Hersey Correspondence - July 8, 1872

The weather has been intensely cold for the past week and the sleighing is splendid. The loggers all seem to be in the best of spirits, and claim they never before had so many logs in the river at this time of the year.

Andrew Greem's camp on the Middle Branch was burned last Thursday night, destroying all his camp equipage, besides other property. The cattle were rescued with some difficulty. The loss is estimated at $2,000. There was also a fire at Frank Bennett's Camp, which is situated about three miles North of Hersey, destroying his barn and all the hay he had in it. Loss about $2,500. Both fires are said to have been occasioned by explosions of the old style of lanterns. Experience will teach loggers after awhile that it is cheaper to buy the best kerosene lanterns in the market.

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