The following pioneers and families are some of the earliest known settlers of Newaygo County. Not all remained in Newaygo Co.

We have added a short bio for each of the highlighted pioneers in hopes it will aid our researchers. If you have any additions please let me know.

Permanent White Settlement Began

Jack McBride William Lasley Sam Rose Wesley White George Walton


Louis Bohne Herman Joachim Calvin Lewis Thomas Dill Mr. Hodge
His son, Charles, 1st white child b. in Newaygo Co.


Lt. Leavenworth--Bought interest in mill from Joachim and Bohne Capt. Nichols--Bought interest in mill from Joachim & Bohne


Joseph Troutier Richard Ryerson Louis B. Baneau


John A. Brooks


Daniel R. Joslin


Isaac D. Merrill


George Sears


John F. Gauweiler Christopher Kaufman Wellington Persons


David Sharlow Maise Molanson John Stearns


John McBride William Davenport


Calvin Sutliff Sylvanus Reed Jacob Barnhard Maise Molanson William A. Decker
Phebe Bigelow
Daniel L. Bigelow
Jeremiah Ryan Ephraim H. Utley Egbertson Goodrich Aaron Swain
William H. Rice Christopher Culp Samuel R. Sanford Stephen Wood Simon Barnhard Sr.


John GrovesteenGeorge J. Backart


Margaret Preston


Alden Franklin Westgate
David E. Williams


Nathaniel Macumber William Kimbell


Alanson & Henry Orton Benjamin Ish John Lewis


Edward Nelson Jones Johnathan A. Hindes Nelson McDonald Thomas Stuart
Lafayette Waters Merrick Waters Thaddeus Waters Philip Weaver
Wilkes L. Stuart Simon Barnhard Miles B. Hunt Benjamin Tibbitts
Charles Randolph Jerome Botsford


Helen Stone Barnes Daniel Weaver Eleazer Smith James Robertson
William Martin Aruna Dake Bernard E. Morton
John & Elizabeth Murphy xx xx


John Young


William Darling Joseph Whitehead Joseph Zerlaut George L. Bigelow


Ebenezer Richardson Solomon V. Walker William Jewell
Arrived ca 1859Lewis Martin


Christopher Kempf


John R. Jacklin


Timothy Everington Dennis Lordon Frederick Maynard


William Anderson Daniel Barnes George Horatio Dickinson
Richard Peacock William J. Peacock


John T. Dean Calvin Barnes Charles Monroe


Anson Hirem Northway Barlow Smith Dennis Miller Edward Edwards


Raymond E. Misner George W. Packard Helen McDonald Barks Frank Dickinson
Ephraim Misner George Miller Oscar Blood


John D. Gowell Ethan Allen Westbrook Gustus Lilone Obed Hall William Gould


Daniel Davis Freeman Mallory William Tindall John Moote


John R. Carpenter Tucker Dragoo Thomas C. Grundy
Orlando McNabb Edmund O. Thomas


John McNabb Robert W. Rutherford


John DeHass Peter Purcell


John Bennett Richard Boyd


John Samuel Dickinson


John Canovan Joseph Gerber George McNutt Charles Rathbun
Thomas T. Woods Henry Zerlaut Andrew Gerber George N. Wade
Daniel Gerber


Joseph Baillargeon Marshall B. Franklin David Hatch


John Miller Seth S. Watrous


Augustine White Fred Marshall Moses Brink


F. M. Bowman George R. Breckon William Reiley


William Davis Samuel Hartt


John W. Hopper


William Boyd George H. Freeman Peleg E. Brink


George W. Taite


Harry L. Spooner


Alfred Wyss
To Be Continued........

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