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            Montcalm County Casualty List, World War II

Name Cause Serial or Service Number Postal Address Other Info
Allen, Amos R. KIA 0-718-984 Crystal
Armbrustmacher, Don E. KIA 36-424-530 Carson City
Baker, Arnold K. DNB 20-63- 810 Lakeview
Benison, Arthur KIA 0-357-067 Vestaburg
Bennett, Ned J. 623-14-12 Vestaburg
Blake, Harlen M  Stanton
Bond, George A. M - FOD Greenville
Boon, James E. KIA 36-412-849 Howard City
Bradford, William H. KIA 36-193-125 Stanton, Rt. 2 d. 20 Dec 1944
Brigner, Delbert E. KIA 36-156-135 Greenville
Brundage, W.E. DOW 36-400-080 Howard City
Bryant, Eugene M. KIA 36-881-193 Greenville
Chaney, Robert H. KIA 36-976-582 Carson City
Christensen, Ernest D. KIA 36-125-010 Edmore, Rt. 2 d. 17 Mar 1945
Christensen, Walter J. KIA 36-881-042 Trufant
Cooper, Jack S. DOW 36-462-817 Carson City
Corey, Clifford KIA 36-157-208 Fenwick, Rt. 1
Dancer, James W. KIA 36-967-073 Howard City
Dann, Glenn Earnest KIA 36-470-295 Pierson, Rt. 1
DeCamp, Elgie B. KIA 36-863-504
Dixon, Samuel DNB 46-022-539
Dolan, John D. DNB 36-197-502 Sheridan, Rt. 1
DuBois, Donald G. KIA 36-452-964 Lakeview
Edwards, John E. KIA 20-635-339 Vestaburg, Rt. 1
Erskin, Clair M. KIA 36-412-873 Vestaburg
Filkins, Charles Greenville 119 James St.
Finch, David L. KIA 622-92-10 Coral
French, Howard G. FOD 36-183-932 Greenville, Rt. 2
Gibbie, Cecil J. KIA 35-893-410 Gowen
Gould, George J. KIA 36-417-246 Greenville
Greenberg, Junior A. DOW 498-051 Coral
Greenhoe, Robert M. KIA 01-165-867 Stanton
Hancock, Charles R. KIA 36-454-640 Sheridan 
Hastings, Philip R. KIA 36-859-836 Fenwick, Rt. 1
Hatfield, Robert Sidney
Hayden, Lewis E. KIA 36-160-144 Stanton, Rt. 1
Hemanger, Emerson KIA 36-404-694 Morley
Horton, Richard B. KIA 302-183 Vestaburg
Huff, Lyle B. 36-889-418 Greenville
Jack, Clifford Howard City
Jensen, Louis N. KIA 36-462-305 Stanton, Rt. 2 d. 15 Jun 1944
Johnson, Andrew W. DOW 36-91-7384 Vestaburg, Rt. 1
Jorgensen, Jack Edwin FOD 16-012-634 McBride
Kelly, William M. Jr. DNB 36-452-905
Kline, Delbert D. DNB 36-452-872
Kruger, Emil DOW Pierson 
LaBadie, Paul R. M  36-888-812
Larsen, Melvin W. MIA 36-402-044 Lakeview, Rt. 1
Lovell, Ferne G. KIA Coral
MacDonald, Allen E. KIA Coral
Marvin, Leo B. KIA 894-75-56 Stanton, Rt. 2
May, George L. KIA 36-155-253 Edmore, Rt. 1
McCully, Charley A. DNB 36-165-297 Stanton, Rt. 2
Miller, Frederick C. DOW 36-469-430 Greenville, Rt. 3
Mowery, Joe E. KIA 36-458-312
Nelson, Russell J. KIA Greenville
Noah, Howard J. KIA 622-10-01 Sidney
Ordiway, Gaylord E. DNB 20-634-479 Crystal
Owens, William C. DOW 36-463-659
Oyler, William D. KIA 36-404-866 Carson City, Rt. 1
Paris, Donald KIA 36-564-646 Lakeview
Pearl, Joseph T. KIA 16-135-683 Greenville
Perkins, Russell A. KIA 20-634-834 Lakeview
Perry, John L. KIA 0-732-967
Petersen, Frederick R. KIA 36-467-118 Hubbardston, Rt. 1
Petersen, Howard C. Greenville
Phillips, Keith K. KIA 0-437-588 Crystal, Rt. 1
Pratt, Emerson KIA 36-190-900 Trufant
Rentsman, Leo D. Gowen
Rich, Rodney S. KIA 0-662-692 Sheridan, Rt. 2
Ringler, Robert G. KIA 36-168-924 Greenville
Sampson, Glenn K. FOD 36-183-935 Greenville
Shaffer, William Coral
Shaver, Wilbur KIA Coral With Canadian Air Force
Sheldon, Howard KIA 36-404-872 Stanton
Sherd, Marshall J. KIA 36-187-543 Sheridan, Rt. 1
Shillinger, Dale E. DNB 0-687-351 Carson City, Rt. 2
Sitts, Lester J. KIA 20-635-388 Sheridan
Smith, Donald O. KIA 36-875-831 Greenville
Smith, Salem A. Jr. 16-119-063 Greenville
Stites, no first name Vestaburg
Stout, Donovan M. KIA 36-175-844 Cedar Springs
Stuewer, Donald H. FOD 0-622-692 Howard City
Sutton, Wayne G. KIA 622-23-83 Fenwick, Rt. 2
Terrell, Leon KIA 20-635-394 Stanton
Towne, Charles C. DNB 16-010-784 Stanton, Rt. 1
Trowbridge, Melvin E. FOD 20-634-888 Lakeview, Rt. 2
Tuttle, Harold Edmore
VanderVeen, Russell DNB 36-455-390 Crystal
VanOcker, Glenn L. KIA 01-311-235 Greenville
Wallington, Lew G. KIA 36-155-242 Stanton
Williams, Bert L. 622-89-51 Gowen
Williams, LeRoy S. KIA 20-635-380 Stanton
Witmer, Sidney A. DNB 733-77-43 Howard City Killed in plane crash in training
List compiled by Richard A. Grow and Lawson M. Knowles, April 15, 1947

Contributed by Judy Hardy of Stanton, MI

If you have additions or corrections please contact Paula Johnson
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