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Posted Queries for August thru September 1998

Surnames: CULP
Researcher: Gary M. Culp, U.E.
Email: gculp@npiec.on.ca
Date posted: Sunday, August 9, 1998

Am seeking the death dates of Christopher CULP and his wife Ann AVERILL, who were buried in the CULP family cemetery in Croton Township, Newago County, MI. Christopher and Ann were married in the City of Galt, Ontario, on Sept. 20, 1843. They migrated from Ontario to Michigan ca. 1849. Their family may have been as follows: 1 Christopher Culp . Ann G. Averill .... 2 Mercy M. Culp ........ Perry .... 2 Ira F. Culp .... 2 Margaret Eliza Culp ........ Ansel Monroe Priest .... 2 Charles H. Culp .... 2 Terzy E. Culp ........ Eugene Brady .... 2 David Syrian Culp ........ Ida M. Chapman .... 2 Clara A. Culp .... 2 Mary Ann Culp ........ John Lavender Any info, or exchange of information on this family would be much appreciated. Regards, Gary.

Surnames: CARNER
Researcher: Phil Hirl
Email: Phirl@aol.com
Date posted: Sunday, August 16, 1998

Henry CARNER md Viola ROSE c 1880 Newaygo Co I believe.

Surnames: WEBSTER
Researcher: MaryAnn Moore
Email: MMoore8990@aol.com
Date posted: Wednesday, August 19, 1998

I am looking for information on the WEBSTER family who have settled in the Croton area of Newago Co. The earlitst Wesber I have is Louis WEBSTER. He had a son Harold who married Irene CARNEY. I would like any information on this family.

Researcher: James Eubank
Email: j11thphx@azstarnet.com
Date posted: Thursday, August 27, 1998

Looking for any information on Roy F. EUBANK & Charles F. EUBANK. They both lived on the county line had property in both Newaygo and Mecosta counties Dates :approx 1910- 1980s This is all I have learned: Roy Franklin Eubank b. 11 Mar 1901 (IN) d. 27 Sept 1985 (Mich) lr 49338 SSN: 384-12-1156 Married Edna M Dingman date unknown b. 3 Jan 1904 d. 10 Sep 1997 lr 49307 SSN: 375-36-4333 Children : (2) Edward Leroy, Doris Ann Notes: Also buried in Newaygo county Charles Franklin Eubank b. 1860s d. 09 Mar 1962 (MI) Married : Myrtle P. Barringer date unknown b. ? d. Feb 1962 ? (MI) Children : (3) Roy Franklin, Clarence, unk Notes: Notes: Buried in :Newaygo county Barton Township Davenport Cemetery

Researcher: Donald Thebo
Email: donaldtheebboo58@yahoo.com
Date posted: Saturday, August 29, 1998

I'm looking for information on Elias MILLER, Margaret {lydia} HYSELL and there son Charles LeonardMILLER . My grand-father was born Oct. 9 1901 Denver Township, Newaygo Co. and died April 7 1960 Ferry Township, Oceana Co.Mi. Thank you.

Surnames: CARRIER
Researcher: Jim Stenberg
Email: jpsten@mail.tcbi.com
Date posted: Monday, August 31, 1998

We are looking for any information on the John CARRIER family. He was born in New York in 1861/1862. He married Nettie PHILLIPS date unknown. She was born in Michigan in 1870/1871. They were living in Fremont, Newaygo County in 1910. Their children were William, Lucy, Ellas & Alma that we know of. Any info would be appreciated..

Surnames: PARKS
Researcher: Susan Neumann
Email: susann@igateway.net
Date posted: Sunday, September 6, 1998

Looking for the death date/record of Margaret (Smith) Parks born about 1826 in possible New York State. She died in Newaygo County in 1900. She was married first to Henry Davenport 17 March 1840 on Mackinac Island. Henry and Margaret had two known daughters, Elvina and Sarah Jane. After Henrys death in 1847, Margaret married Horace Parks in 1851..

Surnames: BAKER
Researcher: Gregg Lint
Email: GreggLint@aol.com
Date posted: Saturday, September 12, 1998

I'm looking for infonmation on the Baker family that may have lived in the Fremont area late 1800's to early 1900's. Names of individuls are Ethel, Edith, W.Norman, Joseph, or Jerusha. Any info would be appreciated. Please e-mail me at GreggLint@aol.com.

Researcher: Julee
Email: packrat@noble.cioe.com
Date posted: Sunday, September 13, 1998

John H. Gerst [Garst] and wife Roxy Bell Moon Gerst [Garst] and son Robert Roy Gerst [Garst] supposedly moved to Whitecloud , Newago county Michigan around 1900 and lived there for 33 years. Need some kind of proof they lived there..

Surnames: STUTHARD
Researcher: Cathy Hickox
Email: VegasEcho@aol.com
Date posted: Friday, September 18, 1998

Seeking information on James H. Stuthard and his wife Effa May Harris and son Harry. Last known to be living in Newaygo County in 1910, also residing with the family was Effa's mother Betsy Ann McClain Harris and James' father William Stuthard. Effa May was remarried by 1920 to Abram H. Mathews and living in Kent City, Kent Co. James' brother John E. Stuthard was living in Kent City in 1910. I would also like information on thier sister May Stuthard who is believed to be the first wife of William H. Harris, Effa's brother.

Surnames: BOSS
Researcher:Guy Boss
Email: gboss@uswest.net
Date posted: Sunday, September 20, 1998

Looking for information about the ancestors of: Willard BOSS born 3 February 1848, North (?) Amhurst, Loraine Co, Ohio died 8 August 1907, White Cloud, Newaygo Co, Michigan He was married to Agnes Salome FISH (died 23 April 1928, White Cloud, Newaygo Co, Michigan), and they had 10 children, several of whom lived and died in the vicinity of Newaygo County. I'm beginning to think he was landed here by aliens. Thanks..

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