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Cemetery Index
(Wet Prairie)
Albion Memory Gardens Austin Babcock Barrington Beckley Bedford
Bentleys Corner
(Albion Twp)
Burlington Twp.
(New Burlington)
Burr Oak Ceresco Clarks Clarence Center
(South Leroy)
Cooks Prairie Davis Dubois Dyer East Eckford Fairview
Fisher Floral Lawn Harmon Halladay Hamilton Harmonia Haskell Home Hicks/West Pennfield
Hotchkiss Houston Indian Mission Johnson Krenerick Lee Center Lutheran
Lyon Lake Marengo Memorial
Marengo Village Mather
(East Leroy)
McFadden Memorial Park Memorial Park Sunset Gardens
Mount Olivet Newbre Newton Twp Nichols North Athens North Clarence
North Marengo Oak Hill Oakridge Old Burg
(Old Athens)
Old Burlington Partello Poor Farm
Porter Reese Rasley Reed Family Rice Creek Riverside
Saint Joseph Saint Mary's Sandstone
Society of Friends
South Albion
(Albion Township/Benham)
Townsend Walker West Clarendon West Eckford West Leroy Windfall Youngs
Albion Twp.
Battle Creek


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ALBION TWP: 28400 H Drive South, Albion, MI, 49224 , Phone: 517.629.2289 or 517.629.7270, Clerk PHOTOS  Transcription
Albion Memory Gardens - Section 4, 27 Mile Road, Albion    
Babcock - Section 8, D Drive South and 25 1/2 Mile Road, Albion    
Bryant (Albion Twp)  - Section 17, Condit Road at 25 1/2 Mile Road, Albion MTP  
Riverside - Section 11, B Drive South and 28 Mile Road/M-99, Albion MTP  
South Albion (Albion Township/Benham) - Section 36, J Drive South and 29 Mile Road, Albion MTP  
Unknown - Section 28, J Drive South, Homer.. THIS CEMETERY IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY MTP  
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Athens TWP: 130 East Burr Oak Street, PO Box 368, Athens, MI 49011, Phone (269) 729-5305    
Burr Oak - Section 33, 595 V Drive South, Athens. Records are kept at the Village Office. Civil War Monument MTP  
Indian Mission - Section 20, 1 1/2 Mile Road on the Pine Creek Indian Reservation, Athens    
North Athens - Section 4, M Drive South and 2 Mile Road, East Leroy MTP  
Old Burg (Old Athens) - Section 27, U Drive South, Athens MTP GenWeb
Stimpson - Section 9, O Drive South, east of 2 Mile Road, East Leroy MTP GenWeb
Walker - Section 111, 4 1/2 Mile Road/M-66 MTP  
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Battle Creek City & Township:  10 North Division, Battle Creek, MI, 49014, Phone 269-966-3348, City Clerk    
Beckley - Section 27, Between Beckley & Helmer Road (3 Mile Rd at I-94), Battle Creek. Contact City of Battle Creek MTP GenWeb
Dubois - Section 36, B Drive North, Battle Creek. Contact City of Battle Creek. Contact City of Battle Creek MTP GenWeb
Haskell Home - Section 2, Hubbard St., Battle Creek. No Longer Exists *Memorial Page With Links To Obits From William Library* MTP  
Memorial Park - Section 15, 2435, Columbia Road, Battle Creek. Phone 269-963-7577 , Email Online Burial Search MTP  
Memorial Park Sunset Gardens (Stone Jug) - Section 16, Helmer (3 Mile Road) & Airport Roads (Across from Memorial Park Cemetery), Battle Creek . Contact same as above MTP  
Mount Olivet Catholic - Section 7, 260 South Avenue, Battle Creek. Contact Saint Phillips Catholic Church, 126 Capital Ave. NE, Battle Creek, 49017, Phone 269-962-9506 MTP  
Oak Hill - Sections 7 and 8, 255 South Avenue, Battle Creek. Phone 269-964-7321. *The Office Manager has added all the names on file to Find A Grave.* MTP Find A Grave
Society of Friends (Quaker/Fremont Park) - Section 6, Fremont Street, Battle Creek. Removed to Oak Hill Cemetery, No longer Exists   GenWeb
