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Welcome to our Photo Album.  We hope to add lots of photos
in the future.  All old photos are welcome.  Family, places and things.
So send in your photos and together we can make a beautiful album.
To send in photos please scan them at 150 DPI and save as a jpg.  If you 
are unsure of how to do this please contact me and I will be glad to help
you if I can.  Send as many photos as you want but please send each 
photo in a separate email.  Send photos or questions here.


A "rescued" photo!

crawford.jpg (11512 bytes)

I've "rescued" an old photograph of The CRAWFORD Family which was taken at
the C. J. Wendt Studios in either Forestville or Minden City, Michigan.

Not certain there is a connection, however, other photographs recovered
along with this photo are some belonging to the DOMBROW, SMITH, COHEN,
STIMLY, SULLIVAN, SCHMIDT, and SMALL families from Chicago, IL; Chester, IL;
St. Louis, MO; Norwood, NY; and Nebraska City, NE.  I'm hoping to locate
someone from this family so that this wonderful old photograph can be
returned to its rightful place with family.

If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please
contact me.



03-GosdenLucy.JPG (68292 bytes)
Philinda Worden   

William James Rushton

Philinda was born 23 May 1875 in Worth Township, daughter of Robert J. Worden & Lucy Amelia Gosden. Wm James was born 15 Jun 1871 in Forester Township, son of Lorenzo W. Rushton & Melissa A. MacIntoshThey were married, 07 Jul 1893 in Croswell (Probably their Marriage Certificate photos.)

 17-WordenLucy.JPG (11565 bytes)
"Probably" Philinda (Worden) Rushton


11-WordenRobertLucy.JPG (75063 bytes)

Robert J. & Lucy Amelia (Gosden) Worden
read more of Lucy Worden here


submitted by Michael Clouse or alternate email


harrietfrankpeek1832-1899photoca1875.jpeg (117483 bytes)  

frankpake1874-1951photoca1900.jpeg (41340 bytes)  

uriaspeek1828-1874photoca1865.jpeg (64344 bytes)

Harriet and Frank Peek

Harriet 1832-1899
photo taken in 1875
submitted by
Ross Pake

Frank Pake


Photo taken in 1900
submitted by
Ross Pake


Urias Peek


photo taken 1865
submitted by
Ross Pake


Any one doing Pake/Peek/Peak/Peck genealogy please contact Ross Pake, 31545 Peppertree Bend, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675  William Peek was the first settler of Deckerville read more about the Peek family in the Early Settlers.


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