Photo donated by: Jo Phillips, Sept. 2003.
names are probably listed left to right and probably start at the Teacher, top left. Most of the front row are unidentified.
(1)Mrs. Gardner, (2)Clayton Winger, (3) ?, (4)Don Chernley, (5)Dean Youngman, (6)Jack Scot__?, (7)John Bale, (8)Carl Allen, (9) ?, (10)Jr. Linscott, (11)Donald Abbey, (12)Robert Butler, (13) ?, (14) ?, (15)_______do?,
(16)D. Baker, (17)Esther H___?, (18)____? _ephens, (19)Mary Bale, (20) ?, (21)Rosalie Almy, (22)Marjie ___?, (23)___? Youngman, (24)Hazel H___?, (25)Jeena Ellen Dennie, (26)Pauline Betser, (27)Wendell Wragland, (28)Bud _obey?,
(29)Kenneth Johnson, (30-44) ?... rest of front row not yet identified.