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Maple Valley Township
Montcalm County, Michigan

Trufant Trufant Trufant
Maple Valley - Catholic

Chris Johnson's Collection

Trufant History
Ball Team - 1918
Barn Raising
Barn Raising
Barn Raising - 1926
Bethany Lutheran Church
Blacksmith Shop
Boat - "Lone Swan"
Corn Shocks
Cutting Ice
Cutting Potatoes
Cutting Wood
Early Days
Early Home
Honor Gate
Log Cabin - Pioneers
Lumber Camp
Main Street - Cars
Main Street - Early
Main Street - Early
Main Street - Early 1900s
Main Street - Stores
Plant Potatoes
Potato Cellars
Potatoes to Market
Poulsen Store
Railroad - "High Bridge"
St. Thomas Church
St. Thomas Church
St. Thomas Jr. Choir
Steffensen Blacksmith
Stock Yards
Stump Fence
Sunday School
Telephone Office
Thrashing Grain
Trufant Elevator
Trufant Lake - Boat
Winter Sleigh

Christensen, Lars - Farm
Jensen, Ole - Farm
Jorgensen Family
   Jorgensen Family
   Jorgensen Family
Madsen, Elwood
Miller, Eldon
Nielsen, N. P.
Nyrand, Carl & Kristine
Petersen, Rev. Christian
Petersen, Wallace
Poulsen, Fred & Emma
Poulsen Family - Farming
Poulsen Family Members
Poulsen, Peder - Family
Poulsen, Russell
Rasmussen Wedding
Tompsett, Charles - Family

Trufant History Book

Maple Valley and Trufant
Maple Valley Village - 1875
Maple Valley Village
Trufant - Before It Was

County Map - 1881
County Map - 1897
Township Map - 1875
Township Directory
Trufant Map - 1875
Trufant Map - 1897

Coral Newspapers
Early Homes
Fire - 1924
History Stories
Honor Gate
Left Denmark......
Local man goes to Antarctic
Logging Camp
Lumber Mills - 1875
Train & Wagon Collide

Good Roads
Proposed Trolley Lines
The Plank Road Craze
Highways & Transportation
Indian Trails
Early Roads & Trails
Railroad Map
Taking Up The Tracks
Railroad Disaster
Train Crash in Sink Hole
Railroad Photos

As I Remember Trufant
Bunce, Dr. Earl
Christiansen, Elmer
Petersen, Howard
    Smoking & Train
    Old Adolph
    Blacksmith Shop
    Horse Race
    My Brother and I
    Dad's First Cars
    Sleigh Ride
    Tooth Ache and Slingshots
    Granddad Poulsen
    Granddma Poulsen
    Country Schools & More
    Trufant Homecoming
    Trufant Lake
    Grandparents & More
    Army Life
Nielsen, Lind
Pike, Gerald W.
    Early Days in Trufant
Rasmussen, Laudra

Poems from "Trufant History"

Danish Sisterhood Society
Main Street
New School
Paulsen's General Store

Bunce, Dr. Earl
Christensen, Conrad
Christophersen, John
Conklin, Stanley & Elizabeth
Drews, William E.
Ebsen, Niels P.
Frederiksen, Hans
Garbow, August
Hansen, Carl F.
Hansen, Hans Peter
Hansen, Iner
Hansen, Oscar T.
Helm (Hjelm), Hans
Henriksen Family
Hill, Agustus F.
Jensen, Andrew
Jensen, Christian & Ane
Jensen, Russell G.
Johnson, Carl Christian
Johnson, Lars
   60th Wed. Anniversary
Johnson, Ole
Jorgensen, Caroline
Larsen, Albert
Larsen, Hans Peter
Larsen, Madsen
Lauridtzen, Hans
Madsen, John
Neilsen, Mrs. C. J.
Newell, Ferdinand
Nielsen, Rudolph & Jenny
Norton, Bernard
Quigg, John
Paulsen, Ida
Rasmussen, Laudra
Rasmussen, Nels P.
Reeve, Elmer
   Family Photos
   Family Photos
Reynolds, John
Riley, Will D.
Shaver, David
Trufant, Emory & Charlotte
Contributed by Gerry Christiansen

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