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Lost and Found Family Bibles

John Whalen has located many family bibles from various states, and a couple from the UK. Some he hasen't been able to determine the origin but wanted to share the information in hopes of locating decendants of these families.

Lost and Found Family Bibles

Index to Newaygo County Page

Morrison Family Bible...

MI Graveyards...

Seeking Michigan - New Website with MI Death Certificates...

The October Project - Cemeteries of Newaygo County

Newaygo Co. Census

Rogers-Mohnke Funeral Home Records

Fremont Area District Libraries Genealogy Database

Michigan Family History Databases - Newaygo Specific

1939 Grant Village Directory

1880 Croton Map

The Ottawa and Chippewa of Michigan - 1870 Census & Durant Rolls..(off site link)

Ensley Township Surname Index

    From the Pioneer Parade

Ashland Twp. Patrons 1880 Atlas

Denver Twp. Patrons 1880 Atlas

Tidbits from Surrounding Old Time Newspapers

Times Indicator

    Click on the section "Newaygo County Yesteryear"...Weekly stories from the past

Newaygo County Photo Album

Michigan Unknown County Marriages..The Dibean Collection

Newaygo County Marriages..The Dibean Collection

Michigan Marriages - by County..The Dibean Collection

1850 Newaygo Co. Federal Census Index

1850 U.S. Census

1860 U.S. Census

1870 Newaygo Co. Census by Township

1870 Michigan Census......Note: This is an off site link -

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 1880 Census Extracts - Newaygo Co., MI

Newaygo County Historical Archives...Note: This is an off site link -

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1836-1912 History and Maps of Newaygo Co.

 Lookup Volunteers

 Grant Area Surnames

 Index to the 1884 Portrait and Biographical

 GENDIS - Statewide Death Index 1867-1882

 Newaygo County Early Days

 Lumbering in the Fremont Area

 NCSHG Publications

 Railroads of Newaygo County

 Pioneers of Newaygo County

 Pioneer Doctors of Newaygo County

 Early Settlers (Fremont Area)

A - B C - D E - F G - J K - L M N-Q R S T-U V-Z

 Family Tales...Bios from Newaygo County

 Schools of Newaygo County

 Post Offices of Newaygo County...With links to brief Settlement Histories

 Centennial Farms of Newaygo County

 Creameries and Dairies of Newaygo County

 Newspapers of Newaygo County-Then and Now

 Newaygo County Libraries & Resources

 Surnames of Newaygo County

 Early Marriages of Newaygo County

 Early Wedding Announcements

 Family Bibles

 Soldiers' Memorial

 Unrecorded Births-Newaygo Co. 1867-1883

 Genealogists and Researchers

 Just Beginning Your Family Tree??

 Churches of Newaygo County

 Newaygo County Cemeteries

 Newaygo County Cemetery Location Map

 Newaygo County In the Civil War

 History of the White Cloud VFW Post 2053

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 WWI Michigan Decorated Soldiers

 White Cloud WWII Honor Roll

 Wars and Conflicts Timeline

 Korean War Casualties

 Funeral Home Listing

 Newaygo County Obituaries

 Genealogy Links

 Newaygo County Roots Home Page Links

 Carmen's Corner

 Letters from Home

 Where To Find It

 Land Records for Newaygo Co. 1807-1907

 Newaygo Online

The Rail
Take a Ride on the Rail and Visit Other Interesting Sites!!

 World Gen Web Project

Does One Of These Gentlemen Belong To You??

Favorite Irish Links

Jan Cortez

1895 Newaygo
1895 Map of Newaygo County (LivGenMI)

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