Name Residence Post Office Occupation Origin Year V History
Earl, Walter Fremont Center Fremont Center Special police 1876   *1875    
Easterly, George Sheridan, Sec. 6 Fremont Center Farmer Germany 1872    
Echtinaw, Ephriam Dayton Twp. Fremont     *1890 V Co. B, 19th. Ohio Inf.
Edmonds, Benjamin. Sherman, Sec. 5 Fremont Center Farmer New York 1865 V Co. F, 21st. Mich. Inf., b.1836-d.1916/17, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Edward, Edwards E Fremont Center Fremont Center Attorney-at-Law New York 1875   b.1852-d.1919, buried Maple Grove Cem.
Edwards, William Fremont Twp.       1860    
Egan, J.W. Fremont Fremont Publisher of Paper   1897    
Eggleston, Henry Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Eiman, David Dayton, Sec. 26 Fremont Center Farmer Ohio 1868    
Eldred, Edward W. Sherman Twp. Fremont Farmer New York *1890 V Co. K, 1st. N,Y. Lin. Cav., b.1839-d.1917, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Ellis, Seth Bridgeton Twp. Fremont Center     *1865 V Co. F, 16th. U. S. Inf.
Embree, Rev. Isaac Dayton, Sec. 19 Fremont Center Minister Ohio 1862    
Ericson, O. Sheridan, Sec. 35 Fremont Center Farmer   *1880    
Evans, John F. Dayton, Sec. 20 Fremont Center Farmer England 1882    
Evans, Samuel L. Dayton, Sec. 29 Fremont Center Veter'y Surg. & Farm New Jersey 1869    
Evans, W.B. Dayton, Sec. 29 Fremont Farmer   *1900    
Everington, Timothy Dayton, Sec. 16 Fremont Center Farmer England 1862    
Everington, William Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Farley, James T. Fremont Center Fremont Center Physician   *1883    
Farman, David S. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Faught, Abraham Dayton, Sec. 32 Fremont Center Farmer Pennsylvania 1866 V  
Faunce, Daniel M. Fremont Fremont       V Co. A, 13th. Ind. Inf., b.1840-d.1910, buried Maple Grove Cem.
Fay, Charles Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Fellows, Erastus Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1856 V Co. D, 9th. Mich. Inf., b.1821-d.1865 in Chattanooga Tn.. M., Mary Scofield in 1856
Fellows, Henry H. Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville     *1865 V Co. D, 10th. Mich. Cav.
Fellows, John H. Fremont Twp. Fremont Center     1862    
Ferguson, Charles E. Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Fish, Benjamin Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1857   Married, Hellen Cunningham in 1857 in Fremont Twp.
Fisher, John Sheridan, Sec. 30 Fremont Center Farmer   *1880    
Fitzsimmons G. W. Dayton, Sec. 36 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1882    
Fleming, Charles Fremont Fremont       V Co. C, 75th. N.Y. Inf., b.1845-d.1926, buried Maple Grove Cem.
Flourd, Price B. Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Forbes, James Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Forbes, Samuel Dayton Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Forbes, Samuel F. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1860    
Fortune, Eugene W. Fremont Center Fremont Center Photographer   *1883    
Foster, Lemmel Fremont Fremont     *1899 V b.-----d.1908, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Fowler, Herman E. Dayton, Sec. 21 Fremont Center Farmer New York 1877   page 207
Fowler, Thomas Fremont Twp. Fremont Center     *1865 V  
Fox, Edward Dayton, Sec. 30 Fremont Center Stockraiser   1881    
Fox, Frederick Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Fox, Herbert A. Dayton, Sec. 29 Fremont Farmer   *1900    
Fox, Irwin C. Dayton, Sec. 30 Fremont Center Farmer & Stock New York 1866 V Co. C, 9th. Ind. Inf., b.1844-d.1917, buried in Clark Cem., Super. of Dayton Twp. 1877-1878 & 1880-1882
Franklin, Marshall B. Fremont Center Fremont Center Merchant Canada 1873   page 476
Freeman, Erastus H. Dayton Twp Fremont Center     *1865 V 1st Co. Dygert's Sharpshooter.
Freeman, George H. Fremont Center Fremont Center     *1882 V b.1834-d.1915, buried Maple Grove,
Fry, Elizabeth Mrs. Fremont Center Fremont Center Restaurant-keeper   *1883    
Fry, John F. Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1888 V Co. D, 1st. Mich. S.S.
Fry, Theodore I. Fremont Fremont     *1900    
Fuller, William D. Fremont Center Fremont Center Constable   *1875   Village Constable in 1875
Fusman, Charles Sheridan Twp. Fremont     *1890 V Co. D, 13th. Penn. Inf.

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