1884 Reed City Directory

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Reed City is one of the most prosperous and promising towns in Northern Michigan. Its geographical location and railroad facilities afford unusual advantages for the establishment of manufacturing institutions. It is a permanent place, with a population of 2,000, and situated in the midst of a fine tract of beech and maple land. The growth of the place has been a legitimate one. Upwards of 125 buildings have been erected during the year 1883.

Reed City is situated on the Hersey river, in Osceola County, at the intersection of the Grand Rapids & Indiana and Flint & Pere Marquette railroads, 69 miles north of Grand Rapids. These railroads afford excellent facilities for shipping.

The Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad connects the town on the west with Ludington and Manistee, thence by boat with any port on the lakes; on the east with Saginaw, Bay City, Flint, Detroit and Toledo. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad runs direct to Petoskey and Mackinaw, thus giving direct communication with the celebrated trout fishing and hunting grounds and famous summer resorts of Northern Michigan. On the south the road connects the village with Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Fort Wayne, Richmond and Cincinnati.

The business advantages of Reed City cannot be surpassed. there are two express companies - the United States and American. Reed City is, at present, the northern terminus of the western division of the State Telephone Line. Eight mails are received daily.

The Hersey rive, which runs through the village, supplies an excellent water power.

Its natural advantages and desirable location have already attracted several manufactories. Reed City has a flourishing furniture factory, 4 planing mills, 2 sawmills, 4 flouring mills - all doing a large business - a broom handle factory, woolen mill, 2 foundries, a machine shop, 2 brick yards, spring bed manufactory, and 2 printing offices.

The village is fortunate in having within its limits as good brick clay as any town in Northern Michigan. Several brick edifices already adorn business streets, besides several brick residences. Reed City has one of the finest opera houses in Michigan, having a capacity of 700, which is an evidence of the permanent character of the town.

The United States Land Office is located here.

This is also a station for the taking of meteorological reports for the State Board of Health and U.S. Signal Service.

There are seven hotels, the National, New Heath and Oaks being first-class.

The Odd Fellows, Masons, A.O.U.W., G.A.R., W.C.T.U. and German Workingmen's Benevolent Association all have flourishing lodges. There are eight church societies, Baptist, Congregational, Catholic, Swedish Lutheran, two German Lutheran, Methodist and German Evangelical. All of these societies have good churches. Its educational advantages are excellent. It has one of the best graded schools in the north, with an efficient corps of seven teachers.

The village is well protected from fire by water works, the mains extending through the business portion of the town. Two No. 10 Dean pumps are used. The fire department is well organized, and consists of three hose companies and one hook and ladder company.


President - W. M. Slosson
Clerk - W. H. Hawkins
Treasurer - F. I. Tracy
Assessor - M. O. Green
Street Commissioner - J. B. Soules
Constable - Z. Simmons
Marshal - J. B. Soules
Trustees - G.W. Shay, P.T. Morris, S. E. Cormany, T.J. Amspoker, E. B. Martin, H.C. Stoddard


Chief Engineer - H. C. Stoddard
Assistant Chief - T.J. Amspoker
Secretary - L.B. Winsor
Cataract Hose Co., NO. 1, D.W. Vaughan, foreman; T. Huss, secretary.

Eclipse Hose Co., No. 2, H.K. smith, foreman; H.G. Trumble, secretary.

Rescue Hook and Ladder Co., No. 3, W.M. Slosson, foreman; L.B. Winsor, secretary.

Young American Hose Co., No. 4, Miles Callaghan, foreman; Sherman Johns, secretary.


Moderator - H. C. Stoddard
Assesor - D. McClellan
Director - Ransom Cooper
Trustees - Wm. Lewis, G. W. Morris



Cor. Slosson ave and Park. Services 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting, Thursday at 7 p.m. Sabbath school, 12 m.


Northwest part of the city. Rev. Father M.T. Nyssen, pastor. Sunday services, 10 a.m.


Cor Upton ave and Park. Rev. L.J. Thomas, pastor. Services, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath school after morning service. Weekly prayer meeting, Thursday evening at 7:30.

German Evangelical

Cor. Chestnut and West Lincoln, Rev. Edward Weis, pastor. Services each Sabbath at 10 a.m. Weekly prayer meetings, Wednesday evenings. Bible class, Sunday evening.


Evangelical of Missouri Synod - Cor of west Church and Higbee sts. Rev. H. F. Juengel, pastor.

German - West side Higbee nr. Todd ave. Rev. J.G. Bleibtreu, pastor. Services 19 a.m. and 2 p.m., alternately. Sabbath school after service.

Swedish - Northwestern part of the village.


Cor. Todd ave. and Higbee. Rev. J.W.H. Carlisle, pastor. Services, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath school, 12 m. Young peoples' meeting every Tuesday evening, 7:30. Weekly prayer meeting Thursday evening.


Band of Hope - Organized January, 1882. Meets in the Congregational church every Sabbath at 3 p.m. S.E. Cormany, supt.

German Workingmen's Society - Meets second and last Friday of each month. Hans Lahn, President; Henry Bruegman, Secretary; Wm. Pepler, Treasurer.

Reed City Sportsman's Club - C.E. Barnes, Pres.; T.J. Amspoker, Sec.; H.C. Stoddard, Treas.

W.C.T.U. - Meets each alternate Tuesday at 3 p.m. Mrs. Fannie HOlden, Pres.; Mrs. R.B. Cormany, V-Pres.; Mrs. W.W. White, V-Pres.; Mrs. I. Peacock, V-Pres.; Mrs. Price, Sec.; Mrs. Nix, Treas.


Reed City Clarion (Rep) - Weekly. C.E. Barnes, editor and propr. Published every Friday. Rates, $1.50 per year.

The People (Ind-Dem) - Weekly. H.E.H. Clute and Ira H. Whitney, publishers. Issued Saturday.



Reed City chapter, U.D. - Meets the third Wednesday of each month in Buck's Block. W. H. Hawkins, H.P.; J.G. Van Winkle, King; G.W. Shay, Scribe; R.W. Hall, Sec.

Reed City Lodge, No. 363 - Meets first Thursday of each month in the Masonic Hall, Buck's Block. L.B. Winsor, W.M.; J.F. Twitchell, S.W.; G.W. Shay, J.W.; F.I. Tracy, Sec.


Reed City Lodge, No. 316 - Meets every Monday evening in Buck's Block. J.C. Holden, H.G.; F.H. Nix, V.G.; J.B. SOules, Rec. Sec.

Reed City Encampment, No. 95 - Meets the second and fourth Fridays of each month in Buck's Block. G.H. Gilbert, C.P.; C.E. Barnes, S.W.; J.Q. Patterson, Scribe.


Reed City Lodge, No. 96 - Meets every alternate Friday in the old Masonic Hall. W.H. Hawkins, M.W.; L.D. Webster, Foreman; Wm. POwley, Overseer; E.L. Hayes, Financier; J.C. Langdon, Recorder.


Steedman Post, No. 198 - Meets second Tuesday of each month in Odd Fellows' Hall. C.H. Holden, P.C.; H.C. Stoddard, S.V.P.C.; G. Gilbert, J.V.P.C.; John Landon, Adjutant; P.M. Lonsbury, Quartermaster; R.S. Cole, Chaplain; Isaac Grant, Officer of the Day; Asa Buck, Sergt. Major.

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