1884 Ashton Directory

R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Ashton. A station on the G. R. & I. R. R., located in Lincoln Township, Osceola County, 11 miles north of Hersey, the county seat, 7 from Reed City, the nearest banking town, 75 from Grand Rapids and 150 from Mackinaw City. The village, which was settled in 1869, has a steam saw-mill, and offers an excellent opening for a flouring mill. Principal shipments, lumber, shingles, hemlock bark, ties and posts. Wild land sells for $10, while improved is worth $50 per acre. Exp., U. S. Tel. W. U. Daily mail. Population, 250.

Andrews, Andrew C. general store
Adams, Benjamin F. carpenter
Alwood, Charles C. Laborer.
Alwood, Peola. laborer.
Ashton Lumber Co. James H. Dewing pres, Henry L. Watson sec, Thayer Halladay treas, lumber mnfrs.
Bedo Augustus. laborer.
Brett, Edward P. (Brett Bros.).
Cady, Aldie. laborer.
Cole, John. laborer.
Cuddeleck, Richard. real estate agent.
Daly, George W. farmer.
Deland, James B. laborer.
Dewing, James H.. pres Ashton Lumber Co. res Kalamazoo, Mich.
Dillabough, Charles H. clerk.
Duddebeck, Edward L. laborer.
Fewlas, Isaac. farmer.
Gillespie, Wm. F. teacher.
Halladay, Burton. clerk.
Halladay, George & Son. (George and Thayer), general store.
Halladay, Lewis. laborer.
Halladay, Thayer. tres Ashton Lumber Co.
Howe, Elmer. laborer.
Howe, Frank. laborer.
Howe, Isaac W. Physician & Surgeon.
Lamport, Rev W W. (Methodist Episcopal), res Luther, Mich.
Lincoln, Charles W. mason.
Martin, Rev. Jesse J. (Baptist).
Morris, Wm. laborer.
Morse, Wm. laborer.
Mulholland, Arthur. grocer.
Mulholland, Arthur Jr. grocer.
O'Connor, Cornelius. section foreman.
Palmer, Hiram R. physician.
Peck, Frederick R. carpenter.
Pratt, Edward. laborer.
Pratt, Elbert. laborer.
Pratt, Lucinda. (wid Addison).
Pratt, Wm. laborer.
Purchase, Leon T.. (purchase & Son).
Purchase, Warren. laborer.
Purchase, Wm. (Purchase & Son).
Purchase & Son. (Wm and Leon T), lumber mnfrs and proprs Ashton House.
Rich, John. laborer.
Russell, Joseph H. laborer.
Snyder, Arthur. laborer.
Stanford, Milo D. laborer.
Struthers, Frank. laborer.
Swen, Rev Asa F. .
Swem, John H. wagonmaker.
Thompson, Miss Emma. teacher.
Thompson, Grant. laborer.
Thompson, Mrs. Hannah. dressmaker.
Thompson, Leon E. clerk.
Thompson, Lucy E. (wid Joseph).
Thorene, Charles. laborer.
Thorne, Thomas A. Propr Ashton Exchange.
Thorpe, Charles B. painter.
Thurlby, T B. laborer.
Turnbull, Miss Lilly C. music teacher.
Watson, Henry L. sec Ashton Lumber Co, res Kalamazoo, Mich.
Wiley, Anson A. railroad and exp agt.
Wiley, Julius. tanner.
Williams, Silas O. blacksmith.

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