Ottawa County Death Records, 
Categories and Abbreviations

Compiled by Evelyn Sawyer
From the Ottawa County, MI Records

A,  Ba,  Be,  Bi-BoBr,  Bu-By,  Ca-Cl,  Co-Cy,  Da-DeNDeP-Dex, 
Di-DoDr-DyE,  F,  Ga-GlGo-GuHa,  He-Hi,  Ho-Hy,  I-J, 
Ka-Kn,  Ko-Ku, La-Li,  Lo-Ly,  Ma-Mc,  Me-Mi,  Mo-My,  N,  O, 
Pa-Ph,  Pi-Q,  Ra-Rh,  Ri-Rom,  Ron-Ry,  Sa-Sc,  Se-Sl,  Sm-Sq, 
St-Sy,  T,  U-VanK,  VanL-VanZ,  Vanda-Vanden, VanderB-Vau, 
Ve-Vl,  Vo-Vy,  Wa-We,  Wh-Wi,  Wo-Wy,  Y-Z


Categories of Death Records

Descriptions of Abbreviations of Cause of Death

Descriptions of Abbreviations of Birthplace and Deathplace

++ Means information added per family that was not on the original record.

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 16 December 2002

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