Sanilac County Genealogical Society

9154 Rich Road
Mayville, MI 48744



  • Individual - $10.00

  • Husband and Wife - $12.00

  • Family - $15.00

  • Members are allowed 3 queries per year in the Society's Newsletter.  Additional queries for members are $1.00 per posting.

  • Non - Members are charged $1.00 per posting

  • The $1.00 posting fee is to be paid at the time of the request.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at various locations in Sanilac County.  There are no meetings during  December, January or February.  The meeting time is 7:00 P.M.


There are several research publications for sale by the Society.  For a printable list of what is for available click here.


If you wish to join the Sanilac County Genealogical Society an application to print and mail is available here.   Application is in PDF format.


Sanilac County Historical Society and Museums

228 N Ridge Street
Port Sanilac, Michigan 48469-9737
(810) 622-9946

Museum complex includes Victorian mansion, centennial log cabin, turn-of-the-century General Store, dairy shrine, historical barn with lumbering and maritime artifacts. Annual and lifetime memberships available. Bi-annual newsletter highlights events and activities. Archive room. Genealogical research service available for small fee.


Deckerville Historical Museum and Flea Market

 4028 N. Ruth Rd. Deckerville, Michigan 

                                            Phone:  810-376-6695

                                            Proprietor:  Joyce Reid


Museum - Open May - Sep. By Appointment  Special appointments can be made for group tours.


Flea Market - Open by appointment and when special shows are on.  Wheelchair accessible.


Directions - The Deckerville Historical Museum and Flea Market are located one mile north of Deckerville. 


If traveling by M-25 turn west on Deckerville Rd. Driving 7 miles, then turn north at the light in the town of Deckerville and go 1 mile.


If traveling by M-46 north on Ruth Rd. and travel 8 miles.


If traveling by M-53 turn east on Deckerville Rd. driving18 miles, then turn north at the light in the town of Deckerville and go 1 mile.


Visitors from Detroit should allow two hours driving time one way.  Visitors from the Tri-Cities should plan on a trip of about 1 1/4 hours. 


About the Museum - Visitors here are introduced to some of the local history of Deckerville and the surrounding Sanilac County area.  You will learn about local founding families, fires of the area, some history of the Railroad company and Depot, Indian artifacts and early frontier era furnishings and farm tools.


The Museum is located in the Deckerville Train Depot which opened July 5, 1883.  The Depot was originally located 3/4 mile west of the main corner of Deckerville.  The first train arrived in Deckerville July 5, 1880 on the Port Huron and Northwestern narrow-gauge railroad.  Only a loading dock existed at that time it burnt in the fire of 1881.  The Depot was built in 1883 with the first agent being Melvin Decker, our last agent was Ed Wagner and the building was closed in the 1960's.  The building was moved to its present location in the spring of 1987 and was reconditioned the summer of 1988 for its opening as the Deckerville Historical Museum August 5, 1988.


As you enter the Museum the first room is a combination of the waiting room and office which use to be separated by a partition.  In this room you shall see Railroad memorabilia, antique dishes, portraits of local families, an antique hat and jewelry collections and other local artifacts.  The second room was originally the baggage room here you will find a collection of local Indian arrowheads and other ceremonial items.  As you enter the last room which was the warehouse storage area for goods and coal you see household items, small farm tools and equipment, railroad vouchers, train tickets, telegraph messages, forge, milking equipment, buggy and a sleigh and many more items.


A few feet from the Depot stands a chink and motor log cabin moved

from Burgitville (3 1/2 miles east of here) the town was also called

Houndtown because everyone in the area had hound dogs.  The log 

cabin was moved from its original location on the Wesley Dean farm 

to this location in 1984.  It was built after the fire of 1881 and first

used as a home, later as a storage area then a chicken coop.


Next your welcome to wander among the John Deere tractor collection,

featuring Poppin Johnnies pre dating the 1950's.  There are Hit and Miss

engines, grain binders and threshing machines which are used for special

shows during the summer and a collection of horse drawn machinery 

displayed around the buildings. 


Special scheduled weekend shows bring together collectors to share in 

showing binding & threshing grain, plowing and Indian dancing.  For 

information on this years special shows please call 810-376-6695


Special tours for schools and groups - Separate tours can be arranged

for your school class, clubs, bus tours or senior citizens groups to give

you a pleasant, efficient look at the Museum. 


Museum Donation - $  2.00 per person

                                   $  1.00 Children 5 to 12

                                   $30.00 for small groups

If your group is a young age we would appreciate 

knowing how many sponsors will be coming with the group.


For fastest reservations please call 810-376-6695 or send your

inquiries to, Deckerville Historical Museum, 4028 N. Ruth Rd., Deckerville, Michigan 48427.




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