Ogemaw County was laid out as a county in 1840. Although speculators and lumber barons began buying up large tracts of land by 1852, lumber camps did not appear until the early 1870s. On April 27, 1875, the County of Ogemaw was legally established and organization of county government began. Although there are several people who claim to be the first white child born in Ogemaw, the first recorded birth in the county ledgers was dated March, 1878, when Joseph and Florence Geroy reported the birth of their son Joseph. Obviously there were other births prior to this date that went unrecorded. It has also been observed that there are some births after 1876 that were not recorded in the official record books of the county either. Researchers should keep this in mind when searching for information in Ogemaw County. Certified birth records can be obtained by contacting:
806 West Houghton Avenue
West Branch, Michigan 48661
Phone: 989/345-0215 Fax: 989/345-7223
WEBSITE: Ogemaw County Government

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