Official Election Results
Osceola County
November 14, 1870

The following is the result of the election in Osceola county as declared by the Board of Canvassers, all being the regular Regular nominees excepting Joseph J. Temple, Esq., who ran on the stump.

The whole State Ticket received majorities varying from 65 to 102. T.W. Ferry, for Congress, 100 majority over Rider. Seth C. Moffatt, State Senator, 169, and E.I. Gray, Representrative, 168. No opposition to the last two candidates.

The County Ticket was elected by the following majorities.

Sheriff - J.W. Ash, 55

Clerk - John A. Gamage, 117

Treasurer - Rufus F. Morris, 100

Reg. of Deeds - J.A. Gamage, 122

Pros. Atty - S.F. Dwight, 66

Cir. Court Com. - S.F. Dwight, 67

Surveyor - Joseph J. Temple, 21

Judge of Probate - Frank Cole, 25

Coroners - J.E. Smith, 96 & D.A. Blodgett, 82

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