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Pioneering Michigan

by Eric Freedman

Each short chapter of this book describes a couple who settled in Michigan.

The couples are:

  • Francis Bienvenu dit DELISLE and Geneveva CHARON dit Laferriere
  • COBMOSA - Ottawa Chief
  • George MELDRUM and Angelique Mary Catherine CHAPOTON
  • William McGULPIN and Madeleine BOURASSA
  • SHAWANO - Chippewa Chief
  • Joseph LORANGER and Rosalie CHABERT
  • Michael BEACH Jr. and Lucy DAVIS
  • Bela CHAPMAN and Mary CHARETTE
  • Elizur GOODRICH and Lucy Smith FISH
  • Daniel THOMPSON and Susan Ann BRADLEY
  • Erastus DAY Sr. and Lucy WILLARD
  • Lewis EDWARDS and Patience GARWOOD
  • Crocker GIDDINGS and Orpha FELTON
  • Dolphin MORRIS and Susanna Nancy BEAVER
  • Chester WALL and Christiana FRINK
  • Pierre A. GUILLOT and Mary Esther FOURNIER
  • Luther POND and Sarah WHITE
  • Samuel BABCOCK and Elizabeth GROVES
  • Jean Baptist CHARBONEAU and Mary MARTIN
  • Jacob Frederick HECK and Katarina OTT
  • Nicholas GROVES and Clarinda HOLBROOK
  • Leonard KEENE Jr. and Alice SHAFFER
  • Peter CREBASSA and Nancy ROSSEAU
  • Philo GALPIN and Jane TOWNSEND
  • William C. REED and Sarah BEEBE
  • John RENO and Marie LAUBACHER
  • Peter FAGAN and Eliza Laura DAINS
  • Hiram SEGER and Leah Elizabeth BURDGE
  • Pliny Atherton SKINNER and Delia ALVORD
  • Jefferson Gage THURBER and Mary Bartlett GERRISH
  • Peter Van TIFFLIN and Hannah ALLAN
  • Andrew URE and Agnes GARDNER
  • Timothy Horace IVES and Sophia HALE
  • Rufus Chancy ABBOTT and Malvina TILLOTTSON
  • Dexter ARNOLD and Olive KIMBALL
  • Jehudi ASHMUN and Nancy Adeline MORLEY
  • Joseph William LAWRENCE Sr. and Sybil HEATH
  • Isaac TRUAX and Angelica DeLa GRANGE
  • William VAN BLARCOM and Mary PALMATIER
  • William WITHERSPOON and Johanna HAYES
  • Josiah W. BEGOLE and Harriet A. MILES
  • Henry BIRGE and Sarah STAPLES
  • Japheth FISHER and Maria WILLIAMS
  • Larned GORE and Lucinda BONNEY
  • John Herman HANSES and Elizabeth MARTIN
  • William C. LEEK and Martha WILLEY
  • Nathan E. LEWIS and Catherine Ann LOPEMAN
  • Adam MANWARING and Susan PLATT
  • Jared Sanford ROGERS and Louisa MILLER
  • Silas Wheeler ROSE Sr. and Margaret MYRTLE
  • Trueman SHELDON and Susanna KNAPP
  • Moses WISNER and Eliza RRICHARDSON
  • William P. BRISTOL and Deborah MARSHALL



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