"Tidbits From"

The Hart Journal

Hart, Michigan

April 23, 1909

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Will Brown and wife visited at W. Wayman's Sunday.

T. E. Woodworth's two children have been quite sick but see improvement "---can't read the rest of this line"

The Indiana people seem well pleased with Michigan. Quite a number of families have located to Colfax township this spring.

J. N. Cotton came up from Hart Sunday.

Some of our farmers are getting their sheep sheared.

Stary Packard has gone to Walkerville to work at gardening.

Northeast Elbridge:

Mrs. Luella Stafford and daughter of Muskegon are here visiting relatives.

Mrs. Gertie McDonald took her grandfather, Mr. Holt, to Carr Settlement Sunday, returning Monday.

Health officer Baker has been making frequent trips this way of late. We are glad to see most the measles patients able to be out again.

Mrs. Reuben Strayer died at her home last Saturday after a week of suffering with eryalpelas and pneumonia. Deceased was formerly Salome Dunkelberger, born in Northumberland Co., Penn., August 22, 1837. She moved in 1866 to Berrien Co., Mich., where she was married two years later to Reuben Strayer. They came to Oceana Co. in 1879, living on the home farm for thirty years or until her death. She was a good neighbor, respected by all who knew her and will be greatly missed by her husband and six children who survive her. The funeral services were held on Tueday at the Elbridge Center church. Elder Morse officiating.

West Colfax:

W. M. Decker was in Walkerville Monday.

A number of young folks of the neighborhood spent an enjoyable evening at Mr. Hutchin's Monday.

F. Sanders and A. R. Beebe were Hart callers last Saturday. F. S. brought back a piano for Mr. Hutchins.

W. Henton(?) too a load of lumber to Hart to be planed for the new church last Saturday.

Fred Holliday has led the neighborhood in putting in spring grain.

Zadie Decker and Maggie Hutchins were shoping in Walkerville last Thursday.

Leo Polly drives a fine team bought of E. A. Noret.

Mr. Hutchins and his eldest son have gone to Gary, Ind., to spend the season. They have a good position in a large steel plant there.

Asa Graves made a business trip to Yates one day last week.

A family from Indiana landed here last week by overland route to move on their farm but found the house occupied by the P. D. Abbott family so they were forced to take up temporary quarters in the Shull house.


Mrs. Evans Sundayed in Pentwater with her son, Wm. D. Olmstead, who is evidently getting along nicely in his business.

Mrs. E. Simpson is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. I. Lambert. She has spent several months in Montreal but says Mears looks good to her.

Mr. Geo. Hitchcock has been sick with pneumonia for some time.

Mr. Ar_well Burgess is tearing down the woodshed on the premises of Mrs. Mary McMillan and will erect a wagon shed in its place.

Mr. Albert Bergeron of Pentwater spent several days in Mears with friends and relatives this week.

Rev. Stephens exchanged pulpits with Rev. Chapman of Pentwater Sunday.

Miss Luella B. Gold of Muskegon was in Mears from Thursday until Saturday.

A good time may be expectd at the Maccabee dance April 30. Remember the date.

Northeast Weare:

Oscar Bender came home from Big Rapids last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ras----------- and children visited at George Skinner's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Graham have been up to Reuben Strayer's in Elbridge about two weeks helping to care for Mrs. Graham's mother during her illness and death.

Mrs. Henry Bender has been quite sick with the LaGrippe.

Gottlieb Reckley has moved his saw mill jup near Crystal and expects to commence sawing this week.

Miss May Calkins has gone over to Mears to stay for some time at Bert Post's.


Ralph Dillingham and F. D. Smith were in Weare Tuesday on business.

Mr. Coty, the painter, who was employed at G. Mays was taken sick Monday and had to go to the hospital.

Mrs. R. Mills is again at George Greene's having recovered from her recent illness.

The pupils of Mr. Studer's room gave him a farewell surprise Thursday evening. Mr. Studer will move to Blooming Valley.

Geo. Greene began hauling butter bowls from Lattin to Hart Thursday.

Jake Schieren has a new phonograph.

Marriage Licenses:

3175--April 14, Geo. Newell, 27, Hesperia; Cassie Osborne, 17, Troy, Newaygo Co.

3176--April 17, George Clayton Walker, 25; Mary Harding, 24, both (---bottom cut off---)

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