History of Oceana Co.

Oceana Co. History
Municipal History
County Officials
Township Organizations
County Officials 1880 - 1882
Township Officials of 1882
County Board of School Examiners
Senators from 1835 - 1879
Presidential Vote
State Lands
Ninth Congressional District
Last Gubnatorial Vote
State Representative
School Population
Votes for Governorship
Births, Deaths & Marriages
Representative in State Legislature
9th Congressional District
Circuit Judge
Early History
Early Mails
Pentwater Orders
Oceana During the Rebellion
The Bench and Bar of Oceana County
County Seat
County Poor Farm
Fish Culture
Stock Raising
Coal Kilns
Fraternal Orders & Lodges
The Press
Oceana County Bank
Furniture Factory
Samuel Browne
George W. Maxwell
Wm. E. Ambler
William B. O. Sands
Fred Nielsen
Edwin Nickerson
L. M. Hartwick
Charles R. Whittington
Dr. G. O. Switzer
Dr. William E. Dockry
Dr. C. W. Cramer
E. W. Hodges
Conrad Master
John M. Cahill
Franklin Pierce
Peter La Bonta
James Brooker
F. O. Gardner
Peter Dreves
William Kuhn
Henry Flagg
H. H. Bunyea
David C. Wickham
George W. Imus
Township of Hart
Mahar Wigton
Will Wigton
Andrew Vanwickle
D. T. Demmon
Peter Gallien
Dr. S. R. Williams
George Bate
W. F. Lake
F. G. Reading
Charles Gurney
C. C. Newell
W. H. Waters
Samuel Yates
A. C. Randall
David Benham
Dr. L. Stuck
John V. Cahill
N. Miller
Melvin A. Luther
Robert McAllister
George B. Rollins
T. J. Main
Isaac D. Reed
Enoch T. Mugford
Ira C. Ford
Lyman B. Corbin
A. S. White
Rev. John Bliss
Ambrose Mason
Jesse Mills
Victory Saterlee
Dr. Michael R. Chadwick
David Johnson
S. G. Rollins
Stephen Burdick
M. H. Bosworth
Warren W. Wigton
Dr. Henry B. Hatch
A. R. Chappell
T. S. Gurney
D. Calkins
Seth Edson
D. L. Garver
Horace J. Holmes
L. A. McIntyre
Benjamin Moore
Judson Palmiter
James Edwin Reed
Edgar D. Richmond
L. Gideon Rutherford
Seth Darling
Byron M. Ellis
Josiah Russell
Shelby Township
Village of Shelby
Village of Barnett
Village of New Era
Johnathan Halstead
Henry W. Reid
Charles A. Hawley
Thomas S. Braman
James S. Livingston
N. B. Farnsworth
G. H. Eddy
John Bierwert
John Hedges
M. N. Collins
Francis A. Pitts
James D. Pitts
Williams, James
Peter Foster
Walter H. Churchill
A. Z. Moore
R. H. Wheeler
E. J. Shirts
Llewelyn A. Randall
A. H. Stewart
James F. Eddy
William F. Lewis
Rhodes Willett
Daniel H. Rankin
David A. Reed
J. M. Wilson
Marion E. Hills
Levi S. Gaylord
Charles E. Peterson
Cornelius Whitbeck
Robert Cole
D. M. Cutler
Thaddeus C. Fleming
Weare Township
Louis Tank
Arnold Goodno
Christopher Fricke
F. J. Hartman
D. H. Weaver
E. M. Roberts
Nicholas Greiner
A. L. Carr
John Dennart
Cyrenius W. Cunningham
Samuel Andrus
George Denmart
Andrew Brillhart
William Jennings
Henry Le Fevre
Joseph Bacher
E. A. Benjamin
William P. Harding

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