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The date appears to be Sept. 22-26(8), 1902.

Can anyone identify a medal found on a farm outside Montgomery, Texas or who it may have belonged to? Did your family move to the Montgomery, TX area?
It had been in or on the ground for many years.
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by John Braden and Terry Wantz
for the Newaygo County Society of History and Genealogy

During the Civil War, some 385 men from Newaygo County marched off to preserve the Union. After extensive and intensive research, the Newaygo County Historical Society, with the help of Mrs. Sherry Miller of the Muskegon County Historical Society, has been able to identify over 380 of these men.

The Federal census shows that Newaygo County in 1860 was a large, but still largely unpopulated area. Its 2,760 inhabitants were concentrated in the lower half of the county, in settlements like Fremont Centre, Bridgeton, Ashland, Newaygo, Ensley, Croton and Big Prairie. With the exception of Barton Township, the northern half of the county was unincorporated, and the current county seat (White Cloud), did not exist.

But it was a fast-growing area. The population doubled between 1850 and 1855, and almost tripled from 1855 to 1860. Pioneers were flocking to the county to take advantage of the boundless opportunities for farming and logging offered by the vast, undeveloped land. In 1860, 77% of the men of the county were farmers, 8% were loggers, and 8% were craftsmen (blacksmiths, carpenters, etc.). The county also had its share of lawyers, doctors, hotel keepers, merchants, and government workers.

But war clouds were gathering, and many Newaygans would be called to lay aside the plow or axe and take up muskets. The following index will take you to a listing of Civil War men that are credited as having enlisted from Newaygo Co., Michigan.


Record-Third Michigan Cavalry-Civil War 1861-1865
Cindy Kurland

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 Other Soldiers Possibly from Newaygo Co.
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