Unrecorded Births of
Newaygo County
Surnames A thru K

When a birth or death occured, it was reported to the township clerk, either by the doctor or mid-wife attending or by one of the family. The township clerk wrote the record into the township record book. These records were then hand copied on quarterly report forms which were sent to the county clerk. The county clerk then hand copied the information from the quarterly reports into the county vital record books. This repeated copying resulted in a huge number of errors and ommitions on the county level and probably many more on the state level.

Newaygo County has been fortunate enough to have located many of the quarterly reports made by the township clerk to the county clerk. These records have been compared with the county records, resulting in the following lists of those births NOT recorded in the county clerk's books.

Able, (baby boy)
Feb. 2, 1868
Cyrus and Rhoda Ables
Acerman, Francis
Mar. 17, 1880
Frank and Mary Acerman
Ackley, (baby)
Mar. 30, 1869
Newton and Elizabeth Ackley
Amos, Eilyea
Feb. 28, 1868
Alfred and Sarah Amos
Austin, Harry Herbert
Mar. 5, 1876
H. H. and Jeney Austin
Backart, (baby)
Apr. 28, 1876
Julius and Lucy Backart
Badaux, Elen E.
Apr. 3, 1870
George and Laura Badaux
Balcom, (baby)
Mar. 6, 1870
Wilson and Jane Balcom
Barnhard, Ward
Feb. 20, 1874
Lin P. and Augusta Barnhard
Barr, Emma
May 10, 1875
Henry and May Barr
Bement, Malisa
June 22, 1875
Daniel and Manerva Bement
Benett, Linn
Aug. 30, 1876
John and Sarah Benett
Bennett, (baby)
May 10, 1877
Alfred Jay and Maggie Bennett
Benton, Effie
Oct. 19, 1883
B. F. and E. Benton
Berry, Eunice
Apr. 2, 1871
James and Elisabeth Berry
Boon, (baby girl)
Apr. 11, 1876
James and Betsy Ann Boon
Boon, Chores
May 28, 1874
James and B. A. Boon
Botruff, Burtha A.
Mar. 11, 1875
Samuel and Emma A. Botruff
Burington, Edith
Oct. 30, 1876
Abner and Emily Burington
Bush, Addie
Mar. 12, 1881
Charles and Huldah Bush
Calkins, Charles Elmer
Dec. 2, 1867
Ashel D. and Ann Calkins
Campbell, Gladis M.
Dec. 3, 1875
Aldin and Sarah Campbell
Cavender, Dennis
Aug. 6, 1881
Eugene and Carrie Cavender
Cheney, (marked out)
Feb. 24, 1871
Daniel B. (NLN) and Mary M. Cheney
Clark, Albert
Aug. 30, 1875
E. A. and Carry Clark
Coffman, Jessie B.
July 24, 1875
Hirman and Charlotte Coffman
Cole, Sarah
G. Fillmore Cole
Cornish, Cyrus C.
Mar. 14, 1871
Cyrus and Caroline Cornish
Cook, Adell
Dec. 31, 1875
John and Emily Cook
Cook, Mills
Oct. 4, 1875
Asa and Eliza Cook
Cosper, Archie Belle
Sept. 19, 1875
Thomas M. and Delphina Cosper
Cosper, Earnest
May 21, 1875
Addison and Emma Cosper
Crawford, Dora Bell
May 5, 1871
Horatio and Maryann Crawford
Crawford, Rella May
Feb. 1, 1871
Hawley W. and Leulla Crawford
Crofoot, Fredrick
May 13, 1874
James and Sarah Crofoot
Cross, Frank
Mar. 6, 1876
