Early Doctors
Newaygo County

By Terry E. Wantz

The first physician in the county was Dr. Alverson, who came in 1852, and remained two years.

Dr. John Tatman was the pioneer doctor. He came in 1854, and was here till after the Civil War, when he went to Muskegon.

Dr. Charles Leonard came shortly after Dr. Tatman, and practiced until the war. He then enlisted into the army, and served two and a half years. After he returned, he went to Muskegon.

Other early physician were Dr. Woodworth, Dr. Ely, Dr.Spicer and Dr. Massey.

Dr. L. A. McIntire came to Hesperia in 1875, but went to Hart in a short time.

About 1884, Dr. L. C. Norton was a township health officer as well as a physician.

A Dr. Porter followed Dr. Norton in practice for a time.

Practicing Physicians In Newaygo County in 1884.


Dr. George R Breckon

Regular  Fremont
Dr. Reuben Milo Curtice Regular Fremont
Dr. Almond A. De Groat Regular Hungerford

Dr. Benedict Einarson

Homeopathic White Cloud
Dr. James F. Farley Regular Fremont
Dr. David W. Flora Regular Newaygo

Dr. G. August Hertzer

Regular Big Prairie
Dr. Jeremiah Lemoreaux Homeopathic Fremont
Dr. John W. McNabb Regular   Fremont

Dr. Van. N. Miller

Regular Fremont
Dr. L. A. McCormick Regular Newaygo
G. W. Nafe, M. D. Eclectic Fremont

Dr. L. E. Norton

Regular Hesperia
Dr. James A. Porter Regular White Cloud
Dr. Edgar J. Pendell Regular Newaygo

Dr. Hiram M. Reed

Regular Woodville
Dr. Hollis T. Reed Regular White Cloud
Dr. Tyson Smith Homeopathic Newaygo

Dr. O. Smith

Homeopathic Newaygo
Dr. Joseph M. Stone Regular Ashland
Dr. Thomas J. Sherlock Eclectic Dingman

Dr. Reuben S. Trask

Regular White Cloud
H. Van Den Berg, M. D. Regular Fremont
Dr. Leland S. Weaver Regular Hesperia
Dr. John B. Woodward Eclectic Fremont
Dr. James Wright Regular Ensley





W. H. Barnum, M. D. Regular Fremont
Charles P. Bigelow, M. D. Surgeon Newaygo
J. C. Branch, M. D. Regular White Cloud
G. G. Burns, M. D. Regular Fremont

Nick. DeHaas, M. D.

Regular Fremont
W. A. Kuhn, M. D. Physician & Surgeon  White Cloud

L. E. Norton, M. D.

Druggist & Optician Fremont
S. B. Rolison, M. D. Regular   Hesperia

Wm. H. Rumsey, M. D.

Physician & Surgeon Hesperia
L. S. Weaver, M. D. Physician & Surgeon Fremont

Louis Webber

D. D. S. Dentist Fremont
J. J. Lamoreaux D. D. S. Dentist Fremont

T. R. Rittenhouse

D. D. S. Dentist Fremont
Dr. A. C. Massey Veterinary Fremont

Dr. Samuel Evans

Veterinary Fremont
Dr. J. N. Wenger Veterinary Fremont
Dr. W. C. Wells Homeopathic Hesperia
Dr. J. C. Wells Physician Hesperia
Dr. Henry C. Hawley Regular Hesperia
Dr. L. A. McIntire Regular Hesperia
Dr. Mcleod Regular Hesperia
Dr. A. Hildreth Regular Ashland
Dr. William Pollard Regular Ashland
Dr. M. L. Teeple Regular Ensley
Dr. L. W. Fales Regular Grant
Dr. Bosanko Regular Grant
Dr. Peter Drummond Regular Grant
Dr. Jenkins Regular Grant
Dr. Peacock Regular Grant
Dr. August Hertzer Regular Big Prairie
Dr. James Webster Regular Big Prairie
Dr. John Emery Webster Regular Big Prairie
Dr. Ehle Trask Regular Alleyton
Dr. Volney Van Lieu Regular Woodville
Dr. Andrew Regular Woodville

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