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Coral Name Origin

Coral was first settled around 1858. One of the first settlers, Charles Parker donated 80 acres to become the new village. Lumbering was the main reason that many settlers came to the area. Because of this lumbering, the village was known as "Stump Town". One story goes that after a few years, vines with coral colored berries grew over all of the white pine stumps left by the lumbermen. Thus, the name Coral.  The Coral Centennial 1862-1962 says is that it's name was changed to Coral because it was easier to spell.  And the History of Montcalm County 1916 Vol. 1 says, "Coral, a name which Mr. Parker selected for the place because it was easily written"

Coral Baseball

Circa 1900 Coral had an offical baseball team (name?).  There used to be area ballfield and bleachers just south of Coral rd about .25 mile down on east side of Masters Rd. beside Cowden Lake, just north of current grove of trees, now 4282 Masters Rd (within the grove is an old Cowden Lake grocery store building, now a cottage). A ballfield was on the south side of Coral on SW corner of Bailey Rd and Coral Rd with chicken wire behind home plate for children Pee Wee and Little League players at least until 1969. Also the lot on the south of Coral School was a ballfield used by students and an unconfirmed location on NW corner of Bailey Rd and Kendaville Rd.

Trufant Airplane Crash by Gerald Pike

1921 July.  The Turfant Merchants had acquired the ball park property and put up a brand new woven wire fence aroun it when two worldwar one army pilots barn-stormed in here on a Saturday in July with an open air water cooled world war one Jenny and Landed where the Ozzie and Gary Neilson property is now.  Anticipating to take up some passengers at 15 dollars per head, they had no takes, so they dicided to take off and leave town.  In taking off they were unable to clear the ball park fence and you guess the rest - your right - that was the end of that flight.  The two young pilots got our of the wreck with minor bruises.  The plane was totaled out and shipped by rail back to its home base somewhere in Indiana.  It sure created a lot fo excitment back in those days, all of Trufant was out to see it. 

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