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Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple. Information given will be minimal, for example if it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed; the volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests.

Our lookups will extend to searching the book to determine if the book would be helpful to you in your research. Should the book prove useful, we can provide you with the authors address and ordering information.

Sanilac County Look Up Volunteers

The people listed below have been gracious enough to volunteer to do SIMPLE lookups for you. Please do not overwhelm them with your requests and be sure to send them a THANK YOU, even if they were unable to locate any information for you.
Remember, these people have volunteered their TIME for you. As repayment for their help, we only ask that you pass on the favor by helping someone else with their research along the way.

Please contact the volunteer listed next to the source you would like checked. Be as specific in your e-mail as to what information you are needing from what source. Response time should be 3 to 7 days. Please be patient they're volunteers.

If you can volunteer to help with lookups please contact me.

Amy Brown

1894 Sanilac County plat book, 1906 Sanilac County plat book, Portrait
Biographical album of Sanilac County, Biographical sketches of Sanilac
War Heroes, History of the Township and Village of Marlette, Michigan
Grave Undertakings Thumb Cemetery Recordings Marlette Township, Grave
Undertakings Thumb Cemetery Recordings Elmer, Evergreen and Flynn

I also have access to the Marlette Leader Newspaper on Microfilm 1882
to present, housed in the Marlette District Library, Marlette, MI.


Michael Clouse

Marriage Records
    1849 to 1869 (have index and records)
    1907 to 1912 pp 1 to 99 of Vol. 5 (no index, would need to know page number and or record number)
Sexton Records Croswell Cemetery
to 1989 Location Report by owner and deceased

Ella Klein

  • Michigan Census Index - 1850 on CD
  • Michigan Census Index - 1870
  • Names in Portrait & Biographical Book - Sanilac County 1884
  • Michigan Death Index (1867-1869)
  • Names in Sanilac County Plat Books 1894, 1906, 1960, 1965 and 1974
  • History of Sanilac County (1834-1984)
  • Cemetery Listing for Lexington Township, which includes Croswell & Lexington cemeteries.

Jan Wallace


Professional Help


Karen Olszeski - 674 Chicago Drive, Howell, Michigan 48843. "I do research in ALL counties in Michigan. Please see my web page at: for more information."



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