Unknown - Section 1, Champion and Washington Streets, Battle Creek. Moved to Oak Hill in 1844.   GenWeb
Young's - Section 15, 2119 West Territorial Road, Battle Creek. Contact City of Battle Creek MTP GenWeb
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Bedford Township: 115 S Uldriks Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49014, Phone: (269) 968-6917    
Bedford (Hutchinson) - Section 10, M-37 (Bedford Road) Behind the Bedford Township Fire Department. MTP  
Hamilton - Section 6, V Drive North, Bedford    
Harmon Halladay  - Section 26, W. Morgan Road, Battle Creek MTP  
Harmonia - Section 32, Brydges Street, Battle Creek MTP  
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Burlington Township: Township Hall, 135 Elm Street, Burlington; Mailing Address: PO Box 69, Burlington 49029, Phone: 517.765.2323 or 517.765.2152    
Abscota (Wet Prairie) - Section 8, N Drive South and 7 Mile Road, Burlington MTP  
Barrington - Section 3, N Drive South and 9 1/2 Mile Road, Burlington MTP  
Burlington Township (New Burlington) - Section 26, M-60, Burlington MTP  
Old Burlington - Section 25, near 11 Mile Road and M-60, Burlington MTP  
Riverside - Section 33, Union City (also in Union Twp, Branch County)    
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Clarence Township: 27052 R. Drive N, Albion Mi 49224, Phone 517-857-2288    
Clarence Center - Section 15 and 22, Anderson Road and 28 Mile Road, Springport MTP GenWeb
Dyer (Clarence on the Hill) - Section 35, between 28 and 28 1/2 mile Roads MTP GenWeb
Krenerick - Section 33, L Drive North MTP GenWeb
Nichols (Clarence District No. 4) - Section 20, 26 Mile Road and R Drive North MTP GenWeb
North Clarence (Hunt) - Section 5, V Drive North and 26 Mile Road, Partello MTP GenWeb
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Clarendon Township: Township Hall, 21947 R Drive South, Homer 49245; Mailing Address: 19311 T Drive South, Tekonsha 49092, Phone: 517.767.4416    
Bentley's Corners (Clarendon/Clarendon Center/East Clarendon) - Section 26, T Drive South, Tekonsha MTP  
Clark's - Section 28, V Drive South, Tekonsha    
Cook's Prairie - Section 1, 23 Mile Road, Homer MTP  
Saint Joseph's - Section 35, South county line and 22 Mile Road MTP  
West Clarendon - Section 18, M-60, Tekonsha MTP  
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Convis Township: 19500 15 Mile Road, Marshall, Michigan 49068-9467,  Phone (269) 789-0654    
Austin - Section 22, 15 Mile Road, Sexton - Keith Rapp (269) 781-5754 GenWeb GenWeb
Porter - Section 25, N Drive North,  Sexton - Keith Rapp (269) 781-5754 GenWeb GenWeb
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Eckford Township: Townhall: 21000 F Drive South, Marshall, MI 49068, Mailing Address: 6612 23 Mile Road, Homer, MI 49245, Phone (269) 781-9222    
East Eckford - Section 13, 23 Mile and Homer Roads   GenWeb
West Eckford - Section 17, 19 1/2 Mile Road   GenWeb
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Emmett Township (Battle Creek): 621 Cliff Street, Battle Creek Mi. 49014, Phone 269-968-0241    
Ceresco - Section 24, near 12 Mile Road, Ceresco MTP  
Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens - Section 10, 1490 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek MTP  
Newbre - Sections 33 and 34, B Drive North, Ceresco MTP  
Sandstone (Sackrider) - Section 14, 11 Mile Road, Battle Creek MTP  
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Fredonia Township: 8803 17 Mile Road, Marshall, Michigan 49068,  Phone: (269) 781-8115, Sexton (269) 781-8115 or via Email    
