Village Directory

Carlson, Hans President
McKinley, H. J. President Pro Tem
Sharp, Neil E. Clerk
Nelson, Myrtie Treasurer
Rogers, Frank Assessor
Eckstrom, A. E. Fire Marshall
Frantzen, J. W. Street Commissioner
Brown, George Village Marshall
Lettinga, Dr. D. Health Officer

McKinley, H. J.
McKinley, R. B.
Eckstrom, A. E.
Lettinga, D.
Saur, O. R.
Wolbrink, C. E.

Professional and Business Men in 1939
Grant Post Office Emory Grilley, Postmaster
Audley Smith, Assistant
Mail Carriers Stephen Edward, Walter Branyan and Eugene Houghton
Meats and Groceries V. C. Munson
Henderson & Sons, Meats and Groceries Frank Henderson, Manager
Mrs. Roy Casterline, Clerk
Dry Goods and Groceries Mrs. M. Pollard
Kroger Store Robert Anderson, Manager
Clarence Allison, Clerk
Lawrence Larsen, Clerk
Grant Lumber and Fuel Company R. H. Grilley, Manager
Floyd Grilley, Assistant
Elevator and Coal Yards
  1. E. Dodd, Owner and Manager
John Wolff, Assistant
Furniture Store Archie Smith
Jenks & Longwood, Dry Goods and Groceries Richard Jenks, Manager
Roberts Drug Store Ira Roberts, Owner
Grant Bakery Chris Osterby, Owner
Barber Shop Arthur Sanders
Barber Shop Allen Titus
Mobilgas Station Francis Biegalle, Manager
Kenneth King, Assistant
Lennon Sales and Service Ed. Lennon, Manager
Clifford Draper, Assistant
Shell Gas Station Wells Wolbrink Manager
Gulf Service Station Roger Starks, Manager
Elton Starks, Assistant
Westling Service Station Wm. Dietz, Manager
Jack Houghton, Assistant
Standard Service Station Dale Branyan, Manager
Floyd Wine, Assistant
Home Gas Station Mattie Hanville, Owner
Blacksmith Shop William Dill, Owner
John, Assistant
Garage Leul Berthaum, Owner
Lunch Room and Tavern Garold Damoth, Owner and Manager
Kozy Nook Inn Mr. and Mrs. Albert Berger, Proprietors
Chaney Auto Service Arthur Chaney, Owner
Farm Implements and Repair Service Ted Chaney
Grant Hardware O. R. Saur & Sons
Oscar Nelson, Clerk
Clifford McKelvey, Clerk
Undertaker H. J. McKinley
Billard Parlor and Shoe Shop Conrad Senkow, Proprietor
Red and White Store C. E. Wolbrink & Son
Grant State Bank Herman McKinley, President & Cashier
Don McKinley, Assistant Cashier
Mrs. Eveart Finkbeiner, Bookkeeper
Insurance Wm. Brink
Insurance Lawrence Larsen
Dentist Ellis C. Johanson
Grant Creamery Co. Robert McKinley, Manager
Bert Cartwright, Butter Maker
Carroll Robinson, Butter Maker
Grant Crate Mill Mart Overly, Owner
Campbell's Beauty Shop Mrs. Forest Campbell, Proprietor
Physicians and Surgeons T. R. Deur
K. T. Johnstone
D. Lettinga
P. M. Agent Albert Galbraith
DeBruyn Seed and Produce Co. Herman Veurink, Manager
Grant Onion & Storage Co. H. J. Koops and James Koops, Mgrs
Rhodes & Finkbeiner Onion Storage  
R. VanderHaag Onion Storage  
Onion Storage Forest Campbell
Onion Storage Ed. VanHorn
Onion Storage J. A. Sheller
Potato and Onion Growers R. E. Kincaid & Son
Onion Storage Mart Overly
Onion Storage Henry Schuietman
Onion Storage A. E. Eckstrom
Ice Dealer Kenneth Wilson
Michigan Land Co., Onion Storage Wilford Pressler, Manager
Greenhouse Harold Jensen, Owner
Grant Dairy Charles McGuire, Owner
Chittenden Dairy Albert Chittenden, Owner
Painter and Decorator Theodore Kjolhede
Michigan Bell Telephone Co. Mr. & Mrs. George Love, Managers
Condon Seed Co. George Miller, Agent
Cistern and Well Builder O. P. Wells
Lord Brothers, Builders and Contractors  
Contractor and Carpenter Frank Rogers
New and Used Cars George Love
Livestock Dealers William VanEeuwen & Son
Grant Herald & Independent H. V. Seabrook, Editor and Publisher

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