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Class of 1924-25

Class of 1924-25

Sheridan School 1924-1925
Some of the names of the students were written on the back of the old photo but they don't match up with the number of students in each row. Listed is what appeared on the photo.

Top row: Superintendent Slentz, Hazen Kidder, Carl Balderson, Chester Hoy, unknown, Dale Beardslee, Stanley Gladding, _____Nelson, Bob Cook, T. McCoy, ____Brown, R. Collier, G. Bush, H. Kreeger, M. Kidder, Mike Gladding, ____Greenhoe, L. Ehle, unknown, unknown, L. Madison, S. Frisbie.

Second row: unknown, unknown, L. Russell, ____Jones, _____Jones, R. Collier, C. Randle, ___Eldridge, ____Robertson, G. Yeomans, A. Simmosen, ___Patterson, unknown, ___Riker, ____Greenhoe, L. Greenhoe, Mildred Petersen, S. Dering?, Laura Olsen.

Third row: Dorothy Lo_tar, unknown, M. Peabody, E. Reese, R. Krueger, M. Wyckoff, I. Bush, unknown, J. Beardslee, unknown, __Beardslee, unknown.

Fourth row: ___Hill, ____Haymer, C. Ehle, H. Christensen, Ted Yeomans, H. Haymer, R. Berston, B. Wade, Lee Bracey, Pat Courter, Homer Snider, Carl Greenhoe.

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