Newaygo County Schools
First Fremont Schoolhouse
Dayton School

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From 1837, when Newaygo and Croton were first settled, to today, there has been over 200 schools in Newaygo County. Many of the schools have had more than one name, and some of the schools didn't have a name, only going by the school district number. Each Township will direct you to an individual page with the school name and the section that the school was located in.

Ashland Twp.
Barton Twp.
Beaver Twp.
Big PrairieTwp.
Bridgeton Twp.
Brooks Twp.
Croton Twp.
Dayton Twp.
Denver Twp.
Ensley Twp.
Everett Twp.
Fremont (City of)
Garfield Twp.
Grant (City of)
Goodwell Twp.
Grant Twp.
Hesperia (City of)
Home Twp.
Lincoln Twp.
Lilly Twp.
Merrill Twp.
Monroe Twp.
Newaygo (City of)
Norwick Twp.
Sheridan Twp.
Sherman Twp.
Troy Twp.
White Cloud (City of)
Wilcox Twp.

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