Raider, Antoni Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Raider, George B. Fremont Center Fremont Center     *1880    
Rainourd, Edmond Sheridan Twp. Fremont     *1890 V  
Randolph, Charles T. Dayton / Denver Fremont Center Farmer   1860    
Rappleberger, Alvin O. Dayton Twp Fremont Center Sawyer Pennsylvania *1874   Married Mary Tharp in 1874 in Dayton Twp.
Rasey, John G. Fremont Center Fremont Center Supervisor of Fre.   1867    
Rash, Soloman         *1889 V  
Rathbun, Charles I. Fremont Center Fremont Center Jeweller & P.M. Michigan 1874 V Co. K 1st. Mich. Inf., b.1841-d.1923, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Reber, Aaron P. Fremont Fremont     *1900   Join his brother Walter in store
Reber, Walter Fremont Fremont     *1900   Had a store near corner of Main and Division
Redden , Oliver Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     1864    
Redfield, John Dayton Twp. Weaverville     1861 V Co. D, 8th. Mich. Inf., b.1820-d.1870, buried in Jewell Cem.
Reed, F. W. Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville     1854 V  
Reed, Francis W. Sheridan Twp Reeman Threshing Machine Michigan *1890   Help settle Reeman, had a feed mill and a elevator there.
Reed, Joseph Sheridan, Sec. 29 Fremont Center Farmer Canada 1872 V  
Reed, Lewis Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Reed, Sylvanus Dayton, Sec. 4 Hesperia Farmer New York 1849   Supervison of Dayton Twp. in 1857
Reeves, L. G. Sherman, Sec. 6 Weaverville Farmer Ohio 1859    
Reeves, W. D. Sherman, Sec. 33 Fremont Center Farmer Ohio 1858    
Reynolds, Henry C. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center Stump Machine Ohio 1870    
Reynolds, J. T. Fremont Center Fremont Center Banker   *1882   adv. banker
Rhodes, George Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1860    
Rhodes, William H.         *1890 V  
Richardson, Ebenezer Dayton, Sec. 5 Hesperia Farmer New York 1866    
Richmond, Hazard P. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Ridderman, E. Sherman, Sec. 18 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1898    
Rittenhouse T. R. Dr. Fremont Center Fremont Center Dentist   *1883    
Rittenhouse T. R. Mrs Fremont Center Fremont Center Milliner   *1883    
Rivait, Henry Fremont Center Fremont Center     *1870    
Rivait, Joseph Dayton, Sec. 1 Aetna Farmer Canada 1863    
Robertson, James Denver/Dayton Fremont Center Farmer Scotland 1856   b.1848-d.1932
Robinson, Charles   Fremont Center       V Co. I, 72nd. Ohio Inf., b.1840-d.1913, buried in Clark Cem.
Robinson, David Dayton Weaverville Farmer   1855    
Robinson, Henry F. Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860 V Bty. E, 1st. Mich. L.A., b.1834.
Robinson, I. N. Fremont Center Fremont Center Real Estate & Lumber   1866    
Robinson, Jack Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Robinson, James   Fremont Center       V b.1848-d.1882, buried Bull Cem.
Rodgers, Augustus Sheridan Fremont Center     *1870    
Roger, Charles Dayton, Sec. 34 Fremont Farmer   *1900    
Rogers, George Dayton, Sec. 33 Fremont Farmer   1870    
Rooke, John Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville Grist-mill & Farmer England 1855    
Rookledge, Ben. F Dayton, Sec. Hesperia Minister England 1870    
Roossinck J. C. Sheridan, Sec. 7 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1893    
Root, Dr. Arson Fremont Twp. Fremont Center     1863    
Root, Henry D. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Root, James Fremont Twp. Fremont Center     1863    
Root, Nelson E. Fremont Twp. Fremont Center   Ohio 1863 V Co. A, 10th. Mich. Cav., he died in the service
Rosenberg, Antoine Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Rottier, John M. Dayton, Sec. 10 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1881    
Rottman, G. J. Sherman, Sec. 20 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1898    
Rounds, William A. Fremont Fremont     *1894 V Co. C, 16th. U.S. Inf., b.1843-d.1916, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Rowe, Nelson Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1863 V  
Royston, John   Fremont     *1900 V Co. H, 6th. Mich. Inf., b.1832-d.1904, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Rozema, Martin Sheridan Twp. Fremont Attorney-at-Law   1883    
Ruggles, John B. Sheridan Twp. Sitka     *1888 V Co. B, 7th. Conn. Inf.,
Rutherford, Robert W. Fremont Center Fremont Center Merchant Scotland 1870    
Rutherford, Walter Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Rynberg, Bert Sheridan, Sec. 8 Reeman Farmer & Stock   1892  

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