pierson
Rowland Ida E. Pierson
Rowland Ira O. Pierson
Rowland Erma I. Trufant
Rowland Lloyd A. Trufant
Rowland Adella Lodema Whitsell
Rowley Flora E. Clear Lake
Rowley Michael C. Sr. Clear Lake
Rowley Anna East Montcalm
Rowley Anna East Montcalm
Rowley Carrie East Montcalm
Rowley Charlie East Montcalm
Rowley Edwin S. East Montcalm
Rowley Hannah C. East Montcalm
Rowley Stacey East Montcalm
Rowley William S. East Montcalm
Rowley William S. East Montcalm
Rowley Conela Eureka
Rowley Drace Forest Hill
Rowley Amanda J. Forest Home
Rowley James M. Forest Home
Rowley James M. Forest Home
Roy Betty June St. Charles
Roy Lawrence St. Charles
Royer Anna M. Richland
Royer Evelyne Richland
Royer Isaac Richland
Royer Isaac E. Richland
Royer Sarah M. Richland
Royston Ledah M. Forest Hill
Royston Thomas C. Forest Hill
Royston Charles M. Hillcrest
Royston Ida M. Hillcrest
Royston Howard J. Hillcrest
Royston Lilah L. Hillcrest
Royston Ella K. Lakeview
Royston John P. Lakeview
Rozenbergs Emma Lakeview
Rubble Thomas Sheridan
Rubie Beatrice A. St. Charles
Rubie John P. St. Charles
Rubingh Gladys M. Pierson
Rubingh Harold J. Pierson
Rubingh Kelly Elaine Pierson
Ruch Agnes East Montcalm
Ruch Almira M. Goodman East Montcalm
Ruch Edwin M. East Montcalm
Ruch George L. East Montcalm
Ruch Gladys Roush East Montcalm
Ruch Lewis East Montcalm
Ruch Louise East Montcalm
Ruch Maurice East Montcalm
Ruch William F. East Montcalm
Rude Mary E. Whitsell
Rudolph Alice May Forest Hill
Ruedger Carrol W. Carson City
Ruedger Clark R. Carson City
Ruedger Fannie Carson City
Ruedger Frances S. Carson City
Ruedger infant s/o RL & FS Carson City
Ruedger John E. Carson City
Ruedger Joseph H. Carson City
Ruedger Lydia M. Carson City
Ruedger Nila D. Carson City
Ruedger Reynolds L. Carson City
Ruedger Ruth E. Carson City
Ruedger Marie Crystal
Ruedger Mark H. Crystal
Ruedger Billias E. Crystal
Ruedger Florence Crystal
Ruegsegger Jack K. Riverside
Ruegsegger Robert L. Riverside
Ruegsegger Leona M. Riverside
Rugher Sarah I. Whitsell
Ruiz infant Forest Home
Rule Helen E. Evergreen Township
Rule Lloyd A. Evergreen Township
Rumberger Floy J. Richland
Rumberger Tressie Richland
Rummer A. Carson City
Rummer Ann Carson City
Rummer Frankie Carson City
Rummer James B. Carson City
Rummer Lourettie Carson City
Rummer Louise V. Evergreen Township
Rummer Watts T. Evergreen Township
Rummer William H. Ferris Center
Rummer Floyd William Ferris Center
Rummer Mari Anna Ferris Center
Rummer Norman Allen Ferris Center
Rummer Sarah Potter's Field
Rumohr Edward G. Forest Home
Rumsey Clara Forest Hill
Rumsey Adin L. Whitsell
Rundio Emma Crystal
Rundio James Crystal
Rundle Clare H. Evergreen Township
Rundle Vera M. Evergreen Township
Runnels Curtis Reynolds
Runyan Ruth E. Fairplains
Rupard Alex Ferris Center
Rupard child of Alex Ferris Center
Rupard child of John Ferris Center
Rupard child of Wm. Ferris Center
Rupard John Ferris Center
Rupard Lucy Ferris Center
Rupard son of John Ferris Center
Rupard wife of John Ferris Center
Rupard wife of John Ferris Center
Rupard wife of Alex Ferris Center
Ruperd Elizabeth A. Ferris Center
Ruperd Ida M. Ferris Center
Ruperd son of J & E Ferris Center
