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This page is being posted for you to submit obituaries of your ancestors to coincide with the Queries Page and the Surname Page. If the deceased's name is highlighted, please click on it to read the original obituary. If you would like to add your ancestors to this list, please e-mail your information to me at the bottom of this page. Please submit only Newaygo County obituaries.

Selected Death Records Oct-Nov. 1900 Various - Newaygo Co. Cindy Kurland
Decker, Catherine (Metzger) Sept. 6, 1909 Fremont Cynthia Duhamel
Gibbs, James Monroe April 11, 1907 White Cloud Cemetery Jana Wellman Ulrich
Kelly, Cora Ella Wardell (Norris) July 30, 1917 Newaygo Martha
Lovell, Nathan December 28, 1922 Prospect Hill (White Cloud) Paula Heilman
Lyons, John Dec. 31, 1897 St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery M. Erickson
Roach, Michael 1904 St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery M. Erickson
Swain, Aaron June 14, 1875 Big Prairie Cemetery Roberta
Swain, Betsy April 29, 1880 Big Prairie Cemetery Roberta
Wilson, Reuben April 17, 1910 Ashland Center Cemetery M. Erickson
Wright, Lewis E.
Wonch/Wright, Martha
April 23, 1902
April 13, 1903
Oak Grove, Croton Kim

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