Sage, E. d. Fremont Center Fremont Center Barber   *1883    
Sargeant, Benjamin Sheridan Fremont Center     *1870    
Schoolmaster, Henry Fremont Center Fremont Center Engineer & Lights   1877   Henry & wife
Schoolmaster, Lewis Garfield, Sec. 6 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1874    
Schoonover, Archibald C. Sheridan, Sec. 36 Fremont Center Farmer   *1880 V Co. E, 28th. Mich. Inf., b.183?-d.1897, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Schoonover, Ben Sheridan, Sec. 36 Fremont Center Farmer New York *1880   Married to Oceana Donavan in 1884 in Garfield Twp.
Schuiteman, Gerrit Fremont Fremont Grocer   1893    
Schuiteman, J. E. Sheridan, Sec. 30 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1899    
Scott, A. L. Fremont Twp. Weaverville Insurance   1856    
Scott, Melvin W. Dayton, Sec. 6 Hesperia Farmer & Stock New York 1856   Supervisor of Dayton Twp. 1859-1864 & 1869-1872
Sears, W. G. Fremont Center Fremont Center Blacksmith   *1883    
Segar, George Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1860    
Sellman, Ralph C. Sheridan Twp. Fremont     *1890 V Co. B, 27th. Mich. Inf.
Seymore, George Fremont Fremont     *1894 V Co. B, 16th. Wis. Inf., b.1847-d.1930, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Shannon, George Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Sharp, Charles Fremont Center Fremont Center Deputy Marshall   *1875    
Shaver, Norman   Fremont       V Co. F, 37th. Wis. Inf., b.1841-d.1924, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Shaw, Henry B. Dayton Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Shaw, John H. Dayton, Sec. 17 Weaverville Farmer Canada 1855 V Co.?, 27th. Mich. Inf., b.1839-d.1908, buried in Jewell Cem.
Shaw, Samuel Dayton Twp. Weaverville     *1860 V Co. ?, 10th. Mich. Inf., b.1836.
Shaw, Thomas Fremont Twp. Fremont center     *1865 V Co. A, 10th. Mich. Cav.
Sherman, Benjamin F. Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville     *1860 V Co. C, 4th. Mich. Cav., b.1836.
Sherman, John D. Dayton Twp. Fremont Center Farmer Michigan 1871 V Co. I, 4th. Mich. Inf., b.1847-d.1934, buried in Maple Grive Cem.
Sherpard, Orpha Dayton, Sec. 27 Fremont Farmer   *1900    
Shupe, Henry Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville     1855    
Shupe, Samuel Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville     1855   Married, Olive Upton in 1857 in Fremont Twp.
Simmons, G. W. Dayton, Sec. 20 Fremont Center Farmer England 1869    
Simmons, George Dayton Twp. Fremont     *1888 V Co. I, 23th. Ohio Cav., b.1847-d.1897, buried in Evans Cem.
Skeels, Rufus   Forest City       V Co. H, 3rd. Mich. Inf., b.1837-d.1907, buried in Clark Cem.
Skinner, Ned A. Fremont Center Fremont Center Shipper of Apples   1874    
Slater, W G. Fremont Center Fremont Center Shoemaker   *1883    
Sleighter, David Sheridan Twp.       *1870    
Sleighter, John Sheridan Twp.       *1866 V Co. H, 191st. Penn. Inf., b.????-d.1899, buried in Evans Cem.
Slocum, Richard C. Dayton Fremont Center     1863 V Co. G, 8th. Mich. Inf., b.1830-d.1891, buried in Hesperia East Cem.
Smalligan, Peter Sheridan, Sec. 2 Fremont Center Farmer Holland 1869    
Smith, Barlow Dayton, Sec. 11 Fremont Center Farmer Pennsylvania 1865 V 9th. Mich. Inf.
Smith, Charles Dayton, Sec. 31 Fremont Farmer   *1900    
Smith, Edgar Sheridan, Sec. 36 Fremont Center Farmer   *1880    
Smith, Eleazer Dayton, Sec. 31 Fremont Center Farmer New York 1856    
Smith, Frank H Fremont Fremont Merchant   1883   adv card
Smith, Jerry Dayton Twp.       *1870    
Smith, John Sheridan, Sec. 24 Fremont, Center Farmer   *1880    
Smith, Josiah B. Dayton, Sec. 20 Fremont Center Farmer Canada 1865    
Smith, Nathan S. Fremont Fremont Farmer Michigan *1884   Married to Fanny Rimes in Fremont in 1884.
