Unrecorded Births
Newaygo County
Surnames L thru Z

McCall, Margaret L.
Aug. 3, 1875
William and Mary McCall
Main, Abigail
Jan. 8, 1871
John and Sarah C. Main
Marshall, Josephien
Mar. 26, 1870
Henry and Jane Marshall
Martin, Minnie
Sept. 8, 1867
George and Ellen Martin
Mathews, John Elexander
Aug. 30, 1875
John and Susanah Mathews
Maynard, Charles Erving
Dec. 20, 1875
John and Susan F. Maynard
Miller, Charles Warren
Dec. 28, 1867
Harlet and Mary Miller
Milne, Eli
Apr. 20, 1875
James and Balinda Milne
Miner, Rilla
May 24, 1867
Gorge and Lorane Miner
More, Harmon
Oct. 15, 1876
David and Prazillia More
Nichols, Mary L.
May 6, 1867
John L. and Harriet Nichols
Olds, Grace
Jan. 1, 1882
Charles and Ester Olds
Oliver, Oscar
Sept. 10, 1875
Thomas and Mary Oliver
O'Niel, (male)
Sept. 21, 1875
Patrack and Mary O'Niel
Orenburger, Letty
Sept. 21, 1875
John and Luisa Orenburger
Orenburger, Maggie
Apr. 9, 1880
John and Maggie Orenburger
Parmen, Clifford M.
Sept. 5, 1877
Amos Parmen
Pego, Maritan
Mar. 9, 1871
Henry Pego (record marked out)
Pego, Mary
Mar. 9, 1871
Henry Pego (record marked out)
Peterson, Charles W.
Apr. 1, 1871
Geo. L. and Sarah E. Peterson
Pettit, Byron B.
Apr. 6, 1874
Henry and Harrett Pettit
Pixley, Ephram
Aug. ??, 1883
Effram Pixley
Prechett, Charles E.
Mar. 31, 1871
Placied and Agusta Prechett
Preston, Nellie L.
Aug. 5, 1867
Shiner and Eugenia Preston
Puff, Gattleib
Apr. 7, 1868
John and Catrine Puff
Quinn, Freddy
Apr. 6, 1875
Enoch and Mary Quinn
Quinn, Mary E.
Apr. 6, 1875
Enoch and Mary Quinn
Raub, (male)
Apr. 29, 1877
Samuel and Ruthaniel Raub
Readfield, Rhoda G.
Aug. 20, 1867
John and Lois Readfield
Rogers, Ales Elsa
Apr. 6, 1867
George and Nancy Rogers
Root, Charles Franklin
June 6, 1867
James and Harriet Ann Root
Ryan, Nellie
Aug. 11, 1881
Thomas and Margaret Ryan
Sanborn, Fredie
Apr. 7, 1871
Josephin and Caroline Sanborn
Schemerhorn, Lotta V.
Aug. 2, 1875
Giles and Florence R. Schemerhorn
Sharpe, Claude Victor
Jan. 21, 1875
Amos and Delia Sharpe
Shaw, John Alfred
July 5, 1875
Joseph and Alice Shaw
Shears, Hammon
Mar. 18, 1881
Franklin and Carrie Shears
Shirts, James W.
Aug. 15, 1874
Charles and May Shirts
Smith, Daniel D.
June 3, 1875
Orvill and Lura Smith
Squier, (male)
Mar. 29, 1869
Ranson J. and Aurilla Squier
Stearns, Cary Etheline
Mar. 15, 1876
George and Helen M. Stearns
Stearns, Lafala Chester
Feb. 25, 1868
Chester E. and Anna Stearns
Stewart, William
Nov. 26, 1876
Elknah and Uphamy Stewart
Stirson/Sturson, Cory
Apr. 10, 1871
Amra and Julia Stirson
Stuart, Susan A.
Feb. 21, 1868
Frank C. and Melissa H. Stuart
Sutfin, Maud May
June 23, 1875
Loren and Adelia Sutfin
Sweet, Herman J. E.
Jan. 16, 1868
John and Rebecca Sweet
Tindall, John
Sept. 26, 1867
Dannel A. and Saraan Tindall
Tindell, Almeda
Sept. 12, 1867
Joseph and Daphna Tindell
Tirby/Hirby, Maud
Sept. 3, 1869
David and Annie Tirby
Town, James A.
Apr. 11, 1875
James A. and Isabell Town
Troscell, Mary
Feb. 18, 1876
David and Sarah Troscell
Troutis, Ida May
Feb. 9, 1870
Antwine and Sarah Troutis
Twitchell, Kittie Belle
Dec. 16, 1875
Charles R. and Amanda Twitchell
Vallance, Effie M.
Nov. 1, 1875
John and Almeda Vallance
VanLeuven, Frank
Jan. 24, 1869
John G. and Mary VanLeuven
Vanslyke, Robert Byron
Aug. 9, 1875
Harmon and Anna E. Vanslyke
Wales, Raymond
Mar. 1, 1871
Alanson and Aurilla? Wales
Wallace, Bircha
Mar. 4, 1871
Wm. and Marilla Wallace
Warren, Velmer
Aug. 23, 1875
Sylvanus and Susanah Warren
Waters, James Lafayette
Jan. 28, 1868
Lafayette and Polly Waters
Wenzel, Atlie Maria
Feb. 18, 1875
Adolph and Rebecca Wenzel
Wheler, Glen J.
June 5, 1875
Joseph and Mary Wheeler
White, Loyd J.
Mar. 24, 1868
John and Mary White
Whitman, Delia A.
Nov. 13, 1878
Edgar O. and Eliza P. Whitman
Willies, Ann Elizabeth
May 4, 1868
Martin and Ann Eliz. Willies
Wills, Ruth M.
Mar. 14, 1882
Bryan and Sarah Wills
Wilson, (female)
Apr. 24, 1876
Thomas and Mary Wilson
Wolford, Hiram
June 21, 1867
Leri and Hannah M. Wolford
Wright, Lula M.
Nov. 22, 1875
George and Anna M. Wright

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