Houston - Section 8, C Drive South, Marshall MTP  
Lutheran (German) - Section 32, 13 Mile Road, Tekonsha    
Lyon Lake - Section 24, 17 Mile Road and G Drive South, Marshall    
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Homer Township: Homer Municipal Building, 130 E. Main Street, Homer; Mailing Address: 386 Grandview Ave., Homer, MI 49245 Phone: 517-568-5730 or 517-568-4786    
Fairview - Section 6, M Drive South, Homer.  NOTE:  This is a large file, and will take a couple of minutes to load. MTP GenWeb
Fisher - Section 13, R Drive South, Homer MTP GenWeb
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Lee Township: Township Hall, 23045 21 Mile Road, Olivet, MI 49076, Email    
Lee Center - Section 3, V Drive North, Olivet   GenWeb
Partello - Section 12, off 23 Mile Road GenWeb GenWeb
Rice Creek - Section 36, 24 Mile Road and L Drive North, Marshall   GenWeb
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Leroy Township: 8156 4 Mile Road, East Leroy, MI 49051, Phone 269-979-9421, Clerk Email    
Congregational (South Leroy) - Section 28s and 29, H Drive South, Joppa MTP  
Mather (East Leroy) - Section 35, 5 Mile Road, East Leroy MTP  
Morgan (Leroy-Morgan/Robinson) - Section 2, 5 Mile Road, Sonoma MTP  
West Leroy - Section 7, C Drive South, Sonoma MTP  
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Marengo Township: Townhip Hall, 14021 23 Mile Road, Albion, MI 49224, Phone: 269-781-8422    
Calhoun County Poor Farm - Section 19, 18 1/2 Mile Road, Marshall    
Johnson - Section 17, G Drive North, Marengo    
Marengo Memorial (Layer's) - Section 27, Michigan Avenue, Marengo MTP  
Marengo Village - Section 25, 23 Mile Road north of B Drive North, Marengo    
North Marengo - Section 27, Michigan Avenue, Marengo    
Raesly - Section 17, 19 Mile Road    
Saint Mary's - Section 19 and 30, Partello Road, Marshall MTP  
Townsend - Section 17 and 18, 19 Mile Road, Marshall    
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Marshall Township: 13551 Myron Avery Dr., Marshall, MI 49068, Email. City Hall: 323 West Michgan, Marshall MI 49068    
Hotchkiss - Section 10, J Drive North, Marshall MTP  
Oakridge - Section 36, between Homer and Division, Marshall (614 Dibble, Marshall, 49068; 269-781-7895) MTP  
Newton Township: 7988 G Drive South, Ceresco, MI 49033, Mailing Address: 6263 Boyd Road, Battle Creek 49014, Phone 269-979-3212, Email    
Newton Township - Section 16, F Drive South, East Leroy MTP  
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Pennfield Township: 20260 Capital Avenue N.E., Battle Creek, Michigan 49017, Phone 269-968-8549 Email    
Hicks/West Pennfield - Section 16, 9 Mile Road/M-66, Battle Creek MTP  
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Sheridan Township: Township Hall: 13355 29 Mile Road, Albion, MI 49224, Phone 517-629-2604.    
Davis - Section 21, off E Drive North, Albion   GenWeb
Reed Family - Section 12, near H Drive North and 23 Mile Road   GenWeb
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Springfield: 601 Avenue A., Springield, MI 49037, Phone 269-441-9272    
Reese - Section 3, Helmer Road and Dickman Road, Springfield MTP  
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Tekonsha Township: 127 East Jackson St., Tekonsha, Mi, 49092, 517-767-3366, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 91, Tekonsha, MI 49092. Email    
McFadden - Section 11, 17 Mile Road, Tekonsha    
Riverside - Section 26, V Drive South, Tekonsha MTP GenWeb
Windfall - Section 29, Jackson Road, Tekonsha   GenWeb


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