1884 Tustin Directory

R. L. POLK & CO.'S

A stirring village, and a station on the G. R. & I. R. R., in Burdell Township. Osceola County, 21 miles northwest of of Hersey, the county seat, and 18 north of Reed City, via which it is 212 northwest of Detroit. The village contains grist and saw-mills, a wooden bowl factory, Congregational, Methodist Episcopal and Lutheran Churches, a district school, lodge of the A. O. U. W. and Good Templars societies, 3 good hotels and a popular weekly paper, the Tustin Advance. there are besides, in the immediate vicinity, 5 lumber and shingle mills and 2 flouring mills. The shipments comprise cedar posts, hemlock bark, railroad ties, hardwood logs, lumber, ginseng and shingles, and land is worth from $4 to $10 per acre. The Western Union Telegraph and the United States Express Companies have offices here. Cadillac, 12 miles north, is the location of the nearest bank. Tustin is a money order postoffice.

Anderson, Andrew G. Saloon.
Anderson, James H. (Anderson & Huffman).
Anderson, John J. bartndr A G. Anderson.
Anderson, Peter. painter.
Anderson & Huffman. (James H. Anderson, Cornelius Huffman), grocers.
Austin, Ervin T. engineer.
Baler, Louis. livery and blacksmith.
Barron, Charles. foreman Sawyer & Knox.
Barron, Solom M. laborer.
Belcher, John H. (McGovern & Belcher).
Bevins, Geo. W. gen store and postmaster.
Brennan, James D. section foreman.
Buck, George E. (Buck & So).
Buck, George M. (Buck & Son).
Buck & Son. (George M and George E), blacksmiths.
Christensen, Christ C. (Hanson & Christnsen).
Chrsity, Andrew. laborer.
Christy, John. laborer.
Clark, George S. blacksmith.
Cole, Harlon. laborer.
Commercial Hotel. L D Cool & Son Proprs.
Compton, Philander L. (Compton & Grommon).
Compton & Grommon. (Philander L Compton, Wm P Grommon), livery.
Cook, Walter. teacher.
Cool, Lorenzo D & Son. Proprs Commercial Hotel.
Corwin R F & Co. (Richard F Corwin) Props Tustin Advance and Cigars and Tobacco.
De Goit, Garrah D. clerk.
Doyle, Robert P. laborer.
Edgett, Frank. farmer.
Edgett, Frank Jr. laborer.
Emory, John F. farmer.
Estes, Gideon A. (Estes & Wellner).
Estes & Wellner. (Gideon A. Estes, John T. Wellner), general store.
Forsberg, Rev John. (Swedish Lutheran).
Given Bros. (Wm J and Joseph H), carps.
Given, Joseph H. (Given Bros).
Given, Wm J. (Given Bros).
Grommon, Wm P. (Compton & Grommon).
Grove, John E. carpenter.
Gue, Leonard L. blacksmith.
Hanson, Albert P C. (Hanson & Christensen).
Hanson & Christensen. (Albert P C Hanson, Christ C. Christensen), blacksmiths.
Hicks, Wm. laborer.
Holmes, Frederick. laborer.
House, W Henry. agt G R & I R R and U S Exp Co..
Householder, Martin L. shoemaker.
Huffman, Cornelius. (anderson & Huffman).
Johnson, Charles. boarding house.
Johnson, August. painter.
Kennedy, James P. (Kennedy & Sons).
Kennedy, James P, Jr. (Kennedy & Sons).
Kennedy, John W. (Kennedy & Sons).
Kennedy & Sons. (James P., John W. and James P. Jr), Flour and Feed Mill.
Knox, Ormel L. (Sawyer & Knox).
Lampman, Stark. surveyor.
Larkins, Frederick. teamster.
Liddle, Daniel S. agt, general store.
Liddle, Ransom G. clerk.
Lindberg, John. carpenter.
Lindstrom, Mrs. Hulda M. milliner.
Lindstrom, John A. clerk.
McGovern, Daniel. (McGovern & Belcher).
McGovern & Belcher. (Daniel McGovern, John H. Belcher), lumber mnfrs.
McIntyre, Archibald A. carpenter.
Maynard, Edward E. farmer.
Moon, John E. clerk.
Morgan, Alfred J. carpenter.
Nelson, Frederick. laborer.
Olson, Martin. farmer.
Orser, Wilson C. laborer.
Ransom, John W. physician.
Raymond L J. turner.
Rich, Charles M. lumber.
Rickerd, Luther. laborer.
Sawyer, Charles T. (Sawyer & Knox), res Ludington, Mich.
Sawyer & Knox. (Charles T Sawyer, Ormel L Knox), mnfrs Hardwood bowls and General Store.
Sines, Louis. laborer.
Sommers, Homer. meat market.
Starks, Nathan F. Propr Tustin House.
Stevens, Lucius B. justice of peace.
Stevens, Truman. sawyer.
Stokes, James N. Grocer & Druggist.
Thomson, Archibald J. physician and druggist.
Townsend, Llewellyn D. billiards.
Townsend, Wm J. farmer and town clerk.
Van Brunt, Albertus. turner.
Vance, Francis M. laborer.
Watson, Charles R. section foreman.
Weckerly, Frank. laborer.
Wellner, John T. (Estes & Wellner).
Wescott, John A. carpenter.
Wescott, Wm J. laborer.
Wilson, Thomas. turner.
Woolworth, Albert. foreman.

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