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Alice Davis * Mrs. Peter Dumond


Alice Davis Strayed to River and Was Drowned - Was Living With Grandparents

Alice, four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davis, of Howell, and grand daughter of J.J. Davis, of this city, was drowned in the river this morning about ten o'clock.
About that time Fred Osmer was crossing the Mulberry street bridge and saw the form of a child floating in the river. Giving the alarm, he followed down the bank and near the bend in the river with the assistance of others drew from the watery grave the lifeless but beautiful form of the little girl. Every effort was made by those present and by Dr. Arnold who was called, to resuscitate the child but without avail. It was apparent she had been in the water but a short time for when found the cheeks and lips were still rosy as in life and she looked as though asleep.
The child was unknown to all who were present, and Marshal Ross summoned Undertaker Foster to the home of Mr. Sheperd, where the body had been taken. Search was then made to identify the child and after some search it was discovered that little Alice Davis was missing from the home of her grandfather where she had made her home for several months while undergoing treatment with Dr. Blair. Mrs. Davis said the child was playing about the house and seemed scarcely to be out of sight.
It is evident she went to the river which runs at the back of the house and playing, fell in. The swift current carried the body down stream and it was, fortunately, seen while passing the bridge.
The accident is most distressing not only to the parents, who are deeply afflicted, but to the grandparents.
Coroner Brewer called the following jury: M. Gaylord, Jonah Hall, Simon Hall, John Howell, M. Safford and Chas Byerly. They viewed the remains and adjourned until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning when the inquest will be held at the residence of J.J. Davis, 126 John street, where the body was taken this afternoon.
Published April 27, 1904, Owosso Argus - contributed 2009 by William Hughes


Mrs. Peter Dumon of New Haven Died Monday Afternoon [Apr. 25, 1904]

Mrs. Peter Dumond died Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her home in New Haven township, aged 71 years. she had lived nearly all her life in Shiawassee county, and 52 years ago was married to Peter Dumond. The family is highly respected in the neighborhood. She leaves besides her husband, two daughters and two sons, Mrs. Fred A. Brown, living on Detroit street in this city, Mrs. David Culey, and James Dumond of New Haven and Roy Dumond of Rush.
Mrs. Dumond had been in ill health for years, some of the time quite feeble. Monday she took an opiate, and soon after passed into a comatose condition from which she never rallied. The funeral will be held Thursday at 2 o'clock, from the Union church at Six Mile Creek, and it is expected Rev. John Kirn will officiate.
Published April 30, 1904, Owosso Argus - contributed 2009 by William Hughes

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