Rupert Francis E. Vinewood
Rupert Theressa M. Vinewood
Ruppert Ella H. Little Denmark
Ruppert John C. Little Denmark
Ruppert Betty M. Trufant
Ruppert Leonard J. Trufant
Rupright baby Carson City
Rupright Ernest A. Crystal
Rupright Flossie F. Crystal
Rupright John C. Crystal
Rupright Marion E. Crystal
Rupright Sanford Crystal
Rush Marcella Evergreen Township
Rush W. A. Weed Evergreen Township
Rush Walter J. Evergreen Township
Rush Christian T. Ferris Center
Rush Cloud J. Ferris Center
Rush Larinda Ferris Center
Rush Frank E. Forest Home
Rush James M. Forest Home
Rush Lucy B. Forest Home
Rush Clara B. McBride
Rush Lucile B. McBride
Rush Ora R. McBride
Rushmore Anna M. Amble
Rushmore Gracie Amble
Rushmore Marie Ann Amble
Rushmore Max L. Amble
Rushmore Robert W. Amble
Rushmore Roy R. Amble
Rushmore Walter J. Amble
Rushmore William A. Amble
Rusnell Daniel J. Richland
Rusnell Ethel M. Richland
Rusnell Irene Richland
Rusnell Joseph J. Richland
Rusnell Loren Richland
Ruso Oralia Reynolds
Russell Ann D. Carson City
Russell Frankie A. Carson City
Russell George L. Carson City
Russell John H. Carson City
Russell John O. Carson City
Russell John Carson City
Russell Nina Carson City
Russell Ophelia M. Carson City
Russell s/o John Carson City
Russell Albert "Bud" Cato
Russell Avery R. Cato
Russell Clifford F. Cato
Russell Dorothy R. Cato
Russell Hattie M. Cato
Russell James A. Cato
Russell Leon A. Cato
Russell LeRoy A. Cato
Russell Martha L. Cato
Russell Oscar A. Cato
Russell Ralph O. Cato
Russell Sarah E. Cato
Russell Shirley D. Coral
Russell Schilan Marie East Montcalm
Russell George H. Entrican
Russell Allen J. Fairplains
Russell Andrew J. Fairplains
Russell George Fairplains
Russell Gladys H. Fairplains
Russell Floyd A. Fairplains
Russell James W. Fairplains
Russell Julia A. Fairplains
Russell Margene L. Fairplains
Russell Mary A. Fairplains
Russell Merl A. Fairplains
Russell Perditta Fairplains
Russell Violet E. Fairplains
Russell Florence Forest Home
Russell W. Hillcrest
Russell Mrs. W. Hillcrest
Russell Reta F. Lakeview
Russell Charles Earl Lakeview
Russell Rebecca Lakeview
Russell Harley J. Richland
Russell Harriet A. Richland
Russell B. Bessie Riverside
Russell Clarence R. Riverside
Russell Edwin R. Riverside
Russell Flora H. Riverside
Russell Gilbert A. Riverside
Russell John J. Riverside
Russell Margaret A. Riverside
Russell Mary J. Riverside
Russell Meredith J. Riverside
Russell mother Riverside
Russell Robert L. Riverside
Russell Anna B. Sheridan
Russell Archie Noah Sheridan
Russell Archie Noah Sheridan
Russell Benjamin G. Sheridan
Russell Chlistia Sheridan
Russell Doris Roline Sheridan
Russell Florence A. Sheridan
Russell Gaila L. Sheridan
Russell Gilbert Arley Sheridan
Russell Howard N. Sheridan
Russell Lettie A. Sheridan
Russell Noah Sheridan
Russell Sol Smith Sheridan
Russell V. W. Sheridan
Russell Wilberta E. Sheridan
Russell Earl C. Sidney Township
Russell Edgar C. Sidney Township
Russell Charles St. Charles
Russell Louis C. St. Charles
Russell Mary E. St. Charles
Russell Donald J. St. Mary's
Russell Lewis G. St. Mary's
Russell Louise E. St. Mary's
Russell Robert St. Mary's
Russell Sylvester Vickeryville