Smith, Richard C. Sheridan Twp.       *1870 V  
Smith, Thomas H. Dayton, Sec. 31 Weaverville Farmer Michigan 1856 V Co. 5th. Mich. Cav. b.1840-d.1922, buried in Clark Cem.
Smith, William F. Sheridan Twp. Fremont     *1888 V Co. H, 17th. Mich. Inf., b.1836-d.1897, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Sneller, Ray Sheridan, Sec. 21 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1889    
Snider, M. Fremont Fremont Wagon Builder   *1896   The Fremont Wagon built by M. Sinder, corner of Division and Sheridan St.
Snyder, Moses A. Sheridan, Sec. 18 Holton Farmer New York 1859    
Somers, Herbert Dayton, Sec. 25 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1882    
Speet, William Sheridan, Sec. 12 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1893    
Spence, James Dayton, Sec. 2 Fremont Center Farmer Scotland 1862    
Spencer, Andrew           V 1st. S.S. 16th. Mich. Inf., b.1829-d.1903, buried Bull Cem.
Spitstone, O. T. Sherman, Sec. 16 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1885    
Spooner, Lorenzo Dow Sheridan Twp. Fremont     *1890 V Co. H, 111th. Penn. Inf., b.1847-d.1923, Buried in Grand Rapids in the Veterans Cem.
Squires, Daniel C. Dayton Twp. Fremont     *1890 V Co. D, 23rd. Ohio Inf., b.1849-d.1917, buried in Maple Grove Cem.
Squires, Hiram Dayton Twp.       *1894 V  
Stanley, Richard C.   Fremont Center     *1865 V Co. G, 8th. Mich Inf.
Stanley, Sylvester   Fremont Center     *1865 V Co. F, 15th. Mich. Inf.
Stanley, William   Fremont Center     *1865 V Co. D, 15th. Mich Inf.
Stannard, James Fremont Center Fremont Center Hotel Proprietor   1872    
Stearns, Chester E. Fremont Twp. Weaverville Furniture Dealer New York 1856    
Stearns, Henry Sheridan Twp.       *1879    
Stearns, Jesse Dayton Twp.       *1870    
Stell Joseph Fremont Fremont Implements Agent   1883    
Stevens, Byron Sherman Twp. Fremont Farmer Michigan *1890 V  
Stevens, Carles Sheridan, Sec. 22 Fremont Center Farmer Ohio 1879    
Stevens, William Sherman, Sec. 31 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1881    
Stillson, F. C. Fremont Fremont Commiss. of School   1890    
Stocking, Erastus P. Sheridan Twp.       *1870    
Stone, Aaron C. Dayton Twp. Fremont, Center Farmer   1860    
Stone, Charles W. Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1855    
Stone, E. J. Sheridan, Sec. 22 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1891    
Stone, Henry C. Dayton Twp. Weaverville Farmer Connecticut 1855 V Co. A, 10th. Mic. Cav., b.1829-d.1889, buried Warrensburgh, N.Y.Super. of Sheridan 1872 &1875-1876
Stone, Myron F Fremont Twp. Weaverville     *1860 V  
Stone, William A Dayton Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Stroven, H Sherman, Sec. 31 Fremont Farmer & Stock   1888    
Stuart, Bruce Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1855    
Stuart, Cyrus Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1855    
Stuart, Frank Fremont Twp. Weaverville     1855    
Stuart, Thomas H. Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville Farmer Michigan 1855   Supervisor of Fremont Twp. in 1865
Stuart, Wilkes L. Bridgeton Twp. Weaverville Farmer Mass. 1855   Supervisor of Fremont Twp. in 1858 & 1865
Swales, John F. Sheridan Twp. Fremont Center     *1870    
Swanson, John Sheridan, Sec. 24 Fremont Center Farmer Sweden 1873    
Sweet, Alonzo Fremont Center Fremont Center Harness-maker Canada 1876    
Sweet, John Dayton, Sec. 18 Fremont Center Farmer Canada 1865    
Sweet, Joseph w. Dayton Twp. Weaverville     *1860    
Symington, Alex. Fremont Center Fremont Center Marshal   1872   b.1847-d.1935, buried Maple Grove Cem.
Symington, John Fremont Center Fremont Center Lumberman Canada 1866    
Synanen, Daniel Dayton Twp. Fremont Center     *1888  

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