Ira and Eliza Cross
Cross, Fred
Mar. 6, 1876
Ira and Eliza Cross
Daggett, Henry
Jan. 18, 1869
Simeon and Sarah Daggett
Dancer, (baby girl)
Mar. 1, 1871
Geo. Dancer
Dansure, Arthur
Hune 8, 1874
Geory and Granny Dancure
Darlington, Frank R.
Sept. 29, 1867
Robert and Permelia Darlington
Davenport, Rosa J.
Aug. 24, 1875
Warner and Eliza Davenport
Dean, (male)
Mar. 3, 1871
James and Amandy Dean
Decker, Patience
Nov. 22, 1875
James and Phebe Decker
Dickerson, Linda Grace
Dec. 20, 1875
Alanson and Eliza Jane Dickerson
Dickinson, Clara Bell
Aug. 9, 1879
Philip and Throna Dickinson
Dickinson, James Edward
June 16, 1867
Sherman and Sharah Orrill Dickinson
Dorman, (male)
Feb. 9, 1879
Morgan and Justine Dorman
Doud, Jeney
May 28, 1867
John Q. and Melissa Doud
Douglass, (male)
Apr. 22, 1871
Archa and Mary Elizabeth Douglass
Douglass, Mary Louisa
Mar. 5, 1868
William and Cornelia A. Douglass
Doyle, (male)
Mar. 20, 1871
Patrick and Catharine Doyle
Dragoo, Lovile
June 16, 1867
John and Mare E. Dragoo
Duffy, Ernest H.
Feb. 7, 1875
James and Mary Duffy
Fergason, Rosellia
Feb. 29, 1871
Charles E. and Rachel Fergason
Forsyth, Lydia E.
Dec. 27, 1875
Andrew and Sarah Forsyth
French, Maud Pearl
Apr. 24, 1875
John A. and Blance R. French
Godfrey, Irwin R.
Mar. 23, 1875
Joseph and Susan Godfrey
Goodale, Frederick E.
Dec. 16, 1875
Charles and Lucretia Goodale
Goodwin, Burt
Mar. 10, 1868
George Wm. and Lucy A. Goodwin
Gould, Marion
July 15, 1875
Edwin and Amelia Gould
Grow, Sarah
May 12, 1874
Henry and Sarah Grow
Hall, Earnest
Aug. 5, 1875
S. W. and Celia Hall
Hart, Lincoln Grant
June 15, 1871
Martin Hart
Hartigan, William
Mar. 1, 1875
Michael and Martha Hartigan
Hay, May C.
Mar. 27, 1875
J. W. and Amy Hay
Heiss, Alva Clinton
June 22, 1875
John and Alice Heiss Jr.
Hickerson, Lamuel
June 28, 1867
Samuel and Lidda E. Hickerosn
Hooker, Warren H.
Sept. 30, 1875
Francis H. and Louisa Hooker
Houghton, Eugene
Sept. 20, 1875
Ira and Mary Houghton
House, (female)
Mar. 24, 1870
William and Lydia House
How, Myrtle M.
July 29, 1875
Johnson and Mariah How
Huble, John W.
Aug. 15, 1874
Fred and Emaly Huble
Hyde, Rosa A.
Aug. 8, 1881
Levi J. and Minnie Hyde
Jackson, Arthur
Oct. 4, 1875
Benjamin and Sarah Jackson
Jacobs, Martha
Aug. 23, 1876
John and Mary Jacobs
Jenkins, Dorcas M.
Sept. 28, 1867
Chas. E. and Hannah Jenkins
Johnson, JoAnn
May 3, 1871
Arnold and Josephine Johnson
Jones, Ethil
Apr. 3, 1876
Peter and Ozela Caroline Jones
Jones, William B.
July 2, 1875
Byron and Mary Jones
Keer, Earl Leslie
Feb. 9, 1882
Elie and Anna Keer
Kellog, Ernest
Aug. 26, 1875
Jason Walkins and Louisa Kellog
Kimes, Fanny
Dec. 28, 1867
Andrew and Delia Kimes
King, Emma
Apr. 2, 1875
William and Elina King
Kinney, Rose Nettie
May 20, 1875
John and Kate Kinney, Jr.

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