Russell Iamba Vinewood
Russell Datus L. Whitsell
Russell Ida R. Whitsell
Russell Killie Whitsell
Rust Asahel Lakeview
Rust Geroge A. Lakeview
Rust Henry M. Lakeview
Rust Ruth Lakeview
Rust Ellen F. Whitsell
Rust Henry Whitsell
Rust Jacob Whitsell
Rutan Eugene Forest Home
Rutan Francene Forest Home
Rutan Leo H. Forest Home
Rutan Manning Sr. Forest Home
Rutan Marcia A. Forest Home
Rutan Melinda Hurd Forest Home
Rutenber Edwin A. Forest Home
Rutenber Lorayne M. Forest Home
Rutherford Dorah M. Sheridan
Rutherford Ernest A. Sheridan
Rutherford Herbert Sheridan
Rutherford Richard W. Sheridan
Ruthruff Charles M. Cato
Ruthruff Clifford K. Cato
Ruthruff Grace M. Cato
Ruthruff Sarah A. Cato
Ruthruff Victor P. Hillcrest
Ruthruff Ann E. Vinewood
Ruthruff David Keith Vinewood
Ruthruff Elizabeth Vinewood
Ruthruff Elmer M. Vinewood
Ruthruff Flora J. Vinewood
Ruthruff George W. Vinewood
Ruthruff Iva I. Vinewood
Ruthruff Jay Vinewood
Ruthruff Kenneth Vinewood
Ruthruff Raymond E. Vinewood
Ruthruff Verl Vinewood
Rutledge Anzo A. Jr. Evergreen Township
Rutledge Nella R. Evergreen Township
Ruttan Viven Evergreen Township
Ryan Bob Carson City
Ryan Danny Lee Carson City
Ryan Doris Carson City
Ryan George Carson City
Ryan Gladys Carson City
Ryan Glennis Carson City
Ryan Mike Carson City
Ryan Joseph Donald Evergreen Township
Ryan Rose Tow Evergreen Township
Ryan Albert E. Lakeview
Ryan Barbara L. Lakeview
Ryan Emma Minnie Pierson
Ryan Maxine Ryan Kipp St. Mary's
Ryan T. D. St. Mary's
Ryan Viva St. Mary's
Ryan William St. Mary's
Rybski Leo G. Jr. Hillcrest
Ryburn Molly A. Vinewood
Ryburn Norman Leon Vinewood
Ryckman Carrie L. Ferris Center
Ryckman Cecil J. Ferris Center
Ryckman Chauncy L. Ferris Center
Ryckman Harry L. Ferris Center
Rydahl Alfred North Sidney
Rydahl Alfred W. North Sidney
Rydahl Anna North Sidney
Rydahl Chris North Sidney
Rydahl Ellen North Sidney
Rydahl Erma L. North Sidney
Rydahl Elnora L. North Sidney
Rydahl Fred North Sidney
Rydahl Geanie North Sidney
Rydahl Hannah M. North Sidney
Rydahl Harry North Sidney
Rydahl Jacob North Sidney
Rydahl Lisbeth North Sidney
Rydahl Peter W. North Sidney
Rydahl Walter North Sidney
Rydahl Lela V. Sidney Township
Rydahl Martin A. Sidney Township
Rydahl Carl South Sidney
Rydahl Carrie S. South Sidney
Rydahl Elvin South Sidney
Rydahl Emma South Sidney
Rydahl Helena South Sidney
Rydahl Henry South Sidney
Rydahl S. Chamello South Sidney
Rydahl Virginia D. South Sidney
Rydahl Ann Marie Rydahl Harriman West Montcalm
Rydahl Hilda V. West Montcalm
Rydahl Leslie C. West Montcalm
Rydahl Roger L. West Montcalm
Rye Charlotte Whitsell
Rykert Delbert H. Coral
Rykert Emeline Coral
Rykert Frank M. Coral
Rykert Geo Wm. Coral
Rykert George Nelson Coral
Rykert Henry Coral
Rykert Lydia A. Coral
Rykert Nettie Coral
Rykert Viola Coral
Ryno Amy R. Reynolds
Ryno Ansel J. Reynolds
Ryno Arvilla Marie Reynolds
Ryno Bertha Reynolds
Ryno Don H. Reynolds
Ryno Forbes L. Reynolds
Ryno Hattie C. Reynolds
Ryno James H. Reynolds
Ryno John Henry Reynolds
Ryno Laura C. Reynolds
Ryno Nellie R. Reynolds
Ryno Ron Reynolds
Ryno Royce Reynolds
Ryskamp Edna E. Trufant
Ryskamp Henry C. Trufant
Ryskamp Jane Trufant